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Raf n' Soul DJ, Producer and Radio Personality gives great contribution to the music scene, world wide
with his New York Time Radio Show on House Music Television, United States of America. This is basically what he has been doing for many years, while still getting busy in studio to produce new music, and this time has done a great re-interpretation of a Sicilian classic.

To our knowledge, this is the first time ever, in dance music business world-wide , that somebody has produced a 318 year old song!
The Song is originally titled "Mi Votu e Mi Rivotu=I turn and turn again" and made famous, as guitar acoustic version, by the legendary Sicilian singer, Rosa Balistreri from Licata, a small suburb on Sicily Island.

As this song is now Public Domain, this release has been re-titled.
Raf decided to keep the authenticity of this song, giving an arrangement Afro-Jazz-Arabic-Sicilian-Gospel-Spanish-Dance-Sexy vibe,
and calling in studio the Sicilian-American Singer Michela Musolino , who has a strong Sicilian folkloristic music background. She sings this song in old school Sicilian dialect.

In this song we can also feel the character of this Mediterranean Island which was conquered for centuries by North African, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Normans, Turkish and more.... This is why Raf n' Soul decided to put together artists with different music style , representing his hometown. Involving Jerry Williams on keyboards Jerry is the music director of New York City Gospel Choir and Pastor of New Hope Baptist Church, Newark-New Jersey USA, founded by Sissy Houston, mother of the legendary singer Whitney Houston. Also, the Italian-American Pastor and Guitar Player Phil Passantino, playing in full Spanish style , and sound engineer, Charles McDougald , with his Afro-American touch.

Check out the mini documentary about the history of this project:

Raf's original inspiration to produce this old Sicilian song is Shanshu Piao a Chinese-Korean woman, dedicating to her, the entire project made in New York.

Tk 1. Shanshu in Sicily (New York Time Mix) 8:11
Tx 2. Shanshu in Sicily (PA-USA Compressor Mix) 8:11
Tk 3. Shanshu in Sicily (New York Time Radio Edit) 4:29

Produced, Arranged and Directed by R. Sciacca for Raf n' Soul Productions New York/Ita Department
at Basemental Studios, New Jersey, United States of America

Lead Vocal: Michela Musolino
Keyboard: Jerry Williams
Guitar: Phil Passantino
Soung Engineer: Charles McDougald

Lyrics by Unknown writer and special thanks to the singer Rosa Balistreri for making this song famous.

Special Thanks to Shanshu Piao, Victor Simonelli, Lello Sanfilippo and Radio Time 94FM, Ricky Guestalt, Sicilan Poet Ignazio Buttitta, The Mayor of Palermo-Sicily Leoluca Orlando, Grammy Award Winning Louie Vega, Armani 5th Avenue Store, The Publicist / Journalist Onorio Abruzzo, Corso dei Mille's People for the big contribution about what I am doing today.

Bassline Records a member label of VJS Inc. Brooklyn, New York
info license please inquire at OR
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