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Project 001 is an 8 track album with a singular sound; Dark and tormented. Tommy Jacob oscillates between electrifying notes and deep bass, for a melancholic and poignant result. Project 001 is both a true introspection and also an endless quest for the other. Tommy Jacob transcribes a unique vision through a captivating universe. Driven by the desire to return to a consumption
of music as he knew when he was younger: «At the time I bought CDs and listened to them in loop until I knew them by heart, I did not know the song titles for me it was just track 1, track 2 etc.».
The young producer wanted to go back to the basics with this untitled project which is also a pluridisciplinary one. Tommy Jacob imagined an 11 minutes short lm for his music written by himself. With a very graphic touch, each image is perfectly processed, adding to that dance sequences, another form of art he wanted to put in light.
The nal step of the project was the cover, again, he called for a young artist, Sandjill, to imagine a painting for his music « I wanted to create an artistic interpretation of my music combining different form of art.».

Tommy Jacob has made a name for himself on the French and international scene with his melancholic productions with a unique sound. He released his rst EP in 2013 «Last» which allows him to go on a tour in the United States and Canada. Later, sharing his time between Paris and Amsterdam, he created a side project «6 A.M» a true success. He nally settles down in Paris to produce his album and joins the Roche Musique family.
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