Last Night in NY / Energizer 2013
Street King

SK 197 | 2013-03-04
Last Night in NY
Joeski & Audio KoDe's In My House Remix (8:29)
Joeski, Audio kode
Tech House
Last Night in NY
Marcelo Vak & Alex Roque Remix (6:56)
Marcelo Vak, Alex Roque
Tech House
Last Night in NY
Original Mix (6:05)
Tech House
Supernova 2013 Mix (7:40)
Doomwork Remix (7:17)
Tech House
Last Night In NY! Woww!!! ENERGIZER'. It's great! Love it too. I'm gonna have fun playing it.
-Frankie Knuckles
Energize (Supernova 2013 mix) is the one for me.
-Dj Spinna
Amazing release full zoo brazil support!
-ZOO Brasil
Pefer Joeski's deep, dark and sex techhouse Remix, Doomswork works as well.
-Stefano Libelle
Wow, what a record! love last night in ny and also doomworks mix of energizer, both super big!!
Loving Last Night.
-Quentin Harris
Really liking the groove of the original mix, might re-edit it for my
sets! Thanks guys
Joeski & Audio Kobes remix is the one for me. I'm definitely going to run this one
-Master Kev
I am loving you Energizer remix. I responded with feedback on King Street%u2019s site.
-Matthew Hade
Doomwork remix for me thanks!
-David Glass
Groovy tunes !
-The Mechanism
Great release will try all mixes out
-Will Monotone
Amazing Killer track !!!
-Marc Fisher
-Joe T Vannelli
Support greet track
-The Deepshakerz
Love Energizer 2013Mix!
-Satoshi Fumi
Original mix of Last Night is nasty! I'm all over it
-Hector Romero
Top productions !!! My fav is The Joeski & Audio Kobe's In My House Remix!!! Dancefloor Bomb !!!
-Eric Powa B.
LOVE IT!!! Joeski e Audio Kobe's my fav...
-Angelo Posito
Joeski & Audio tore the mix up.
-Hippie Torrales
Loving all of these! Thanks
-Roland Nights
Truly mesmerizing and mind-blowing...
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)
Doomwork and Supernova are a guarantee, this release is a bomb.
Love the groove!
Excellent release, specially doomwork work
-Joan Ribas (Ibizasoulstice Music/Pacha Hotel Ibiza)
Massive support
-Franco De Mulero
Solid contemporary deep/tech sounds
-Russell Deeks, This Is Why We Dance
Nice and hyped peak time tunes.
-Tony Humphries / Jacko
Nice EP, Energizer is very cool!!
-Happy Mann/Cookie Monsterz
-Phil Hooton
Supernove Is Hot
-Dj Pippi
Very pummpy
-Freddy Turner
I%u2019m a sucker for a bit of squelch !! Love this
-Andy Ward
-Henri Kohn
Great EP
-Carl Hanaghan (Hed Kandi)
What a banger! 5***** full support here
-Jamie O Sullivan
Love the steady roll on each track - and love the rollin\' break on the doomwork remix...class!
-Jon Pierce / RTE Pulse
Nice. Real nice tracks here.
-Rudy "Myxzlplix" Malinao
S L A M M I N :-)
-Dj Vivona
This is also nice tech, will try in the show
-Bogdan Taran / Amber Muse Records, DanceRadio.lv
The Doomwork mix if for me, Its deep & heavy bassline just takes over everything! Nice
-Milty Evans
-Fabio Genito
Original mix is cool! Thanks
-Rick Maia / MOS
Yes this is the biggest EP in a long time
Great release all over! Full suppport!
-Rick Maia (MOS)
Energizer - Doomwork is On fire. DIg the supernova as well. Marcelo brings his trademark dance floor shenanigans - will def play. Thanx
This will be on my pick time deep tech sound next week...will test this
-Pierre Ravan
Really like all the titles on this release
-Russell Morgan K Klass
Dope ready to be worked
-Freddy Turner
2013 Jam & Domwork jam are funking outstanding for the dance floor, phew!
-Craig Stewart (DCSTrax & Universe Media)
Supernova is one of the most powerful house producers of the planet
-Joan Ribas (Ibizasoulstice Music / Pacha Hotel Ibiza)
Those fresh mixes of "Energizer" are truly ingenious...
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)
Will play and support on ssradiouk.com
-Umberto Giannini
We think that this ep is really good for some kind of dj's..but for us is a bit strong.
Awesome tune!
-Sergio Marini
Doomwork Mix for me on this.. fire!
-Andy Lee
Support & Play! Thanks
-Dj Vibe
The Hype
Italian superstar DJ/Producers Supernova are back on Street King with their newest "Last Night In NY"/ ''Energizer 2013'',2-track 3-remix EP. The EP's namesake "Last Night In NY" is full of minimal NuDisco groove, bass-smackin' rhythms, plucky synth, and the good ol' deep rollin 4/4 with a spoken word that'll keep the new-jack-know-it-alls in check! Joeski, the Queens' represent jackin' house maestro delivers a serious heat into dance floor with his brand new remix! This pure blend of jack beat and deepness guarantees a massive crowd control. Another remix on "Last Night in NY" is by Chilean rising star Marcelo Vak & Spanish progressive house producer Alex Roque. This collaboration brings a super strong beat development based on progressive golden theory and yes, there is no way to stay away from this track once you hear because it surely rocks your dancing spirit. True banger is right here.Also offered is "Energizer," whose chunky synthy head noddin' Original Mix was featured in 2011 in King St's delectable Miami comp. The instrumental is revisited once again with Supernova's 2013 Mix that's pure digital groove. But hang on! Fellow denizens of the countrymen-deep, Doomwork, submit their own interpretation of "Energizer" that'll knock your sonic socks off. Breakin' rhythmic intro (both synth & acoustic), deep rubber baseline and effective drops for days. With tunes like these we wouldn't want to have it be Supernova's last night anywhere! Truly dope.
The Credits
Written by Giacomo Godi, Emiliano Nencioni.
Produced, Mixed by Supernova for King Street Sounds.
#1 Remixed by Joeski & Audio Kode
#2 Remixed by Marcelo Vak & Alex Roque
#5 Remixed by Doomwork
#1,2,3 Defected Music
#4&5 King Grooves (ASCAP)
Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn
P&C 2013 Street King
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