Aluku Records is a independent label Run by a passionate Dj/Promoter St.Denis hailing from the city of London. His goal and direction is all about bringing original organic traditional and ritual rhythmic sounds from Africa, Caribbean,South America and even Asia all blended with today's more well-known electronic/ House music locations such as Central/North America and Europe united as one.
Projects will be coming mainly from African Continent's by unknown, current, and well established producers such as prime locations South Africa,Botswana and Angola along with producers across the globe.
All release will have a mood for everyone's needs or can relate too as we feel music is a big factor to keep motivating your positive spirit so expect some Serious, Emotional, Happy, Uplifting, Spiritual and Energetic vibes that will take you on a musical journey to another place.
"Rhythms represent the very fabric of life and embody the people's interdependence in human relationships, Cross-beats can symbolize challenging moments or emotional stress. The sounding of three beats against two is experienced in everyday life and helps develop "a two-dimensional attitude to rhythm, Throughout western and central Africa child's play includes games that develop a feeling for multiple rhythms". alukurebels.wix.com "Past mixed with Present Sounds"

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