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20 Years Of Nite Grooves Part 2

Various Artists

Nite Grooves
KSD 265 | 2014-10-27  
The Colonial Mentality (6:00)


Amazing selection here!!!
-Nicole Moudaber

Lots of great classics in this package
-Quinten Harris

GREAT Package with famous tunes: thx for that !!! ALL MY SUPPORT!
-Laurent Garnier

This is a clear example of all the good music Nite Grooves has been releasing for the past 20 Years and the reason why without a doubt, together with KSS has written more than a page on HOUSE music history. Feeling honoured to be part of this big family of artists
-Kiko Navarro

Nice collection
-Leonardo Gonnelli

WOW! A great compilation! I could not choose just one song, thanks for music, guys!

-Mihalis Safras

HOLY SMOKES! Some absolute GEMS in here!!
-Groove Assassin

Very nice pack!!!
-Fabian Argomedo

-Jay West

Some great house tunes in here!!
-Robbie Akbal

Pick one? :o) ALL killer pieces...Thanks!
-Brothers Vibe


Classics for ever
-Shiba San

Love it
-Baggi Begovic

Some classics here, thanks guys!

Downloading for Marco Carola, thanks
-Marco Carola

Too good, what an outstanding compilation!!! How do you pick a favorite? They are all great tracks!
-Jamie Anderson

Congratulations on 20 great years... Here's to the next 20%u2026

Huge compilation!!
-Tommy Largo

Bomb pack! :D

Epic compilation!!!
-Oscar Barila

-Johnny Fiasco

Nice compilation
-Sascha Cawa

-Mateo & Matos

Sexy, smooth, and delicious
-Randy Schlager

-Luis Leon

Very cool selection!
-Nacho Marco

Brings back my youth ... love and already beat most of these... Great they are available digital
-Demarkus Lewis

Got a lotta love for so many of these tracks - thanks for sending
- Leigh D Oliver

Great compilation, thanks
-Steve Shaw (Pure Rhythm Radio)

-The Moochers

-Hugo Jones

What a sampler!!! Congrats! To another 20 and more years

Downloading for Benny Royal: Many Many big tracks!
-Benny Royal

Thank you for such a great package! A lot to be played again
-Samir Maslo

Some gems in there!! Thanks! Will listen again and defo DL a couple for support!
-Man Without a Clue

YEAH download for Dinodeuts thank you!!

Awesome stuff all around! Thanks
-Jay Speed

A lot of tracks! Will try out some of them!
-Alle Farben

This comp is just ridiculous with heavy hitters... how do you pick one favorite? Respect!!!

Wooooo. Lots of goodies
-Dantiez Saunderson


Some nice gems
-Glenn Loopez


Blast from the Past!
-Lee Kelsall

Happy birthday and for another 20years!
-Da Funk

-Muzicasa Recordings

Thxxx.... nice release support ...

So many favorite ones here!! Amazing compilation.. And always full support on these classics!!!
-Stephan Grondin

I love New York! Great memories here, lots of beauty, and stuff I'll still play
-Robbie Hardkiss

Great package of top slates from a top label - essential kit
-Yogi Haughton

Downloading. Thanks. Check Behind The Iron Curtain for Support!

Simply Amazing... Loooove It
-DJ DaSouL

Some classic stuff here
-Had & The Ladyboy

Downloading for DocePulgadas. Excelent compilation! Thanks
-Kiko Martinez

Happy 20 :)

An absolute compilation. Happy happy :)
-George Ers

Unmissable classics from start to end!
-Ian Straker (Kahua Music)

Great release, so much good music!! Thank you for sending :)
-Oliver Knight


OUTSTANDING compilation featuring AMAZING productions!
-Mike Iocco

Very cool
-Christian Vlad

No words to say for such a great work from legendary artists, tracks and edits!! Thank you very much! Appreciate everything you make! D
-Dimitris Sovolos

Greatness! Thx
-Henri Kohn

VERY nice comp here!
-Fat Sushi

Ummm... this is kind of "no-brainer". You could defintitely rock a dancefloor for an hour or two with this collection on it's own. In fact, i just might do that tonight. ;)
-The Black 80s

Holy shit ... the mother load Thanks
-Gavin Hardkiss

Thanks for this fantastic compilation. Bounch of good music. djs can find pure house, tech, deep, very good! Thanks

Huge pack!
-Manuel Sahagun

-Dean Cherny

Full support!!
-John Jogurt

Loads of amazing tracks in there!! Thanks guys love it!!
-Vicente Amadeo (Art In Motion)

Wow the romain is back digitally! All day all night was and still is a timeless beauty! Takes me back...
-Pete Moss

Amazing Era!! What a collection!
-Brian "Cheets" Cheetham

History & perfection in a bundle. Congratulations
-Flowers & Sea Creatures

So much music there wow! Gonna have to download and listen through another time thanks
-Timo Garcia

Love it!!
-Peter Gelderblom

Great of course


-Bara Brost

Some real bombs in here
-Benna Schneider (BENNA)

Very Happy to have played apart of the last 20 years of Nite Grooves and here to another 20

Thanks for sending. All are classics!
-David Waxman

Will try
-Marco Tegui

Amazing release, will support!
-Sammy W

Some great classic shit here. Thanks for send
-Mirco Violi

Thank you!
-Gigi Camporeale

What a great compilation of bomb stuff!! Thanks will support for sure!!

I've played so many of them in the past on vinyls so it's cool to get the digital :) Thx a lot for some great music
-Arnaud Le Texier

Grabbing full pack. Great selection, can%u2019t decide wich one i like the most
-Claes Rosen

Loving tiger stripes and will listen to others thanks again!
-Lane VIII

Super collection!
-Stefano Amalfi

Big support ! Amazing pack!
-Milos Djordjevic

I have almost all of these on vinyl, really nice to have them in digital. The great House Music like this... never die! Thanks for this great package
-Da Lukas

Wow massiove!!!!!

Nice collection! Thanks!
-Sanya Shelest

Love it, many thanks!
-Angel Moraa

Many gems here
-Charlie Gardner

Massive selection some cool classics
-Darren Holland


Great classics on this pack!!
-Dimi Stuff

Amazing release, great selection... Thanx for this!
-Edu Pinto

The Hype

The year was 1994. Brand new House Music label King Street Sounds had just been born the year before and just like NYC's club scene, it was truly thriving. King Street had been built on relative traditional House sounds, being named after the street location of the legendary Paradise Garage. Founder and Owner Hisa Ishioka wanted to create yet another offshoot label, one that was more cutting edge, consisting of non-conforming musical compositions, and thus Nite Grooves Recordings was born. It dipped into a different well of talent and appealed to an audience that craved more underground tracks. We like to say its the darker, offbeat Yin to the Vocal House Yang. Early releases by producers now considered legends like Mood II Swing, Cevin Fisher, Louie Vega, and Kenny Dope (MAW), jOHNNYDANGEROUs, DJ Pierre, Ron Trent, Ralphi Rosario, Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Francois K, Roy Davis, Jr., and many many more were among the first to be included. In the year 2000, Nite Grooves launched the acclaimed Release album by Ananda Project which at the time had demonstrated a burgeoning new direction in Dance Music. A full 2 decades later the label is still flourishing, despite the trials and tribulations the music industry has faced in recent times. To commemorate, we've dug deep into the catalog to bring you a very special collection. On this whopping 20-tune commemorative 20 Years of Nite Grooves comp, we see many producers of yesteryear like some of the mentioned above including Solomun, Nathan Barato, Seb Zito, Tiger Stripes, Mat & Joe, Guy Gerber, Less Hate, Idjut Boys, Kruse & Nuernberg, Luigi Rocca and more! To top it off, one of NYC%u2019s hottest upcoming DJ/Producers, The WIG, blends the compilation together into one continuous historical mix! Nite Grooves continues on its quest to bring you some of the best home-bred talent as well as discover the hottest up & comers from around the globe... and many more are on their way. Here's to another 20 Groovy years!

The Credits

1. Mood II Swing / Freaky Funk Feeling
Written, Produced & Mixed by John Ciafone & Lem Springsteen for Mood II Swing.
Productions for Gregory Ruben Entertainment.
Moody Black Keys (BMI) / A Frank Luz (BMI)
C 1995 Nite Grooves

2. Mat.Joe / Body Work
Written & Produced by%uFFFDJohannes Schulz &%uFFFDMatthias Neitzke%uFFFD
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

3. jOHNNYDANGEROUs / Beat That Bitch (Johnny's Problem #13)
Written by John Holiday.
Foremost Poets Publishing (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 1997 Nite Grooves.

4. Kerri Chandler / Coro (The Colonial Mentality)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kerri Chandler
Champion Records (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI)
P&C 1999 Nite Grooves

5. Nathan Barato / It's My Turn
Written and Produced by Nathan Christopher Barato
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

6. Tiger Stripes / Voyage (Solmun Dub)
Written & Produced by Mikael Nordgren
Published by Warner Chappell / Underground Songs.
P&C 2007&2008 Nite Grooves

7. Dominic Dawson / Flashback (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
Written by Dominic Dawson, D.Ham
Remixed by Kruse & Nuernberg
Produced by Dominic Dawson
Westbury Music/DJD Music
P&C 2012 Nite Grooves

8. Groove Box / Cassio's Theme
Written, Produced, & Mixed by "Little" Louie Vega for
Masters At Work Productions Inc.
Drum Programming : John Ciafone
Mix Engineer: Steve Barkan
Lyra Publishing (BMI)
P&C 1996 Nite Grooves.

9. Cevin Fisher / New York New York (Original)
Written, Produced, & Mixed by Cevin Fisher.
Evol Free Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 1997 Nite Grooves.

10. YMC / Man In The Green Shirt
Played, Written, Composed & Produced @ %u201CPhuture Sound of Sweden%u201D by Yan and Cpook-E (Jan Lutgebaucks and Eric Svahn).
Published by Nu Mood Publishing
P&C 2001 Nite Grooves

11. Harry "Choo Choo" Romero / Mongobonix (Da Crown Lane Hustle)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Harry "Choo Choo" Romero for Double Platinum Productions
Additional Production & Trumpet Solo by Todd Gardner
Record by Butcher Shop
House Fly Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 1998 Nite Grooves

12. DJ Romain / All Day, All Night
Written by Romain Gowe
Produced, Mixed & Arranged by DJ Romain.
Keyboards by Matt %u201CKeys%u201D Echols for Romatt Music.
Recorded @ Romatt Studios, NYC.
Romatt Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 1996&2010 Nite Grooves

13. Ananda Project feat. Mia Tuttavilla / Awareness (Original Concept)
Written by Chris Brann & Mia Tuttavilla.
Produced & Arranged by Chris Brann.
Words by Mia Tuttavilla.
Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / Mandorla Music (BMI) / King Grooves (ASCAP) / Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 2011 Nite Grooves

14. Sunshine Jones / If You Wouldn't Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix)
Written Robert W. Cameron
Produced by Sunshine Jones for Treehouse Music.
Recorded @ the Dubtribe House, San Francisco, CA.
Remixed by Tiger Stripes
Published by little BUG music (BMI)
P&C 2008 Nite Grooves

15. G.IL.V. / Perspective (Luigi Rocca Remix)
Written & Produced by Ilya Grebenuk (G.IL.V.).
Remix Produced by Luigi Rocca aka Marshall in 303Lovers / Hotfingers Studios (Turin, Italy).
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Copyright Control

16. Guy Gerber / Turkish Delight (Original)
Written & Produced by Guy Gerber.
Mixed by Guy Gerber @ Deck 16 Studio.
Guy Gerber (Copyright Control) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2005 Nite Grooves

17. Ananda Project / Moment Before Dreaming (Idjut Boys Remix)
Written by Chris Brann / Marta Gazman.
Produced by Chris Brann for Wamdue Music.
Remixed by Idjut Boys.
Vocal by Marta Gazman.
Background Vocals Performed by Chris Brann.
Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / Singing Yoga Kitty (ASCAP)
P&C 2008 Nite Grooves

18. Man Friday feat. Larry Levan / Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix)
Written by Brodie Williams & Larry Levan
Mixed by Larry Levan
Hot & Spicy Music (BMI)
P&C 2007 King Street Sounds

19. Whim-ee / You Can Amor (Seb Zito's JS Mix)
Written & Produced by Sara Garcia aka Whim-ee
Remixed by Seb Zito
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2012 Nite Grooves

20. Less Hate, Alan Carter, Grace Ashaye / I Feel Your Heat (Original Mix)
Written by%uFFFDMattia Marotta , Alan Carter & Grace Ashaye
Produced & Arranged by Less Hate, Alan Carter
Vocals by Grace Ashaye
Frequenza / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

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