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New Breed Of Deep House Vol. 7

Various Artists

Nite Grooves
KSD 359 | 2017-09-11  
Le Noir
Ed Ed & Sasse Dark Remix (7:52)

Nice package
-Dario D'Attis

Thanks good stuff!!!
-Gene Farris

So much goodness here
-Demarkus Lewis

-Laurent Garnier

HOT joints here!!
-Brothers Vibe

Thanks for the tunes
-Michel De Hey

Nice package
-Sebb Aston

Great Selection! Thanks!
-Phaze Dee

Cool tracks, thanks

Happy to be in...thanks NiteGrooves!
-DJ Simi

Smooth jam....

A great selection of tracks will be playing a good few
-Matt Prehn

A lot of decent tracks
-Lee Kelsall

Nice va tnx

Some classics on here :)
-CJ Mackintosh

Great comp. My favourite: Robert Palmero - This No (DJ Simi Jackin Remix)
-Dj fopp

Good collection
-Benji Candelario

Power Vibes a wicked collections of tracks To Play On My Radio show will support
-Booker T

-Mateo & Matos

Downloaded for shiba san

What an fantastic package. supporting most of the available tracks. Thanks!!
-Rob Boskamp

..excellent collection !!!....Tnx :)

Great sampler

So many hot ones here! ,, so good! full support.. real house music! :-)
-Stephan Grondin

Love this
-Piers Kirwan

Some real good music in here! taking some joints for a spin
-Cee ElAssaad

Some very, very tasty dance music here for the collection
-Craig Stewart

-Mind Street

DL for Sirus Hood, Thank you for the music
-Sirus Hood

...DJ RO-CK makes it worth the price of admission
-roMo alDo

DJ Simi, Kerri Chandler, James Benedict, ThermalBear, 2 MAKES 1, Pete Dafeet, Bordertown, Sebb Aston, A Lister, Jolyon Petch & Mobin Master for me! Great mix all around. Love this sound

-Rhythm Staircase

-Danny Vargas

All solid ammo just like the sebb aston track the most, also A lister is doing it with Inside of Me remix
-Distant People (joey silvero)

Downloading for marco carola, thanks
-Marco Carola

Will try thanks ;)
-Paco Osuna

Amazing pack! Will definitely try and play! Thanks!
-DJ Eppue

Great compilation. Thanks!
-David Manso

Grabbing full pack. Thnx
-Claes Rosen

Too many to choose from
-Bronx Cheer (Timothy Davies)

An outstanding collection of songs to suit everyone
-Umberto Giannini

-DJ Bollo

There's a lot here for eclectic djs!!
-Black Mighty Wax

Package full of Jams.. Working it!!
-DJ Darryl Owens

-Felix Da Funk

Wicked selection, so many legendary artists
-John Jones

Bangers non stop!! :)!
-Peter Borg (Simply Salacious)

Choice pack - will support!
-Ash Paine

Great compilation, thanks
-Steve Shaw (Pure Rhythm Radio)

Great release, will give it a go
-Sammy W

Good stuff
-Wil Trahan

Dope Deep down for the late hours!!
-Juanra Garcia (DA HOUSE SESSION)

All the stuff I love in one awesome package! Thanks Nite Grooves!
-Charlotte Balibar aka DJ SuperJaimie

Very interesting
-Freddy Turner

Overall great
-DJ Dove

-Boris Cantero

Some great tracks here. Supporting
-Nick Power

Very good pack! thanks
-Sanya Shelest

Great compilation.Thanks

Great collection of tracks!
-Sebastian Watergate Agency

Classic lp thanks for release
-Naeem Johnson


Downloading for Global Dance Session, thanks!
-Brian 'Cheets' Cheetham

Deep absorbing tracks driven by an array of styles
-Nick Callisto

Truly eclectic and seminal EP of deep house goodness...
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Full support!
-Strictly House Sessions radio show (Adam Vicious)

The Hype

Nite Grooves is back and better than ever with the newest edition of New Breed of Deep House Vol. 7. Scouring the globe for the freshest and hottest sounds, we here at Nite Grooves have collected and compiled 29 of our favorite deep house tracks Including 1 Continuous Dj Mix by Aiko Morita that will be pure aural pleasure for the dance floor! Compilation includes works from Dennis Ferrer, Mat.Joe, Kerri Chandler, Studioheist, Mood II Swing, Ed Ed & Sasse, Kastis Torrau, DJ Vivona, Tom Ellis, Pete Dafeet, Doomwork, Death On The Balcony, Dry & Bolinger, Sebb Aston, James Silk, A Lister, Ivan Latyshev, James Benedict, Soledrifter, Mike Delgado, Jamex Dexter, Smash TV, Julian Wassermann, and MORE!

The Credits

1. Robert Palmero/ This No (DJ Simi Jackin Remix)
Written & Produced by Roberto Carlos Palmero Hernandez
Remixed by DJ Simi
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 King Street Sounds &2017 Nite Grooves

2. Dj Vivona / Le Noir (Ed Ed & Sasse Dark Remix)
Written by Giordana Angi & Luca Vivona
Produced by Luca Vivona
Performing Vocals by Q U I N
Mixed by Fabio Verardo at Circe recording Studio
Master by Francesco Pierguidi @ Loud & Proud Studio
Remixed by Ed Ed & Sasse
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2016 King Street Sounds

3. Bassmental / The Beginning
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kerri Chandler & Yahya McDougald
Champion Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 1994 Nite Grooves

4. Chris Stussy & Bas Roos / Take My Swing (Dub Mix)
Written by Niels Steenbergen
Produced by Chris Stussy & Bas Roos
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

5. James Benedict / Goin' Back
Written & Produced by Daniel McDermott
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

6. ThermalBear / I'm Thinking
Written & Produced by Dennis White
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

7. Dry & Bolinger / Without Your Love (Studioheist Remix)
Written & Produced by Paul Tatang Widjaja & Daniel Bolinger
Remixed by Studioheist
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2016 King Street Sounds

8. Dennis Ferrer feat. K.T. Brooks / How Do I Let Go (Marco Tegui Remix)
Written by Dennis Ferrer / Karlon Taylor.
Produced & Arranged by Dennis Ferrer.
Vocal by K.T. Brooks.
Remix by Marco Tegui
Sfere Music (BMI)
P&C 2007&2015 King Street Sounds

9. Mat.Joe & Thabo Getsome / New York City
Written & Produced by Johannes Schulz, Matthias Neitzke & Nils Thabo Gelfort
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 Nite Grooves

10. DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul / My Urban Soul (Walker & Royce Remix)
Written & Produced by Roland Clark for Urban Soul Productions.
Produced & Written by Roland Clark for Urban Soul Productions
Remix by Walker & Royce
Grey House (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 1997 King Street Sounds & 2012 Street King

11. DEF Mike & Marco Riemann/ Compel
Written & Produced by Marco Reimann & Michael Defregger
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

12. Michel de Hey / Velavive
Written & Produced by Michel de Hey
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

13. Mood II Swing / Inhale
Written, Produced & Mixed by John Ciafone & Lem Springsteen for Mood II Swing.
Productions for Gregory Ruben Entertainment.
Moody Black Keys (BMI) / A Frank Luz (BMI)
1995 Nite Grooves

14. 2 MAKES 1 / No One Loves You Like I Do
Produced & Mixed by Mike Delgado & Starving T for Rhythm Mix Music.
Mixed @ Bingo Basement Recordings Brooklyn, NY.
Vocal by Gem (Track#1).
Mastering Engineer : Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn.
Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 1995&2009 Nite Grooves

15. Shades Of Gray / Tonight Is the Night (Smash TV Remix)
Written & Produced by Michal %u2018Schwa%u2019 Ruzicka and Nick West
Remixed by Smash TV
Sourcemusic (APRA ) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2012 Nite Grooves

16. Pete Grace/ Strange Love
Written by Piotr Piskorski
Production by Pete Grace.
Music by Pete Grace.
Zaiks Poland / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

17. Kastis Torrau / Safari Horizon
Written & Produced by Kastis Torrau
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

18. Pete Dafeet / In Time (Vox 1)
Written & Produced by Pete Morgan
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

19. Bordertown / This Way
Written & Produced by Luke Saunders & Ricky Simmonds
Copyright Control
P&C 2014 Nite Grooves

20. Ivan Latyshev ft. Aden Ray / You Are Me
Written & Produced by Ivan Latyshev
Vocals by Aden Ray
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

21. Death on the Balcony / Many Moons Ago
Written by Paul Hargreaves & Mark Caramelli
Imagined & Produced by Death On The Balcony
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

22. Ben Weber and Axel Eilers / Walhalla (Julian Wassermann Remix)
Wriiten by Benjamin- Gerd Weber
Produced by Ben Weber & Axel Eilers
Remixed by Julian Wassermann
Roba Music Publishing / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 King Street Sounds

23. Soledrifter / Do This
Written & Produced by Dmitry Meshcheryakov
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Street King

24. Sebb Aston / U Can Think (Original Mix)
Written & Produced by Sebastien Daubanton
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2014 Nite Grooves

25. James Silk / Inside Of Me (A Lister Remix)
Written, Produced, & Arranged By James Silker
Remixed by A Lister
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

26. Jolyon Petch & Mobin Master/ Jumpin
Written & Produced by Jolyon Petch & Mobin Master.
Mixed and mastered at Safari Music Studios, Melbourne Australia.
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

27. Doomwork / This! (James Dexter Remix)
Written & Produced by Alessandro Lacavalla, Claudio Maura
Remixed by James Dexter
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2012&2017 Street King

28. Sunshine Jones / Dirty Love (Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze Soulvision Remix)
Written by Robert W. Cameron
Produced and Performed by Sunshine Jones
Recorded at the Treehouse in San Francisco, California, 2011
Remixed and additional production by Aki Bergen & Daniel Jaze for Nite Grooves.
Arranged, Mixed and Mastered by Simone Bocchino and Daniele Vantaggio @ Seismal Studio (Grottaferrata, Italy) & Neurotraxx Studios (Rome, Italy)
Additional keyboards by Mattia Pancotti
Additional drums by Valerio Vantaggio
Little Bug Music (BMI)
P&C 2012 Nite Grooves

29. Various Artists, Aiko Morita / New Breed of Deep House Mixed by Aiko Morita (Continuous Mix)

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