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Street King Presents Winter 2018

Various Artists

Street King
KSD 369 | 2018-01-15  
Breky Remix (7:25)
Oh My!
Manoo Vocal Mix (7:47)
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Good stuff!!!
-Gene Farris

Nice one thx!
-Riva Starr

An excellent Package.
-Quentin Harris

Super Comp. Will play & Full Support!
-Laurent Garnier

Downloading for marco carola, thanks
-Marco Carola

House grooooves here ..
-Cevin Fisher

Like em
-Mark Farina

Download for safras
-Mihalis Safras

Nice will try. Thanks 4 the music
-Dennis Cruz

Some cool tracks here
-Simon Newby aka Da Sunlounge

Nice package!

Thank you for the music. I'm downloading for Luciano.

-Angelo Ferreri

Thanks. like this one for peaktime
-Ralf GUM

Great Deep Track
-David Harness

-Eli Escobar

-N'Dinga Gaba

Cool tracks!

Good stuff thanks
-Steve Mac

In the box.
-Louis Benedetti

I Like! Thanks. Roter & Lewis
-Sebastian Roter

Very nice package!
-Michele Chiavarini

Soulful power! Thanks for the promo!
-Phaze Dee

Very Good
-Cristian Vinci

Nice one
-Alberto Marzinotto

Love it, smooth and refreshing
-DJ Roland Clark (Delete Records)

Stunning! Totally in love!
-Aki Bergen

Smooth selection!

-Jay J

Slammin' tracks!
-Tony Humphries / Jacko

Whew wee!
-King Britt


Nice, will play

-Ricky Morrison (M&S)

Hot one!
-Larry Tee

Cool Stuff
-Vision Factory

Cool one
-Daniel Bortz

-Sirus Hood

Downloaded for shiba san
-Shiba San


Will try thanks!

Very nice package
-John Khan

Very nice package!
-Gianni Junior

What a monster!!!! love it!
-Rob Boskamp

Hot package, thanks for sharing
-DJ DaSouL

I just love it!! Thanks
-Dimi Stuff

Full Support!!!
-Nikos Diamantopoulos

Cool release, thank you for sending!
-Sammy W

Thanks for tunes
-DJ Boris

Ha ha ha .. Sick

-Mirco Violi

Solid Album

Cheers for the promo
-Vince Watson

Wow.. amazing comp.. full support on all tracks.. really good grooves!
-Stephan Grondin

-Gigi Camporeale

Thanks for the music!
-Franz Costa

Kool vibes. Will support on my show
-Booker t

Feelin' all these bad boys, brilliant dance music - great work my maestro, phew!
-Craig Stewart

Gorgeous! Thanks
-Felix Da Funk

Awesome revisit... Sexy soulful!
-DJ Darryl Owens

-Mario Chrisostomou

Absolutely dope! Cheers!
-Tom Gianelli

Thanks, download for Jawoo

Too many hot cuts here all ready for the dance floor full support
-Distant People (joey silvero)

The Hype

The days may be short and the air may be cold, however, Street King's "Winter 2018" VA compilation will keep dance floors blazing with 35 of our hottest tracks from both classic and new Street King artists! Covering house, tech house, and soulful house this compilation has something for everyone including material from Tiger Stripes, Kerri Chandler, Masters At Work, Lil Louis, Black Loops, Tuccillo, Kiko Navarro, D.Y.A & Kalyma, Alex Ranerro, Coeus, Lonya, Breky, Palamino, Ananda Project, Supernova, Dennis Ferrer, Mood II Swing, Cevin Fisher, Roter & Lewis, PEZNT, Renegade Masters, Jojo Angel & Matteo Rosolar, Boot Slap, Andre Le Phunk, Sean McCabe, Kimora Lovelace and MORE!

The Credits

1. Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro feat. Amor / Lovery (D.Y.A & Kalyma Remix)
Written by Giuseppe Tuccillo & Amor.
Produced by Giuseppe Tuccillo & Kiko Navarro.
Lead vocals by Amor.
Chorus by Amor & Tuccillo.
Synths by Tuccillo.
Mixed at Campo Studio, Ibiza.
Remixed by D.Y.A & Kalyma
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2011&2017 King Street Sounds

2. Alex Ranerro, Coeus / Endless (Original Mix)
Written & Produced by Sasa Vujainovic & Nemanja Petkovic
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

3. Lonya / Achromatic (Breky Remix)
Written & Produced by Lonya Koval
Remixed by Breky
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

4. Tiger Stripes Feat Kerri Chandler / Song For Edit (BLACK LOOPS REMIX)
Written, Produced by Mikael Nordgren & Kerri Chandler.
All instruments by M. Nordgren except:
Keyboards & Bass by Kerri Chandler, Strings by Swedish HitMusic Strings, Trumpet by Goran Kajfes, Saxophone by Rusktrask.
Arranged by M. Nordgren.
Horns Arranged by Goran & Rusktrask.
Remixed by Black Loops
Warner Chappell / Underground Songs / Champion (BMI).
P&C 2007 & 2017 Nite Grooves

5. Palamino / Oh My! (Manoo Vocal Mix)
Written & Produced by Morten Troest Steffensen & Morten Hampenberg
Vocals by Susanne Dahn-Leach
Remixed by Manoo
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

6. Ananda Project / Where The Music Takes You (Teddy Douglas Re-Edit Pastaboys Main)
Written by Chris Brann / John Camp.
Re-Edit by Teddy Douglas.
Additional Production & Remix by Pastaboys aka DJ Rame, Dino Angioletti, Uovo.
Wamdue Music (ASCAP) administered by Bug Music
/ King Grooves (ASCAP) / Hobgobble Music (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 2008 Nite Grooves

7. Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien / Brighter Days (Supernova Dub)
Written by Moise Laporte & Kenny Bobien.
Produced by Big Moses for DML Productions.
Vocal by Kenny Bobien.
Remix, Additional Production & Mastered by Supernova (Emijay & G.o.d.i.) @ Supernova Studios between Milan & Florence.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Shiny Rock (ASCAP) / Off The Top (ASCAP)
P&C 1996&2010 King Street Sounds

8. Dennis Ferrer / Transitions
Produced, Written & Arranged by Dennis Ferrer.
Keyboards & Drum Programming by Dennis Ferrer.
Percussion by Steve Jr. Martinez & Chris Martinez (TMB).
Sfere Music (BMI).
P&C 2006 King Street Sounds.

9. gizA djs / Leave Me Alone (Original Mix)
Written & Produced by Gian Pietro Dragoni & Tiziano Santomaso
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

10. Mood 2 Swing / Nafara
Written, Produced & Mixed by John Ciafone & Lem Springsteen for Mood II Swing Productions
Moody Black Keys (BMI) / A Frannk Luz (BMI)
(C) 1994 Nite Grooves

11. Cevin Fisher / The Message (Roter & Lewis Remix)
Written by Kevin Fisher.
Produced by Cevin Fisher.
Remixed by Roter & Lewis
Evol Free Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2011 Street King & 2016 Nite Grooves

12. Angelo Ferreri / Thank You Heaven (Original Mix)
Written, Arranged, Mixed, & Produced by Angelo Ferreri
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

13. Inache / See You (Original Mix)
Written & Produced by Borysov Inache
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

Written & Produced by Luca Beni & Massimo Costa
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

15. Inve & Forsi / Blonde
Written & Produced by Fabio Invernizzi
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

16. Farfan / Sama (Original Mix)
Written & Produced by Irfan Maljoku
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

17. PEZNT feat. New5ense / This Is Gold (Original Mix)
Written by Tomislav Pasanec, Dejan Markovic, Shawn DeHorney
Produced by PEZNT
Blacksoul Music -­ BSMP
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

18. Renegade Masters / Baby Yo (Jojo Angel & Matteo Rosolare Remix)
Written & Produced by Richard Chwastiak & Anthony Grund
Remixed by Jojo Angel & Matteo Rosolare
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

19. Talal / Control
Written & Produced by Talal Hakim
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

20. Boot Slap / Berlin (Dub)
Written & Produced by Christian Witt & Takis Kouretsidis
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

21. Øro / Mizar
Written & Produced by Marco De Buono
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Street King

22. Scottie Soul feat Mikey V. / Personal Thang (Jon Lee Interstate Connection Remix)
Written by Scott F Allison, Jon Lee, Gil Aguilar, Mikey Velazquez
Produced by Scottie Soul
Vocals by Mikey V.
Remixed by Jon Lee
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

23. George Kelly / Mercedes
Written & Produced by George Kalaedopoulos
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

24. Kerem Selek & Türker feat. Erce Akal%u0131n / Don%u2019t Let Go (Original Mix)
Written by Erce Akal%u0131n
Produced by Kerem Selek & Türker
Vocals by Erce Akal%u0131n
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

25. Rhythm of The Rain / being You (Luyo Remix)
Produced by Akihiro Hama
Written & Vocals by Colyn
Remixed by Luyo
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

26. Rain / Lil Louis Painting / Give It Up (Masters At Work Club Mix)
Written by Louis Berns & J. Allen / Produced by Lil Louis
Remix Produced by Louie Vega & Kenny Dope for Masters At Work Productions
Seven More Days Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
©2000 BPM King Street Sounds

27. Luciano Gioia, Tony Zecchi / Higher and Higher (Q Narongwate Deep Mix)
Written by Luciano Gioia
Produced by Luciano Gioia, Tony Zecchi
Remixed by Q Narongwate
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

28. Powder Monkeys / Correction
Written & Produced by David Coker, Dylan Debut, Nell Shakespeare
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

29. Andre Le Phunk feat. Maiya Sykes / Let It Go (Piers Kirwan Dubbed Out Remix)
Written by Andrea Landriscina, Maiya Sykes, Francesco Contadini
Produced by Andre Le Phunk
Remixed by Piers Kirwan
P&C 2016&2017 Street King

30. Vittorio Santorelli & Tai Malone / Pressure Bolt
Written by Vittorio Santorelli, Tyrone Airey, Leopoldo Barretta
Produced by Vittorio Santorelli & Tai Malone
Vocals by Tai Malone
Electric Bass: Alessandro Calabrese
Keys: Dino Baretta
Arranged, mixed, and mastered @ Music Factory Studio - Napoli IT
Net's Work & Songs Srl (SIAE) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

31. Anthony K. / Three Chords Deepness (Main mix)
Written & Produced by Antonios Kavadatos
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

32. Kyle Kim feat. Sheree Hicks / Sometimes
Written by Heeduk Kim & Andrew Hicks
Produced by Kyle Kim
Vocals by Sheree Hicks
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

33. Souled feat. Ashley Thomas / Cultureless ( Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Main Mix )
Written by Adam Cook, Ben Tidy, Ashley Thomas
Produced by Souled
Remixed by Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Copy Right Control
P&C 2011&2017 King Street Sounds

34. H.I.M.W.O.L / Shake it
Written & Produced by Glen Dichiera
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

35. Kimara Lovelace / I Luv You More (Sean McCabe Demo Mix)
Written & Produced by DJ Roland Clark for Urban Soul Productions
Vocals by Kimara Lovelace.
Remixed and Remix Produced by Sean McCabe.
Keyboards and Drums by Sean McCabe.
Guitar performed by Scott Dennison.
Grey House (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 1999&2011 King Street Sounds

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