Street King Presents Amsterdam 2016

Various Artists

Street King
KSD 333 | 2016-10-03  
Non Believers
Unreleased Inst Oji's Edit1 (6:11)

Nice tracks! Will try

-Simone Vitullo

Dope one, thanks for sending! :)

-Nhan Solo

Thank you for the music. I'm downloading for Luciano.


Nice one.

-Dennis Cruz


-Doc Martin

All good mixes!

-Michele Chiavarini

Nice comp

-Black Legend Project

Cool comp!


Cool trax thanks

-Steve Mac

Sweeeet House Groooves ... CFNYC

-Cevin Fisher

Crackazat mix is dope!!!

-Sean McCabe


-N'Dinga Gaba

Dope funky mixes!

-Homero Espinosa

Groovy stuff.... thanks x


Cool comp


Hard to pick a favorite here. Great package!

-DJ Mes (Guesthouse)

Nice Vibe

-BjazZ (Diephuis)

Hot ones

-Larry Tee

Nice mixes here

-Luis Radio

Wow! A modern truly inspiring soul touch! Awesome!

-Phaze Dee

Support!!!! In my radio show!!!

-Peppe Citarella

Very good release, quality tracks

-Edu Pinto

Cool one

-Daniel Bortz

Super cool I like it!

-Da Lukas

Great comp! Thanks

-Inner Rebels

THX. Beautiful music!

-Ben Weber


-Gene Farris


-Gaty Lopez

I will try, thanks

-Oscar Barila



Downloaded for shiba san

-Shiba San


-Danny Vargas

Sick ones! Loving both tracks! Groovy stuff... full support on both

-Stephan Grondin

Y E S!! Will play these tracks thanks

-DJ Simi




-Angelo Ferreri

Really nice grooves. Will try out thanks

-Oliver Knight


-Gianni Junior

Cool tracks thanks

-Sirus Hood

Thanks for the music!

-Franz Costa

Get him is a nice little roller. All tracks are great :) Thanks for sending!

-Scott Watson


-Luca Bazzo (Feel Flow!)

Support. Thank you

-David Manso

Good package here

-Scott Littlehales


-Dean Cherny

All right, Let's Go! Got my vote! This groove works :)

-Omar Morsy

Some lovely elements in all tracks

-Brett Gould



Funky tune

-Benji Candelario

Nice.. Cheers!

-Tom Gianelli

Proper! Dirty shit.

-Yogi Haughton


-Nick Holder

Great stuff! Thnx

-Claes Rosen

Dig the energy. Good stuff. :)

-The Black 80s

Very good

-Denny Dowd

Cool thanks

-Stacey Pullen

Great comp thanks

-Bronx Cheer (Timothy Davies)

Nicely Done


Cool pop tune!

-Tony Records

Nice, thanks!!

-Tosel & Hale

Full Support!

-Mark Di Meo

Woooow amazing !!!

-Iñaky Garcia


-Angus Maxwell (Toolroom)


-Parrish James

Very nice

-Freddy Turner

Nice tracks

-Naeem Johnson


-Animal Picnic

Digging the chill vibes of this one, i'm going to take both tracks home


The Hype

Autumn is in full swing as we enter October and the magical time of year that is Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). In celebration of this incredible week of music, technology, and parties we here at Street King have compiled 34 of our hottest new releases that perfectly bridge the gap between the classic sounds of NYC and the forward thinking ideals of European dance music! Expect new material from Ryan Dupree, Ananda Project, Kerri Chandler, Crackazat, Blaze, Nils Ohrmann, Dennis Ferrer, Chris Stussy, Roter & Lewis, Mattei & Omich, Demuir, Reelsoul, Thomas Langner, Ex-Or, Anthony Mea, Matteo Rosolare, Jojo Angel, Rodrik, Joyfull Family, Breky, Urmet K, and MORE!

The Credits

1. Ryan Dupree & Andlee / The Secret

Written & Produced by Holger Sven Jenning & Andreas Zemke

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 King Street Sounds

2. Namy feat. Joi Cardwell / Bright Eyes (Crackazat Happy Classic Mix)

Written by Atsushi Asada and Joi Cardwel

Produced by Namy

Arranged, Programmed, Guitar & Mixed by Atsushi Asada

Remixed by Crackazat

Keys: Ciccio Mauro

Additional Keys,Arrangements,Rhythm Tracks by Gianni Junior

Mastering:Dj Spen

Curly Gurly Music (SESAC) admin by BMG Silver Songs

Under Licensed from Bosca

P&C 2014&2016 King Street Sounds

3. Nils Ohrmann / The Dates Are Ripe

Written & Produced by Nils Ohrmann

King Grooves (ASCAP

P&C 2016 Street King

4. Mood II Swing feat. Carol Sylvan / Closer (Spencer Parker's A Gun For Hire Remix)

Produced by Lern Springstreen & John Ciafone for Mood II Swing Productions for Gregory Ruben Entertainment.

Remixed by Spencer Parker.

True Vibes (BMI) / Moody Black Keys (BMI)

P&C 1994&2010 King Street Sounds

5. Chris Stussy & Bas Roos / Get Him Up (Dub Mix)

Written by Niels Steenbergen

Produced by Chris Stussy & Bas Roos

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

6. Bordertown / Deep In My Soul

Written & Produced by Luke Saunders & Ricky Simmonds

Copyright Control

P&C 2014 Nite Grooves

7. Dennis Ferrer / Underground is my home (Roter & Lewis Remix)

Written, Produced & Programming by Dennis Ferrer

Vocal by Tyone Ellis

Remixed by Roter & Lewis

Sfere Music (BMI)

P&C 2006&2015 King Street Sounds

8. Mattei & Omich / Feel

Written by Patrizio Mattei, Daniele Omicciolo, Elisabeth Bolognini

Produced by Mattei & Omich

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 King Street Sounds

9. Tears of Velva / The Way I Feel (4Daye Club)

Written by Kerri Chandler, J.Duke & V.Johnson.

Produced by Kerri Chandler & Yahya McDougald for Bassmental Productions.

True Vibes (BMI) / Champion Music (BMI)

P&C 1995 King Street Sounds

10. Blaze presents UDAUFL feat . Barbara Tucker / Most Precious Love (Freemason's "Proper" Club Mix)

Written by Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan

Produced by Blaze.

Remixed by The Freemasons @ the Coach House, Brighton.

Additional Recording & Mixing @ The Esselle Beat Company, Brighton.

Vocal by Barbara Tucker.

Background Vocals by Third Ministry Of Faith.

Alto Saxophone by Ian Kirkham.

True Vibes (BMI) / Music of Nia Songs (BMI)

(Licensed from JVC Victor)

P&C 2004&2006 BPM King Street Sounds

11. Paul Ursin / Rejoice

Written & Produced by Paolo Ursino

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

12. Stanny Abram / Sa Capelleta (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Stanko Abram

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

13. Demuir / The Rub (Icky Chick)

Written & Produced by Kevin Pierre

peetah! music (SOCAN / ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

14. Groove Assassin / Bring U Up

Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Nick Moss for Groove Assassin Music 2011.

Recorded @ Mo' Den.

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2011 King Street Sounds

15. Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien / Brighter Days (Mathhias Heilbronn Edit)

Written & Produced by Moise Laporte & Kenny Bobien.

Vocal by Kenny Bobien.

edit by Matthias Heilbronn

Off The Top (ASCAP) / Shiny Rock (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 1998&2011 King Street Sound

16. Mateo & Matos / Let Yourself Go

Written, Produced & Mixed by John %u201CRoc%u201D Mateo & Eddie %u201CE-Z%u201D Matos.

On Bar Music (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)

P&C 1995&2010 Nite Grooves

17. Savio De Simone / IPè (Main Mix)

Written & Produced by Salvatore De Simone

Mixed By Mariano De Vita at HAMMER STUDIO (Naples)

Mastered By Savio De Simone

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

18. DJ Oji feat. Esteban & TettrisNon / Non Believers (Unreleased Inst Oji's Edit1)

Written and produced by DJ Oji.

Lyrics written and performed by Esteban.

Percussion by David Greenwood aka Esteban & DJ Oji.

Sax by Benjamin Tettris.

Strong Blackman Music(ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2010 King Street Sounds

19. Alex Millet feat. Eric Hollaway / Tonight Is The Night

Written & Produced by Antonia Miglietta

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

20. Ananda Project / Glory Glory (Reelsoul Main Vocal)

Written by Chris Brann & Terrance Downs.

Vocals by Terrance Downs.

Remixed by Reelsoul

Wamdue Music / Chrysalis Music Ltd. (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP) / Terrance Downs Publishing Designee.

P&C 2000&2016 Nite Grooves

21. Highjacks feat. Adriana Lucia / The Love Is (Efthimis Tsiakiris Sax Mix)

Written & Produced by Charilaos Tzigkounakis

Remixed by Efthimis Tsiakiris

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 King Street Soubnds

22. Kimara Lovelace / When Can Our love Begin (Earl TuTu, John Khan & DJ Spen Remix)

Written & Produced by Roland Clark for Urban Soul Productions

Remixed by Earl TuTu, John Khan & Dj Spen

Grey House (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 1998&2016 King Street Sounds

23. Lebedev (RU), Orbera / Rain In Paris (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Maxim Lebedev, Vadim Lebedev

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

24. Thomas Langner, Ex-Or / Getting Closer

Written by Tomasz Wi%u0119c%u0142aw

Produced by Thomas Langner, Ex-Or

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

25. Anthony Mea / Black Line

Written & Produced by Anthony Mea

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

26. Edmond Binoge / Equilibrium (Original mix)

Written & Produced by Ljubomir Rogozharev

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

27. Matteo Rosolare & Jojo Angel / Harlem Addicts (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Matthew Brown & George Angelou

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

28. Ego Valente, Audio KoDe / Gamelon (Original Mix)

Written by Ivan K Barzashki

Produced by Ego Valente & Audio KoDe

King Groove (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

29. Rodrik / Azid 420

Written & Produced by Borja Rodriguez Gondar

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Groove

30. Joyfull Family / Jesus still loves the Acid

Written by Guido Nemola

Produced by Joyfull Family

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

31. Rishi K. / Hypnotizer

Written & Produced by Karim Gargour

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

32. Breky / Lost In A Moment (Re-Edit)

Written & Produced by Alexandru Angyus

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

33. Urmet K & Pete Josef / Ever The Same (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Urmet Kermann

Mixed at Wired Studios London.

Lyrics and Vocals by Pete Josef

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 King Street

34. Dub Recycle Feat. Mari-Anna / Only You Know (Original Mix)

Written by Carlos Poppi Pelizaro & Mariano Tannus Gontijo

Produced Dub Recycle

Vocals by Mari-Anna

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 King Street Sounds
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