ROSE017 | 2017-02-13  
Prologue is a deep and alien soundscape of scraping metallic atmospherics and blinking lights from worker drones that seem to fly past the listener. The pitched-down vocal sample is transformed into an almost unintelligible communication from another world which draws one into the piece while the thudding kick drum and throbbing dub stabs hold everything in place like a thought that can't be shaken from one's mind.

Whereas Toki Fuko's expertise lies with creating beautifully hazy, distant soundscapes, Fomatic takes a more direct approach to his remix of Prologue. The component sounds are more upfront. However, he brings his own sounds to the mix with growling synth drones and achingly soulful synth melodies that are as gorgeous as they are haunting.

Toki Fuko's Alginate demonstrates once again the artist's ability to conjure up detailed aural landscapes in the listener's mind, but with minimal simplicity. The track starts out on a calm but pensive sea of deep and distant foghorn stabs. Heartbeat kicks bring the anxiety closer to the shore. And like the monster it is, the track crawls out of the mist towards the listener as pacier 303 elements announce themselves like warning sirens.

Estroe's remix of Alginate starts off with ominous bass stabs and deep drones that set a mood of dark expectation. Occasional 303 pulses and crunching handclaps build to the atmosphere. The mood changes to a more reassuring feeling however with the introduction of beautiful, silk-smooth strings that play like light illuminating darkness.

General bio about Toki Fuko:

Toki Fuko's music could be described as mechanical signals structured in a hypnotic substance. The consistent musical experimentation portrays an analysis of the surrounding world.
Deep techno grooves and rhythm sequences keep measure to a seemingly endless meditative space while he blends the electrical impulses of his instruments with field recordings of his hometown transforming the components into 'musical pictures'.

"I always liked the tactile element to writing music and I've always wanted to control the electric wave by using drum machines locking them into a chain. It was difficult to get the desired results using virtual instruments so I decided to purchase my first synth. Since then it has become a unique experiment in the search for new forms, and a race for the best sound so I can achieve my results.'
Presently Toki Fuko spends most of his time working in his 'laboratory of sound'. He actively collaborates with fellow Russian artists as well as artists from other countries.

'Every day I'm discovering new insights into the modulation of sound.'
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