Escape the Shift EP


Rosedale Records
ROSE013 | 2016-07-11  
Escape the Shift
''a solid track that tries to articulate how a changing environment sometimes forces you to go to your inner self. Relive the fundamentals of your existence.' ' Fomatic.
This piece is driven by deep galloping stabs and a steady, relentless rhythm that is both pacey and captivating. Horn like synths herald the journey within like ancient warrior-spirits calling one to the primeval mind.

Escape the Shift (Marc Poppcke Remix)
Marc Poppcke's remix of Escape the Shift captures Fomatic's original concept gloriously. The remix has a more tribal feel to it with hypnotizing aboriginal percussion. Like a campfire ritual, the rhythm draws one into the subconscious where the horn like synths and dreamy atmospherics this time, conjure up ancient tales from almost forgotten pasts.

Delayed Expressions:
Fomatic describes Delayed Expressions as '' a warm track with strong melodies...' and that it portrays the idea that '' sometimes we can't openly express emotions although we would like to. That delay of expression reduces our purity.'
The track is beautifully haunting and exemplifies Fomatic's attraction to the deep and emotional aspect. Solid rhythms move the piece along while the gentle bells and arpeggios move the listener in a deeper sense. Occasional dub-like stabs intrude the atmosphere like the troubled conscience of someone looking back at mistakes and lost moments.

Delayed Expressions (Nachtamt Hyperbolic Ambience Remix)
Nachtamt's 'Hyperbolic Ambience remix' of Delayed Expressions is both tranquil and melancholic like a heartbreak or regret, sedated only by the momentary beauty of a setting sun at the end of the last perfect day. Soft, emotion suffused pads and atmospherics play throughout the track while gently hypnotic arpeggios shimmer and quiver until the moment fades forever.
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