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Intergalactic Soul

DJ Spinna

Papa Records
PAPACD002 | 2006-07-17  
DJ Spinna, who aside from being a talented producer and remixer is regarded by many as America's best underground dj is back with his first studio album since 2003's 'Here To There'(BBE/Rapster). This album was well worth the wait, and it represents soul music in all it's many forms & featuring an array of stellar talent. Intergalactic Soul is an original album of new material featuring a stellar line-up of vocalists and rappers including N'Dea Davenport, Stephanie McKay, Phonte of Little Brother, Lizz Fields, Eric Roberson, Christian Urich of Tortured Soul to name a few.

DJ Spinna has long stood out from the pack due to his exceptional musical sense and versatility. Unlike those who work within a single genre such as house, techno or hip hop, a set from DJ Spinna may incorporate hip-hop, funk, jazz, break-beat, house, garage and reggae in an organic mix that is more than the sum of its parts. He has taken this ethos in to the studio to deliver an album that encapsulates this myriad of influences, and he takes you on a trip through the universe that is soul music.

The general ided for the album, DJ Spinna explains, was to construct a full-length fusing hip-hop and dance beats with electric synthy overtones… 'I wanted to create something that sonically fuses the past with the future. What sets it apart from my other releases is the growth in production. Most of my past releases focused more on the hip-hop side and were more sample-based. I wanted to take the hip-hop element and enhance it with great musicianship and songwriting.'

Indeed Intergalactic Soul is a deft synthesis of soul, hip-hop, funk and dance music that creates a seamless, beguiling listening experience from beginning to end. The album opens on a hip-hop tip with Current Events & the title track Intergalactic Soul, the latter featuring Phonte, member of underground rap trio Little Brother, widely regarded as the heir apparent to Tribe Called Quest. The Hip Hop vibe also flows heavily through Spinna's tribute to the godfathers of Electronica as he pays props to the legendary Kraftwerk with his stunning re-make of their classic Computer Love. Spinna's super group The Free Radikalz (aka Selan, Delouie & James Hurt alongside Spinna himself) feature twice, appearing on Outta Time & Bye Bye Bye. The sublimely talented Selan also takes on the lead vocals for Back 2 U. The album also features the single We Can Change This World, the broken soul anthem featuring the magnificent duo Heavy that has received massive support from Mr Good Times himself Norman Jay, and also from Trevor Nelson who featured the record heavily on his Soul Nation show & chart (BBC Radio 1).

And it doesn't stop there either. One of the sassiest vocalists of recent years, N'Dea Davenport, is on hand for Where's Your Love while Butterfly Girl features Eric Roberson aka Erro, the voice of Osunlade's Change For Me and Jazzy Jeff's Rock Wit U. Newcomer Tricia Angus also puts in a stunning performance on the soulful house anthem in waiting Living My Life. We could go on & on here but we should let you listen and judge for yourself.

A native of Brooklyn, NY, DJ Spinna was fascinated by music at an early age; he began amassing a record collection as a youth. While at college, he made his radio debut on WHRW Binghampton, NY and by 1994 landed guest DJ spots on KISS-FM in New York. He became a resident deejay on WBAI-FM's influential Underground Railroad program and before long he was Djing at major New York clubs and garnering a growing reputation for originality and an ability to bring diverse musical genres together in an irresistible mix. Performances abroad led to legendary sets at such venues as Yellow in Tokyo, The End and Cargo in London and Paradiso in Amsterdam. In 1999, Rawkus Records released Heavy Beats Vol. 1, an underground hip hop classic, his first full Stateside CD release. It yielded the dancefloor favourite 'Rock.' There followed a series of releases ranging from mix CDs to compilations to original productions. With Intergalactic Soul DJ Spinna takes a giant step forward as a producer of an album that works as a cohesive statement rather than a collection of tracks.

The main thing I would say is flow, Spinna muses. Being a DJ and knowing how to tell a story with an audience through music definitely helps. It's about figuring out what kind of emotions you want the listener to feel from start to finish while listening to the mood of each song.

And I don't think we could have put it any better. This exceptional album shows that one of the worlds most exciting DJ's is developing in to one of the worlds most exciting producers too.

1) Current Events feat. Alphonso Greer
Written by Selan Lerner, Thomas McIntosh & Vincent Williams
ILL Mental Music (BMI) Soul-On Music (ASCAP)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20001
Alphonso Greer - Lyrics
Delouie Avant Jr.- Additional Vocals
Selan - Korg MS 2000, Juno 60
DJ Spinna - Juno 60, MPC 3000

2) Intergalactic Soul feat. Phonte of Little Brother
Written by Phonte Coleman & Vincent Williams
Imagine Nation / Songs of Windswept (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20002
Phonte - Vocals
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000, Cuts
Selan - Triton, Juno 60, Arp String Ensemble

3) Where's Your Love feat. N'Dea Davenport
Written by N'Dea Davenport, Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
My Dog Luna Music / EMI April Music Publishing Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20003
N'Dea Davenport - Vocals
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000
Brother Jacques Scwarcbart - Tenor Saxophone
Matt Shulman - Trumpet
Selan - Triton, Fender Rhodes

4) Outta Time feat. The Free Radikalz
Written by Delouie Avant Jr, James Hurt, Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
Debra And Gracie's Boy Music (ASCAP) Eciruam Music (BMI) Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-04-10200
Delouie Avant Jr. - Vocals
Selan - Arp Odyssey, Triton, XP-50, Korg MS 2000, Juno 60
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000, Moog Prodigy

5) Back 2 U feat. Selan
Written by Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20004
Selan - Vocals & Roland XP-50, Rhodes, Triton
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

6) Peace & Quiet feat. Stephanie Mckay
Written by Stephanie Mckay, James Hurt, Jacques Scwarcbart & Vincent Williams
Sym Rhythm Music (BMI) Bois-Sec Music (BMI) Eciruam Music (BMI) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20005
Stephanie Mckay - Vocals
James Hurt - Rhodes, Juno 60, Arp String Ensemble
Johnathon Maron - Bass
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

7) Butterfly Girl feat. Eric Roberson
Written by Eric Roberson, Victor Axelrod & Vincent Williams
Blue Erro Soul / EMI April Music Publishing (ASCAP) Polydemic Productions (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20006
Eric Roberson - Vocals
Victor Axelrod - Rhodes, Juno 60, Clavinet, Moog Prodigy
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

8) Computer Love
Written by Ralf Hutter, Emil Schult, Karl Bartos
Kling Klang Music (ASCAP)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20007
DJ Spinna - Juno 60,Korg MS 2000, MPC 3000, Vocoder, Cuts

9) Could It Be Too Soon feat. Lizz Fields
Written by Lizz Fields, Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
By Day By Night Music (ASCAP) Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20008
Selan - Rhodes, Triton
Monica Jackson - 1st Violin
Michelle May - 2nd Violin
Leslie DeShazor - Viola
Tanya Bennet - Cello
DJ Spinna - Juno 60, MPC 3000
Pirahna Head - String Arrangements

10) We Can Change This World feat. Heavy
Written by Nicole Guiland, Casey Benjamin & Vincent Williams
Jamamdad Music (ASCAP) Shadow Hughes Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20009
Nicky Guiland - Vocals
Casey Benjamin - Vocoder, Korg MS 2000, Fender Rhodes, Juno 60
Ernesto Abreau - Percussion
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

11) Show Us How You Fly feat. Christian Urich of Tortured Soul
Written by Christian Urich, Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
Big Tea Bag Productions (ASCAP) Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20010
Christian Urich - Vocals
Selan - Rhodes, Triton, Moog Prodigy
Mark Tewarson - Guitar
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

12) Living My Life feat. Tricia Angus
Written by Gordon Chambers, Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
October 12th Music / Hitco South (ASCAP) Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20011
Tricia Angus - Lead & Background Vocals
Gordon Chambers - Additional Background Vocals
Lenora Jaye - Additional Background Vocals
Selan - Rhodes, Triton, Moog Prodigy
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

13) Bye Bye Bye feat. The Free Radikalz
Written by Delouie Avant Jr, James Hurt, Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
Debra And Gracie's Boy Music (ASCAP) Eciruam Music (BMI) Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20012
Delouie Avant Jr, - Lead & Background Vocals
Selan - Rhodes, MS 2000, Concertmate MG-1
James Hurt - Blips & Bleeps from REASON
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

14) Final Events (Outro)
Written By Selan Lerner & Vincent Williams
Soul-On Music (ASCAP) ILL Mental Music (BMI)
ISRC GB-FNE-06-20013
Selan - Triton, Korg MS 2000
DJ Spinna - MPC 3000

All tracks produced by DJ Spinna For Beyond Real Productions Inc. except for "Back 2 U" produced by DJ Spinna For Beyond Real Productions Inc. & Selan Lerner for Soul-On Productions
All tracks recorded by DJ Spinna @ The Thingamajig Lab, NY except vocals for Butterfly Girl recorded at the Blue Room, NJ.
All tracks mixed by Hiroyuki Sanada @ SilverTrashCan, NY except Final Events, mixed by DJ Spinna (at the last minute) @ The Thingamajig Lab, NY
Mastered by Chris Athens @ Sterling Sound, NY

Phonte appears courtesy of ABB/Atlantic Records
Eric Roberson appears courtesy of Blue Erro Soul

P&C 2006 Papa Records Ltd

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