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4 To The Floor Volume 02


4 To The Floor Records
FTTF002D | 2017-01-20  
Dust and Ashes
At the End of Madness Version (7:48)
4 To The Floor is the series for true house heads, presenting timeless sounds for those who like to look beyond the frequently-played hits. Taking in both classic and contemporary material, the second volume in the series scratches house music’s often polished surface to reveal 50 house music gems.

DJ/producer legends like Kerri ‘Kaoz’ Chandler and ‘Little’ Louie Vega are present and correct, whilst the likes of Red Rack’em and Gerd Janson are amongst those operating at the scene’s cutting edge. The full spectrum of underground house music from across the globe is represented: bouncing dubs from Solid Groove and Cevin Fisher feature alongside iconic vocals from Robert Owens and Ultra Nate, and tech-laced cuts from Guti and Deetron rub shoulders with soulful numbers from Quentin Harris and Osunlade.

Presenting the music as the producers intended, in full-length, unmixed format, 4 To The Floor Volume 02 is an essential release for DJs and true house music connoisseurs alike.

4 To The Floor Volume 02

1. Robert Owens ‘Was I Here Before?’ (Fire Island Vocal)
Written by Robert Owens
Composed by Adonis & Farley Jackmaster Funk
Produced by Godfathers Inc. (Adonis, Farley Jackmaster Funk & Chip E)
Vocals by Robert Owens
Drum Programming by Farley Jackmaster Funk
Remixed by Terry Farley & Pete Heller for Junior Boys Own Productions
Engineered by Gary Wilkinson
Published by Musical Directions/Westbury Music Ltd (ASCAP), Nowadays Music (BMI) & This Funk (ASCAP)
P&C 1996 Defected Records Limited
2. Dee Dee Brave ‘My My Lover’ (Kaoz Again Mix)
Written by Holly Simpson & Kerri Chandler
Produced, Programmed & Engineered by Kerri Chandler for Just In Time Productions
Co-Produced by Dee Dee Brave
Vocals by Dee Dee Brave
Additional Production, Overdubs & Remix by Kerri Chandler
Remix Engineer: James Bratton
Published by Campbell Connelly & Co. & Champion Music
P&C 1990 Movin’ Records

3. Hardrive ‘Just Believe’ (‘Little’ Louie Vega & Tony Humphries Extended Mix)
Written by L. Vega
Produced by ‘Little’ Louie Vega for Masters at Work Productions, Inc.
Co-Produced by Tony Humphries
Mixed at Double Platinum Studios
Engineered by Erick ‘More’ Morillo
Published by Indilu Publishing (BMI)/New York House Music (BMI)
P&C 1993 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

4. First Choice ‘Double Cross’ (Danny Tenaglia Swing Mix)
Written by Norman Harris & Ron Tyson
Produced & Arranged by Norman Harris
Performed by First Choice
Remix by Danny Tenaglia
Published by Reservoir One America & Dayjoye Music Publishing Company/Sony ATV Melody
Licensed courtesy of Verse Music Group, a BMG company
P&C 1993 Salsoul Record Corp, a BMG company

5. Groove Patrol ‘Lost In The Groove’ (Deal Mix)
Written by D. Smith & R. Payton
Produced & Mixed by Doug ‘Lone Dog’ Smith & Richard ‘Party’ Payton
Keyboards by Doug & Rich
Executive Producer: George Morel
Published by Dungeon Culture (BMI)/New York House Music (BMI) & Party Payton Music (BMI)/New York House Music (BMI)
P&C 1992 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

6. DJ Marley Marl ‘Beyond’
Written by M. Williams
Produced by DJ Marley Marl
Published by Dance 2 My Beat/Marley Marl Music Inc
Licensed courtesy of BMG
P&C 2012 West End Records, a BMG company

7. Memoryman (aka Uovo) & Rogue D ‘Release Me’
Written, Produced, Arranged & Mixed by Danny Minchella & Cristiano Rinaldi
Mastered by Roberto Romano
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

8. Terrence Parker featuring Merachka ‘Open Up Your Spirit’ (TP’s Deeep Detroit Heat Remix)
Written & Arranged by Terrence Parker & Merachka
Produced & Mixed by Terrence Parker
Vocals by Merachka
Published by Seven Grand (BMI)/EPROM (BMI)
P&C 2014 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Planet E, Inc.

9. Vicky Martin ‘Not Gonna Do It’ (Mike Dunn Dub)
Written & Produced by Marshall Jefferson & Vicky Martin
Backing Vocals by Lynn Elijah & Tonia Hobbs
Engineered by Brian Bannon
Additional Production, Programming & Mix by Mike Dunn
Published by Campbell Connelly & Co. & Universal/MCA Music Limited
P&C 1988 Movin’ Records

10. Benji Candelario, Arnold Jarvis & Nina Lares ‘Higher’ (Benji Candelario Thump Mix)
Written by Serena Calo, Arnold Jarvis & Benji Candelario
Produced & Mixed by Benji Candelario for Rhythm Mix Music/2nd Color Ent.
Vocals by Arnold Jarvis & Nina Lares
Recorded at C-Room Studios New York
Mixed at Bass Hit Studios New York by Dave Darlington
Published by Muzik4newlite (ASCAP), Emenet Music (ASCAP) & Rhythm Mix Music (ASCAP)
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited

11. Geoffrey Williams ‘Sex Life’ (Armand's Abstract Da Funk Mix)
Composed by Geoffrey Williams & Chuck Norman
Produced by Chuck Norman for Crush Production & Geoffrey Williams
Vocals by Geoffrey Williams
Remixed by Armand Van Helden for X-Mix Productions
Published by Hit & Run Publishing & Copyright Control
P&C 1997 Defected Records Limited

12. Submission ‘Women Beat Their Men’ (Cevin’s Peak Hour Dub)
Written & Produced by Cevin Fisher for International NYC Productions
Recorded & Mixed @ International, NYC
Published by Evol Free Music (ASCAP)
P&C 1997 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Velocity Recordings, Inc

13. Three Kings featuring Jaygun & Bashy ‘Shake Dat Booty’ (Original Edit)
Written by J. Crichlow, D. Sang & S. Mayers
Produced by Ivor Chrichlow & Speni
Vocals by John Chrichlow & Bashy
Executively Produced by DIBS
Published by BMG Publishing
P&C 2006 Defected Records Limited

14. Ultra Nate ‘New Kind Of Medicine’ (Tenaglia’s Future Garage Mix)
Written by Ed Baden-Powell, Kwame Kwaten, Sarah Webb, Steve Marston & Ultra Naté
Produced & Mixed by D-Influence for D-Influence Productions
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals & Arrangement by Ultra Nate
Programming, Guitar, Bass & Keyboards by Ed Baden-Powell
Additional Keyboards by Kwame Kwaten
Horns by Ed Baden-Powell & Steve Marston
Live Strings by Spi Strings
Mix Engineer: Paul Emmanuel
Executive Producer: Bill Coleman
A&R Executive: G. Pizarro
Mastered by Rick Essig at Frankford Wayne, NYC
Remix & Additional Production by Danny Tenaglia for Stay Tuned Productions
Engineered by Rob Rives
Published by Ultra Blue Music (ASCAP)/Jessica Michael Music, Inc. (ASCAP) & BMG Music Publishing
P&C 1998 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

15. Crookers featuring Mike City ‘Get My Mind Right’
Written & Produced by Francesco Barbaglia
Vocal Written & Performed by Mike City
Published by The Bakery Publishing Ltd/Big Life Music & Mike City Music/Notthinghill Music (BMI)
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited

16. DJD presents The Hydraulic Dogs ‘Shake It Baby’ (Junior Jack Remix)
Written by Roger Troutman, Larry Troutman, Ronnie Hudson, Mikel Hooks, Andre Young, Norman Durham, Woody Cunningham, Tupac Shakur & Dominic Dawson
Produced by Dominic Dawson & Johnny D
Remix & Additional Production by Vito 'Junior Jack' Lucente
Published by DJD Music/Westbury Music Ltd, R2M Music/BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd, Songs Of Lastrada/BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd, Delirious Music/Campbell Connelly & Co. Ltd, Stonsee Music & Copyright Control
Contains an extract from 'California Love' by Tupac Shakur, licensed courtesy of Universal Music Enterprises
P&C 2002 Defected Records Limited

17. Power In The Groove featuring Kemeisha Holmes ‘It’s Automatic’ (Solid Groove Dub Mix)
Written & Produced by Kevin Hedge & Tee Alford
Vocals by Kimeisha Holmes
Remix & Additional Production by Solid Groove
Published by Haripa Music
P&C 2000 Defected Records Limited dba Slip ‘N’ Slide

18. Red Rack’em ‘Wonky Bassline Disco Banger’
Written & Produced by Red Rack’em
Published by Copyright Control
P&C 2016 Classic Music Company under exclusive license from Bergerac

19. R.A.W. ‘Asuca’ (Tribal Mix)
Written by E. Morillo & K. Litman
Produced & Mixed by Erick ‘More’ Morillo & Keith Litman for Double Platinum Productions, Inc.
Vocals by Paul Trinidad
Engineered by Jose Nunez
Executive Producer: G. Pizarro
Published by Mega Platinum Music (ASCAP)/Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)
P&C 1993 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

20. Solid Groove ‘Straight Jackin’’
Written & Produced by Dave Taylor for Solid Groove Productions
Published by Switch Werd Music/EMI Music Publishing
P&C 2000 Defected Records Limited dba Slip ‘N’ Slide

21. Afefe Iku featuring Osunlade ‘Bodydrummin’
Written by Afefe Iku
Produced by Afefe Iku
Recorded at Oya’s House, Oia Village
Vocals by Osunlade
All Other Instruments & Programming by Afefe Iku
Executive Producer: Osunlade
Published by Yoruba People’s Music (ASCAP) / Sony ATV Music
P&C 2006 Yoruba Records

22. Quentin Harris featuring Byron Stingily ‘Hate Won’t Change Me’
Written by Quentin Harris & Byron Stingily
Produced by Quentin Harris
Lead Vocals by Byron Stingily
Background Vocals byByron Stingily, Carla Prather & Reggie Hall
All Instruments by Quentin Harris
Recorded at Warzone Studio Chicago Ill. Engineered by Van Christie
Mixed at West 30th Street Studios NYC
Executive Producers: Ben Johnson, Simon Dunmore & Aaron Ross
Published by Epodmusic (BMI), administered by Connor Ryan Music & BlackWood (EMI)
P&C 2008 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

23. Mijan ‘Alright’ (95 North Gospel Dub)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Doug Smith & Richard Payton for 95 North Productions
Vocals by Mijan Owens
Background Vocals by Carla Brown, Eddie Nicholas & Michael Braxton
Remix & Additional Production by Doug Smith & Richard Payton for 95 North Productions
Published by Perfect Songs Ltd
P&C 1996 Defected Records Limited dba Slip 'n' Slide

24. Danny Clark & Jay Benham featuring SuSu Bobien ‘Wondrous’ (MuthaFunkaz Remix)
Track Written, Arranged & Produced by Danny Clark & Jay Benham
Co-Produced by Dewey Cioffi
Lyrics, Melody & Vocal Arrangements by Dewey Cioffi
Additional Lyrics by SuSu Bobien
Keys Performed by Jay Benham
Bass & Guitars Performed by Ben Epstein
Recorded at Studio – London
Special thanks to Lisa Moody & Jerome Hicks!
Remixed, Arranged & Produced by Dj Spen & Irvin Madden for MuthaFunkaz Productions
Keys by Irvin Madden
Rhythm Tracks by Dj Spen
Mixed at Code Red Recordings Studio
Published by Code Red Publishing administered by Defected Music Ltd & Jessica Michael Music (ASCAP)
P&C 2008 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

25. Emanuel Satie vs Roberto Rodriguez featuring Max C ‘Ride Your Body’ (Sabb Afterdark Mix)
Written by Emanuel Menzel, Roberto Rodriguez & Charles Salter
Produced by Emanuel Satie & Roberto Rodriguez
Vocals by Max C
Remix & Additional Production by Sabb
Published by Defected Music, Paradise Music Edition & Budde Zwei Edition‘Ride Your Body’ contains a sample of ‘Your Body’ by Emanuel Satie, Written by Emanuel Menzel, Published by Defected Music. Used by permission.‘Ride Your Body’ contains a sample of ‘Ride With Me’ by Roberto Rodriguez featuring Max C, Written by Roberto Rodriguez & Charles Salter, Published by Paradise Music Edition & Budde Zwei Edition. Used by permission.
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

26. Charles Dockins featuring Sheila Ford ‘Journey’ (Joey Musaphia's Ulterior Dub)
Written & Produced by Charles Dockins
Lead & Backing Vocals by Sheila Ford
Keyboards & Drum Programming by Charles Dockins
Soprano Saxophone by Dave Wells
Percussion by Mark St Pier
Remix & Additional Production by Joey Musaphia
Edited by Seamus Haji
Mastered by Paul Solomans
A&R: Seamus Haji
Published by Haripa Music
P&C 1998 Defected Records Limited dba Slip ‘N’ Slide

27. Sole Fusion ‘Bass Tone’ (House Nation Mix)
Written by L. Vega
Produced & Mixed by ‘Little’ Louie Vega for Small Wonders Productions
Executive Producer: G. Pizarro
Drum Programming by ‘Little’ Louie Vega & John Ciafone
Recorded at Bass Hit Studio B
Engineered by Phil Pagano
Published by Indilu Publishing (BMI)/New York House Music (BMI)
P&C 1994 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

28. Dennis Ferrer ‘Sinfonia Della Notte’
Written, Produced & Arranged by Dennis Ferrer
Drum Programming & Keyboards by Dennis Ferrer
Published by Sfere Music (BMI)
P&C 2009 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

29. Gerd featuring Marcoradi ‘Still Believe’
Written, Composed & Produced by Marcoradi & Gerd
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2014 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

30. Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor ‘Pride’ (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Written by Osunlade & Nadirah Shakoor
Produced by Osunlade for Yoruba People’s Music
Vocals by Nadirah Shakoor
All Instruments by Osunlade
Recorded, Mixed & Edited at the Ille, NYC
Mastered by Walter Coelho at Masterpiece, London
Published by Yoruba People’s Music (ASCAP) / Sony ATV Music & ihearyoudaddymusic (ASCAP)
P&C 2002 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

31. Black Magic ‘Freedom (Make It Funky)’ (Color 4 Frankie's Dub)
Music Written by Lil Louis
Lyrics Written by Lil Louis, K. Jefferson & J. Allen
Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Engineered by Lil Louis
Vocals by Black Magic
Vocal Arrangements by Lil Louis
Keyboards by Lil Louis
Bass by Gene Perez
Additional Keyboards by Leo Colon
A&R Executive: G. Pizarro
Remix by Frankie Feliciano for Broken Art Productions
Mastered by Don Grossingers for Europadisk, Ltd.
Special Thanks to God & All Those Who Serve Him
Published by Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)/Seven More Days Music Inc. (ASCAP)
P&C 1995 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

32. South Street Player ‘(Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind’ (The Club Mix)
Written, Produced & Mixed by Roland Clark
Executive Producer: George Morel
Published by Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)
P&C 1993 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

33. Ben Westbeech ‘Inflections’
Written by Ben Westbeech & Henrik Schwarz
Produced by Henrik Schwarz
Vocals by Ben Westbeech
Cello by Ben Westbeech
Published by Just Isn’t Music Ltd/Third Side America (ASCAP & Jessica Michael Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
P&C 2011 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

34. Kings Of Tomorrow ‘Another Day’ (Original Mix)
Written by Sandy Rivera & Leedia Urtega
Produced by Sandy Rivera for Kings Of Tomorrow Productions
Vocals by Leedia Urtega
Background Vocals by Nina Lare
Keys by Sandy Rivera
Mixed by Dave Darlington for 23 West Productions
Mastered by Kevin Grainger (
Published by Defected Music & Muzic De Leedia (BMI)
P&C 2005 Defected Records Limited

35. Soul Clap featuring Nona Hendryx ‘Shine (This Is It)’
Written by Charles Levine, Eli Goldstein & Nona Hendryx
Produced by Soul Clap
Published by Love The Crew (ASCAP) adm by Musiqware Ltd (PRS) & Eat Your Heart Out Music (BMI)
Licensed courtesy of Crew Love Records and Gerard Talbot Licensing
P&C 2016 Classic Music Company under exclusive license from Crew Love Records

36. Shuya Okino featuring Navasha Daya ‘Still In Love’
Written by Michael Nash & Kenneth Copeland
Produced by Shuya Okino
Arranged by Shuya Okino (Kyoto Jazz Massive) & Kenichi Ikeda (ROOT SOUL)
Vocals by Navasha Daya
Vocal Arrangement & Engineer by James Collins
Drums by Nobuaki Fujii (Masa Sextet)
Drum Programming, Bass & Guitar by Kenichi Ikeda (ROOT SOUL)
Piano by Shota Hishiyama
Calavinet & Synth by Pirahnahead
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Pirahnahead
Strings Recorded at The Disc, Detroit by Greg Reilly & Randy Lynch
Strings Contractor: John Madison
Violins by Marla Smith, Velda Kelly, Alice Sauro, Molly Hughes, Beth Kirton, Constance Markwick, Melody Wooton & Dan Stachyra
Violas by John Madison, James Greer, James VanValkenburg & Leslie DeShazor
Cellos by Diane Bredesen, Sarah Cleveland & Judith Vander Weg
Harp by Christa Grix
Recorded (Drums & Piano) at Studio Dede
Recording Engineer (Drums & Piano) by Shinya Matsushita
Mixed by Toni Economides
Mastered by Tom Coyne
Licensed from Extra Freedom Ltd
Published by May Twelth Music / Warner Chappell & Copyright Control
P&C 2011 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Especial Records

37. Boe & Zak ‘Looking For Love’
Written by Vince Montana Jr
Produced by Matthew Styles‘Looking For Love’ is an adaption of ‘It Looks Like Love’ (Montana)
Published by Vince Montana Jr Music. Used by Permission. All Rights Reserved.
P&C 2013 Classic Music Company

38. Klub Family featuring Sybil ‘When I Fall In Love’ (Knee Deep Disco Club Mix)
Written & Produced by Josh Milan, Kevin Hedge & Tee Alford for blaze & blaze Productions
Engineered by Dennis Mitchall at Soundworks Studios, NYC
Vocal by Sybil
Remix & Additional Production by Knee Deep for Knee Deep Productions
Published by Music of Nia Songs (BMI)
P&C 2001 Defected Records Limited dba Slip 'n' Slide

39. krankbrother ‘One Eyed Jack’s’
Written & Produced by Kieran Clancy & Daniel Clancy
Published by Defected Music
P&C 2014 Classic Music Company

40. Kiddy Smile ‘Let A B!tch Know’
Written, Composed & Produced by Too Smooth Christ & Kiddy Smile
All Vocals Performed by Kiddy Smile
Music by Kiddy Smile
Recorded in Paris, 2016
Mastered by Alex Gopher at Translab
Published by Defected Music & Copyright Control
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Neverbeener Records

41. Tooth Faeries ‘Dust and Ashes’ (At the End of Madness Version)
Written by Richard Barratt, Mark Brydon & Carmen Squire
Produced by Tooth Faeries
Mix Engineer: David Lewin
Published by Copyright Control & BMG Chrysalis
P&C 2013 Classic Music Company

42. Guti ‘Hope’
Written by Guti & Jason Hates Jazz
Produced by Guti at Munra Studios in Dusseldorf, Dec 2012
Vocals by Wincey Terry‘Hope’ contains a sample of ‘Pray For Love’ by Jason Hates Jazz, Written by Jason Hates Jazz and Published by Copyright Control. Used with permission.
Published by Defected Music & Copyright Control
P&C 2013 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

43. The Juan Maclean ‘A Simple Design’ (Deetron Remix)
Written by John Maclean, Nicholas Alexander Millhiser & Nancy Whang
Produced by John Maclean & Nicholas Alexander Millhiser
Drums, Tambourine & Claps by Jim Orso
Guitars, Claps, SDS8, 2600, Juno 106 & D50 by Juan Maclean
Prophet 5 & SH101 by Morgan Wiley
Vocals by Nancy Whang
Micro Q, Rogue & CS80 by Nicholas Millhiser
Remix & Additional Production by Deetron
Published by Half Machine Publishing sub published by Kobalt Music & Copyright Control
P&C 2014 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from DFA Records/[PIAS] Cooperative

44. Tommy Bones ‘Black Concept’
Written & Produced by Tommy Bones
Recorded at 4-4 Studio's NYC
Published by Defected Music
Special thanks to Lars Behrenroth, MKL, Lydia, Andy D, Simon, family and believers worldwide!
P&C 2015 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD

45. King Britt presents Firefly featuring Ursula Rucker ‘Supernatural’ (Original Mix)
Written by King Britt & Ursula Rucker
Produced by King Britt
Vocals by Ursula Rucker
Published by Haripa Music Publishing
P&C 2002 Defected Records Limited dba Slip 'n' Slide

46. The Black 80s ‘Give Me Something’ (Overnite Mix)
Written & Produced by Hollis P Monroe & Franck Julien
Published by Renaissance Infinity Music (BMI)
P&C 2013 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Air London Music Ltd

47. Sir James ‘Special’ (Club Mix)
Written by George Morel & James Roach
Produced by George Morel for Danceline Productions, Inc
Mix & Additional Production by Pavel de Jesus & Jason Load
Keyboards by Boyd Jarvis & Rob Temple
Mix Engineer: Russell Elevado
Edited by Ray Checo
Recorded at M.P.C. Studios, New York, N.Y.
Executive Producer: G Pizzaro
Special thanks to Sinister Frank J., Roman Ricardo, Manny Soba & Egotrip
Published by Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP) & Groove On Music
P&C 1990 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

48. K.C.Y.C. ‘4 D.D. (For Devotion)’ (Smoothie Harden Mix)
Written by K. Chandler
Produced & Mixed by Kerri ‘Kaoz 6:23’ Chandler
Vocals by Velva Johnson & Wilma Beckford
Executive Producer: G. Pizarro
Published by Kreptic Music (ASCAP)/Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)
P&C 1993 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

49. Tonja Dantzler ‘In And Out Of My Life’ (Armand Van Helden Mix - Shan & Gerd Janson Edit)
Written & Produced by Rodney Shelton for Rodney Shelton Music
Vocals by Tonja Dantzler
Background Vocals by Rick Blackwall & Pam Bally
Guitar by Bobby D
Additional Music & Production by Lenny Bertoldo for X-Mix Label Service
Executive Producers: Howard Rosen & Franco Carafano
Additional Music & Production by Armand Van Helden for AV8 Records
Edit & Additional Production by Shan & Gerd Janson
Cut & Sliced at Charevari Studios, Lorsch '16
Published by Rodney Shelton Music (ASCAP)
P&C 2016 Defected Records Limited

50. George Morel ‘You Know What I Mean’
Written by G. Morel
Produced & Mixed by George Morel
Published by Groove On Music (ASCAP)/Strictly Rhythm Publishing (ASCAP)
P&C 1993 BMG Rights Management (US) LLC

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