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After Hours Miami 2017

Various Artists

Street King
KSD 349 | 2017-04-24  

Serious House grooves Here .. CFNYC

-Cevin Fisher

Nice V/A. Will play & Support!

-Laurent Garnier

Nice, will try out ..

-Dennis Cruz

Will review on djm

-Mihalis Safras

Good stuff!!!

-Gene Farris

Like markus homm remix

-Sascha Dive

Beautiful vocal blend!




Tight package!!

-Groove Assassin

Nice collection.

-Demarkus Lewis

Great stuff! On the d/l for a play thanks


Downloading for marco carola, thanks

-Marco Carola

Strong packagae

-Sebb Aston

Nice Package!

-Kenny Carpenter

Good stuff thanks

-Steve Mac

Cool one

-Daniel Bortz

Thx! ;) Nice packs!

-Alberto Marzinotto

Cool thanks


Classic sounding house here.

-Simon Newby aka Da Sunlounge

Good Grooves!

-Jon Cutler

Very good, deep house joints

-Rob Boskamp

Cool thanks

-Stacey Pullen

Downloaded for The Mekanism


Won%u2019t Let You Go!! What a track!

-Alvaro Smart

Great release! Full support!

-Louis Benedetti

Heavyyy kut up tuneeeee will support

-booker t

Nice takes on this jam

-Jay West

Achromatic for me

-Oscar Barila

Downloaded for shiba san


The Wondering Wander!

-Dj Vivona

Y E S!! Thanks

-DJ Simi

Thanks for the release!

-Remi Mazet

...Excellent package !!!...



-Carlos Francisco


-Henri Kohn

Always nice to listen to classics with a new twist!

-Alex Ander

Great Retouch of these classics. Love It!


Thanks love it

-Baggi Begovic

Love This

-Dolly Rockers


-Danny Vargas

Yeahhh this has the funk, real solid funk house, pushing all the right buttons

-Distant People (joey silvero)

Nice tracks

-Mirco Violi



Lovely stuff!

-Tom Gianelli



Nice selection! Thank you!! Souldynamic


Full support!

-Phaze Dee

Sound is Real!!

-Kenny Ground

Solid tracks!

-Dave Mayer

Sound is real is cool. Thanks!

-Oliver Knight

Cool release, thank you for sending!

-Sammy W

Yes great vibe

-Severino Panzetti


-Marques Wyatt

Liking this alot!

-Dj Gimmegroove Able


-Michael Stukes


-Russell Deeks, iDJ/This Is Why We Dance


-Master Kev (MKTL)

Hot tunes here

-Gianni Junior



...Smooth and tasty

-roMo alDo

Amazing full support

-Franco De Mulero

THANK YOU !!! ;)

-Peppe Citarella

Beautiful vibes here, great one!

-Carlos Vargas

Good tune

-Benji Candelario

Love it, but please give us wavs!!! :)

-Tedd Patterson


-Christian Vlad

Love it

-Mark Picchiotti

Nice release

-Simone Vitullo

BIG ONE! Thanks!


BAD !@#$%^&* RELEASE :)

-Louis Osbourne



Nice work!

-Electronic Youth_Trevor

Thanks for this excellent release. Will include it soon in my radio programs

-Mickey Imperi

Awesome EP!

-Nikos Akrivos

Download for VooDooSon THx!


Thanks a lot guys!

-Bara Brost

Amazing ONE, Will play

-Deep Spelle

Nice package! Thank you! I will play for sure

-Thodoris Triantafillou

Very nice techy grooves!

-Sleepy & Boo


-Gaty Lopez

Will try thanks ;)

-Paco Osuna

Yes nice selection!!

-Dany Deep


-Phil Hooton

Will play

-Mateo John

Full support here!

-Strictly House Sessions radio show (Adam Vici

Yeahhhhh awsome house vibes !! Love it

-Depaack (Subsonnik)

Great, Love it

-DJ Darryl Owens



Nice, thanks

-Steve Shaw (Pure Rhythm Radio)

Really stuff I love it

-Freddy Turner

Very nice house music!

-Sanya Shelest

The Hype

Miami Music Week is upon us and we here at Street King deliver with 35 of our hottest releases ready for the sun & sand on our After Hours Miami 2017 VA compilation! Included are the best of the recent Street King output covering deep house, house, soulful house, indie dance, tech house, and techno. Artists involved include, The Deepshakerz, Martin Eyerer, Robosonic, Lonya, V i v i d, Will Monotone, George Vala, Demuir, Mat.Joe, Alvaro Smart, B-Liv, Spuri, Supernova, Ferrari & Bergamasco, Jon Cutler, DJ Romain, Dennis Ferrer, Jihad Muhammad, and MORE!

The Credits

1. Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo / One Desire (The Deepshakerz Vocal Rework)

Written & Produced by Barbara Tucker & Giuseppe Tuccillo

Vocals & Lyrics by Barbara Tucker.

Recorded @ Figueretas Soul Studio.

Remixed by The Deepshakerz

Barbara Tucker Music Publishing Corp (BMI)

/ True Vibes (BMI) / Peppe Tuccillo (SGAE)

P&C 2008&2017 King Street Sounds

2. Martin Eyerer feat. Lily Sophie / The Race (Markus Homm Remix)

Written & Produced by Martin Eyerer @ Riverside Studios Berlin

Vocals by Lily Sophie

Mastered at Riverside Studios Berlin

Remixed by Markus Homm

Published by Sony ATV

P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

3. Kerri Chandler / Hallelujah (Robosonic Remix)

Produced & Mixed by Kerri Chandler

Remixed by Robosonic

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 1996&2013 BPM King Street Sounds

4. Lonya / Achromatic (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Lonya Koval

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

5. V i v i d / The Wondering Wander (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Hassan Malik

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Street King

6. Ananda Project feat. Terrance Downs / Falling For You (Will Monotone's DC-10 Mix)

Written by Chris Brann.

Produced, Composed & Arranged by Chris Brann for Wamdue Musicproduktion.

Remixed by Will Monotone

Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2013 Street King

7. George Vala / Whispers (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by George Valavanis

Vocals by George Valavanis

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2014 Street King

8. James Benedict / Who Knew Forever

Written & Produced by Daniel McDermott

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

9. Tiger Stripes / Rasmus Plays Marimba (Demuir's House U Remix)

Written, produced & Arranged by Mikael Nordgren & Rasmus Faber.

All instruments played by M. Nordgren except: Marimba played by Rasmus Faber

Remixed by Demuir

Warner Chapell / Underground Songs / Ultra International Music Publishing / Ultra Empire Music BMI

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

10. K & K / Respirator

Written & Produced by Robin Sircar

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Street King

11. Buurman & Buurman / A Missed Call (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Tim Brussel

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Street King

12. Stefan Kaye / Endurance

Written & Produced by Stefan Kaye

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Street King

13. Samplers Fx / Sorry (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Carlo Micillo & Giuseppe Conte

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

14. Crespo / Atapez (Orginal Mix)

Written & Produced by Carlos Crespo

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

15. Mat.Joe / Lifted (Alvaro Smart Remix)

Written & Produced by Johannes Schulz & Matthias Neitzke

Remixed by Alvaro Smart

King Groove (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

16. Zabz / Hercules

Written & Produced by Antonio Zabumba

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

17. Alek Soltirov, Bonetti / Jack Meets Funky (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Alek Soltirov & Andres Boned Andreu

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Street King

18. B-Liv / Jay Jack (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Jairo H Guerrero

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

19. Spuri / Last Way (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Rodolpho Spuri

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Street King

20. DJ ROMAIN & JON CUTLER F. D JEANNIE HOPPER / De Ja Vu (Supernova Dub In The Jungle Mix)

Written & Produced by Jeannie Hopper for Liquid Sound Lounge Prod.

Produced by DJ Romain & Jon Cutler.

Performed by Jeannie Hopper.

Remixed by Supernova

True Vibes (BMI) / Deep Rhythm Music (ASCAP).

P&C 2010 Nite Grooves

21. Studio Effective & LungaSA / Bare-Knuckle Dancing (Original Mix)

Written by Godfrey G Mahuma, Vuyani A Boyi, Lunga N Mmamabolo

Produced by Studio Effective & LungaSA

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

22. H@K / Sarti (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Iraklis Verdi

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

23. House Soldiers / Sound Is Real

Written & Produced by Mike Meekers & Joel Horst, Van Der

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

24. GAR / You and Katlyn

Written & Produced by George Anthony Rai

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Street King

25. Rishi K. / Kai (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Karim Gargour

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

26. Paolo Madzone Zampetti / A.N.G.E.L. (Original Mix)

Written & Produced by Paolo Zampetti

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 Nite Grooves

27. Juloboy feat. Cotry & Nikita Silver / Music is my Power (Deep Active Sound Remix)

Written by Joluboy

Featured Cotry & Nikita Silver

Remixed by Deep Active Sound

King grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2016 king street sounds

28. Tomo Inoue feat. Stephanie Cooke / Better (Feliciano Mix)

Written by Stephanie Cooke & Tomo Inoue.

Produced & Arranged by Tomo Inoue.

%u201CTouch-up mix", additional Drums & Rhodes by Frankie Feliciano for Ricanstruction Label.

Keyboards by Tomo Inoue.

Stedigy Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2010 King Street Sounds

29. Ferrari & Bergamasco ft. Marc Evans / Josephine (OtherSoul Re-Rub)

Written by Chris Rea


Vocals by MARC EVANS

Remixed by Othersoul


P&C 2015&2017 King Street Sounds

30. H.I.M.W.O.L feat. Angela Librandi / Breathe

Written & Produced by Glen Dichiera

Vocals by Angela Librandi

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

31. Logistix / I Feel (Souldynamic Remix)

Written by: Deon Nathan

Produced, Composed & Arranged by: Wayne Chambers, J Phunk And Fabric For Logistix

Vocals by: Deon Nathan

Bass by: Ian Stanford For Original, Instrumental And Vocalpella Reprise

Keys by: David Grey For Vocalpella Reprise

Remixed by Souldynamics

Published by King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2013 King Street Sounds

32. Alex 2morrow feat Jason Singh / Love is What i Need (Your Love) (Main Mix)

Written by John Alexander-Gaines & Jason Singh

Produced, Arranged, and Mixed by DJ Alex J for Alex J Muzik

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 King Street Sounds

33. Rhythm Staircase & Stones & Bones / Assim bebe (Beautiful Night) (Original Vocal Mix)

Written by Maurizio Porcaro, Casper Steenkamp, Kgothatso Mohlaka

Produced by Rhythm Staircase & Stones & Bones

King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2017 Nite Grooves

34. Dennis Ferrer / Change The World (Jihad Muhammad Vox Mix)

Produced, Written & Arranged by Dennis Ferrer.

Vocal by Karlon Brooks Sr.

Background Vocals by K.T. Brooks, K.Brooks Sr. & Lavon Greene.

Remixed by Jihad Muhammad

Sfere Music (BMI)

P&C 2006&2008 King Street Sounds

35. 280 West feat. Diamond Temple / Lift Him Up (Ian Friday Tea Party Vocal Remix)

Written & Produced by Mark Mendoza, Gregg Hatten & Diamond Temple.

Background Vocals: D. Temple, R. Temple, S. Temple, M. Conway, M. Bland,

C. Jemmont, J. Hampton & L. Brown

Remixed by Ian Friday

280 West Music (ASCAP) / It%u2019s My World (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 1995&2006 King Street Sounds

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