Barber & Friends EP

Various Artists

FRK001 | 2017-02-06  
Introducing Freakin' 303. The tougher, rougher dirty-stop-out of a little sister imprint to Marshall Jefferson's Freakin' 909.
After the consistent success of Freakin' 909 we wanted to bring the darker, bass-face inducing sound to life.
Expect tough beats, tougher basslines, acidic squelches, seering synths and biblical drops! With this at the forefront, we wanted to launch the new label with Barber (and Friends). Renowned for his innovative originals, nextlevel remixes and outright floor cracking DJ sets, his playful yet sinister production is the perfect kick start to our exciting new outlet.

Being the accomplished studio freak that he is with a personality that even an axe-murderer would warm to, it's no surprise people are lined up to get into the studio with Barber. Suffice to say, this collection of music was born out of true friendship, a mutual love for the music, and a desire to get people dancing.
Here's what Barber has to say about the EP (and Friends).

1: Barber & DAF - Night'Son
Just like DAF this track is full of detail, layers, and attitude! It doesn't f**k about and always gets a big reaction. As DAF would say “it's an absolute coat hanger” (Banger:) I love this track almost as much as I love him. bluurrgghh

2: Barber & Coco Cole - I Get Down
Coco is a sweet but strong, inspirational character, and even her delicate delivery on the mic produces big things. This track is a
perfect example of that. “I'd get down to this” said Coco... And so we did just that, recording her in the booth before dialling up a
dirty acid line in there too. Yes, Bruv!

3: Barber & Simon Mattson - Members Only
Simon and I go way back, I remember working on previous projects together over 10 years ago. I'm glad to say we’ve honed our
skills somewhat over the years. One thing which hasn't changed is our silly sense of humour. That said, this is one serious track. The collaboration between Simon's drum feel and my love of synths turned out great.

4: Barber & Taylor - Rummy Peaks
When Taylor and I hit the studio, magic happens. He's a catalyst to greatness, the type of personality everyone needs in their lives to
help push your envelop. This track is one of our softer productions, but it is by no means weak. It's warm, subby, and sounds amazing
on big systems. I think I've played it every set since making it.

5: Barber & Pete Madigan - You Don't Know Me
Pete has this infectious energy and enthusiasm. Anyone around him will testify to his ability to excite, engage and get good shit done! Of our numerous projects, this one has been a dark horse quietly waiting to bust out of the stable and cause havoc. The vocals were inspired by the tragic and sudden passing of a good friend, Kiko Deal. In his honour I re-sung an old sketch of a track idea we wrote, but never finished. RIP brother Kiko.
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