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#1 Traxsource EP! THE FEEDBACK & PICKS: "Wow, amazing EP!" -Nicolas/Cielo Pick: Auris "Now that's one seriously strong EP, but then it is Miami!! Every track is a hit, with 'Take Me' and 'No More Heartache' pleasing me the most, in that order!! Thanks for the gifts!" -Clemy Rilley Soul Heaven/Garage City/HouseFM Pick: Take Me "This is the one, "This is Now" rocks for sure! I'm also feeling "Take Me (Mind, Body & Soul)" as well...I knew the batch from Traxsource would have that soul embodied in these tracks, hats off!" -Marlon 'dj pelau' Regis/ Pick: Time Is Now "Great package great vocal and writing on dawn tallman cut" -Marlon D Pick: Take Me "These are all amazing! I especially love "Time Is Now". Quite delicious!" -Michele Miruski Pick: Time Is Now "Great sampler perfect for Miami, really like all the mixes especially "Auris" that track is SICK! "Spread Love" aint to bad" -Cookie Monsterz Pick: Auris "All tracks are suitable for my sets" -Ralf GUM / GOGO Music Pick: Auris "as always, nice release for the WMC" -fabrizio carrer Pick: ALL "(Take Me) Wicked quality song! We've been playing this a lot already." -Tony Humphries / Jacko - Tony Records Pick: Take Me "Solid 4 track sampler. Soulful vocals and Soulful productions." -Mateo & Matos Pick: Take Me "Really nice release. Might play one of these on our radio show in the next couple of weeks. Thanks!" -Lucas Black - Respect Music, Radio Metro Pick: Take Me "A great package just in time for miami. Great Stuff.." -Umberto Pick: Take Me "FULL SUPPORT ON THIS ONE. LOVE THE COMPILATION. JUST IN TIME FOR WMC!" -DJ CRAIG DEMO Pick: Auris "These are all good to include for in-store play at cafe Bustelo during WMC. Looking forward to adding them and playing them out!" -Craig Rosenberry/Shifty Entertainment Pick: Auris "Love the vocals and the vibe of Take Me pure Housemusic!" -Gregor Wagner Pick: Take Me "very nice package wor this year's wmc !!! kepp up the great work !!!" -markus milz Pick: Auris & Time Is Now "great package !!!!! will rock some tunes of this tonight at Restless Soul party in London town !!" -Fabio Genito Pick: ALL "Miami won't be the same after this batch of releases hits..." -Michael Stukes Pick: ALL "Nice beach style set of tracks" -Lewis Dene Pick: Take Me "Drums are rockin on this one! WIll definitely get the floors moving quickly, full support on this!" -Master Kev Pick: Auris "Take me is a really strong offering from this sampler. You cant help but love Dawn Tallman's vocals!" -John Jones Pick: Take Me "Groove assassin as usual...they rocked it..full support!" -Yass Pick: Time Is Now "Massive MIAMI Sampler from King Street Sounds! Love all of them! " -UDM Show Pick: No More Heartache "auris is cool" -Solomun Pick: Auris "Auris - nice one also dig time is now!!!" -Henri Kohn Pick:Auris "Niceness!" -Grant Nelson Pick: Take Me/Time Is Now "FULL SUPPORT...10/10" -Franco De Mulero Pick: ALL "Every track on this ep is wicked! I can't wait to play them all on the radio and out this weekend. It certainly is a miami warm up for me and I will definitely be playing all the tracks out there this year. Thank you!!! x" -DJ Jolie Pick: ALL "Strong stuff all areound - I think the WMC crowd will love all the sultry rhythms - but MAJOR props to "Auris (Canto A Obatala)." It's like a throwback to old-school Murk, except better!" -Bruce Tantum/Time Out NY Magazine Pick: Auris "Auris is a crazy trippy track.The groove just keeps you going and going! Thank you!!!" -Willie Graff (Cielo NYC/Pacha Ibiza) Pick: Auris "Excellent production & remix. It's good to have Charvoni's vocals on the track. I'll definetely play it on my show" -Theor Souldeep Pap Pick: No More Heartache ""Auris" is a instrumental track that truly defines what the tribal genre is about. "The Time Is Now" is exactly what house music is or should be. The melodically rich, percussive and dubby vocal effects and passes remind me of those special moments on the dance floor and also why house music is a unique and organic expression for certain producers." -Sharko Jones/Steve Travolta Pick: Auris/Time Is Now/No More Heartache "great package heaters" -Phil Hooton Pick: Take Me "Absolutely love it! Great tracks!!" -Nick Power Pick: Nick Power "Quality selection of soulful tunes..." -Michael Fossati Pick: Time Is Now "Great package but gotta say Auris will win any dancefloor over." -Hippie Torrales Pick: Auris "Auris trk really grooves" -Hector Romero Pick: Auris "wow Time is Now and Auris will fit perfectin my sets.." -Halo/CityDeep Music Pick: Auris "time is know is the right one here and know" -Freddy Turner Pick: Time Is Now "Hot sampler, my favourite one. I will play some of the tracks for sure." -Franco Martinelli/ Pick: Take Me "Digging Auris and Take me. Great tracks!!!" -David Harness Pick: Auris "huge" -Craig Barlett Pick: Take Me "tuccillo and groove assassin mixes are my favorites" -Charles Spencer Pick: Auris/Time Is Now "Awesome package full support here... thanks for the send" -Central Avenue Pick: Central Avenue "Tuccillo & Kiko Navaro has good tribal groove, I also like more traditional vocal Soulstar and NuPhonic songs, while Lips song is very touching." -Bogdan Taran/Amber Muse Records Pick: Take Me "Great Package! included Auris!! full Support!" -DJ Pippi/Aluninium Records Pick: Auris ABOUT: Just in time for WMC 2010 King St has put together a very special collection of brand new, completely unreleased gorgeous tunes that are perfect for those midday pool parties or late night side rooms and lounges. Seven heavenly soulful tracks adorn this house set include signature King Street-style songs that are guaranteed to get some heads nodding. Mainly vocal tunes like UK Producers Cookie Monsterz feat Michelle Weeks "Spread Love" is a lovely melodic affair remixed by another great brit, Richard Earnshaw. Tons more follow like Michelle's soul sister Dawn Tallman with her own beautiful belter "Take Me" (Mind, Body & Soul), a couple of more subdued voxs like the "Time is Now", and some instrumentals like the stunningly soul-tribal Auris (Canto A Obatala) (Creisi Solo Mix) produced by Pepe Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro as well as "Nao" by NYC based Japanese producer FCKS. So kick off those kicks and feel the good vibes all around yo u. CREDIT INFORMATION: 1. “Spread Love” (Richard Earnshaw “People’s” Classic Remix) / Cookie Monsterz & Michelle Weeks Produced by Gareth Molloy & Happy Mann. Vocals Written & Arranged by Michelle Weeks. Remix & Additional Production by Richard Earnshaw for Kinetic Music. Additional Keys, Programming & Mixdown by Richard Earnshaw @ Vine Studios, West Sussex. UK. Weeks World Music (BMI) / Copyright Control / Nite Beat (BMI) P&C 2010 King Street Sounds 2. “Auris (Canto A Obatala)” (Creisi Solo Mix) / Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro Written & Composed by Giuseppe Tuccillo & Francisco J. Navarro Gomez. Produced by Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro @ Campo Studio, Ibiza. / King Grooves (ASCAP) P&C 2010 Nite Grooves 3. “Take Me (Mind, Body & Soul)” (Claudio Di Carlo Mix) / Soulstar Syndicate feat. Dawn Tallman Lyrics by Dewey Cioffi for DivaDownEntertainment . Melody by Dewey Cioffi & Dawn Tallman . All Lead & Background Vocals by Dawn Tallman. Vocals Recorded by Glenn Thornton @ Slaag Records Studio. All Music Production & Written by Patrick – Claudio Di Carlo, Hüseyin Köz & José Espasandin. Instruments Played by José Espasandin. Diva Breadth Songs (ASCAP) / Tallmaxmusic (SESAC) SUISA / King Grooves (ASCAP) P&C 2010 King Street Sounds 4. “Come Unto Me” (Original Mix) / FCKS Written & Programmed by Naotake Gunji. Edits & Tweaks by Go Kiryu. Mixed by Hernan Santiago @ La Sala Studio. King Grooves (ASCAP) P&C 2010 Nite Grooves 5. “No More Heartache” (Dazzle Drums Remix) / Nu Phonic feat. Charvoni Produced by Kelton Cooper. Remix, Additional Production & Mixed by Nagi & Kei Sugano for Dazzle Drums. Kelton Music (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI) P&C 1993&2010 King Street Sounds 6. “Time Is Now” (Groove Assassin Remix) / Lips feat. Bongi Mvuyana Composed & Produced by Lips. Lyrics & Vocals by Bongi Mvuyana. Remixed by Nick Moss for Groove Assassin Music 2010. Recorded & mixed @ Mo' Den. Keys by Bennet Holland. Additional keys by Nick Moss. A&R: Alex Legaspi for King Street Sounds King Grooves (ASCAP) P&C 2010 Nite Grooves 7. “Piece of Heaven” / Fuminori Kagajo feat. Adeola Ranson Written by Fuminori Kagajo, Adeola Ranson & Simon Finnegan. Produced by Fuminori Kagajo & Simon Finnegan. Vocals by Adeola Ranson. Keyboards by Takuto Kudo. Guitar by Sumio Yokotsuji. Bass by Sei Takeuchi. Trumpet by Yasunori Sugo. All Other instruments by Fuminori Kagajo. Published by Tone Control Music, administered by Haripa Music UK. P&C 2010 King Street Sounds

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