ROSE011 | 2016-02-22  
ROSE011 introduces Russia's 'Toki Fuko' (Sergey Korotayev) to the Rosedale label. His music is smooth, spacious and other-worldly and brings an extra dimension to the dub techno genre. With well worked structures and sounds his demo to Rosedale was one of those which Estroe immediately fell for and simply had to release.
Remixing this time is the awesome 'Wareika'. The talented trio from Hamburg, known for their own special fusion of versatility, conventional instruments, live performances and epic jams take Toki Fuko's 'Yttrium' and transform it completely into their very own unique interpretation.

Yttrium's distant 303 hook and sparse reverb soaked percussion are the fundamental elements of this piece. Forever morphing in timbre and presence, the 303 shudders in places and flows in others. There is a vastness to the sound and the hauntingly ethereal melody illuminates the track like the auroral glow of music from a dark winter sky.

Yttrium takes on a spellbinding valence in the form of Wareika's epic remix. A true metamorphosis of the original. This version starts with a measured percussive synth sound which one is lured into assuming that it's the basis of the track. It all changes when it becomes apparent that it is a polyrhythmic element of a slower groove involving delicate pianos, tremolo guitars and a fluid, watery rhythm section which evokes gentle waves lapping around a tranquil jetty. Like an ebbing tide, this initial groove slips away and the track picks up pace. The second part of the remix subtly brings us closer to the original version with a slightly more synthesized feel. However the piano and guitars continue to jam underneath and create a very live and organic flow. The component layers drift in and out of one's consciousness like agitated remnants of old dreams until finally, the third section and that slower tempo once again, lulls the listener into a sedate ending.

Enchanted Flight is a beautifully crafted track. It is the aural equivalent of a sun parched desert, and while the overall composition seems simple at first, the true beauty lies in the abundance of subtle complexities within. Mirage like string pads soar throughout, like buzzards circling in thermals high above badlands while arid percussion and rattlesnake castanets slowly evolve as if the desert is coming to life in the late afternoon sun.

Tense and machine like, Parker is the edgier track from the EP. Brooding and robotic, it is built around deep and menacing bass stabs, broken beats and industrial sounding atmospherics. The restless high end percussive bleep and abrasive claps suggest an awakening of an artificial sentience as it scans its environment with intimidation.
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