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Neapolitan Soul Presents Vinyl Session Vol 2

Various Artists

Unkwn Rec
UNKWN_LP_008 | 2016-08-01  
Your Love
Percapella - Neapoltian Soul Re-Edit (3:58)
Over Like A Fat Rat 95
Victor Simonelli Club Mix - Neapolitan Soul Re-Edit (8:39)
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Neapolitan Soul presents Vinyl Session Vol. 2

Since Luca Morrone was a baby he could feel his natural passion for music. He was born in 1982 and raised in Naples Italy, one of the most prolific music cities in the world (also known for such classic songs as "O Sole mio" "Torna a Surriento" and the musical instrument the "Mandolino" was born here).

From a very early age he began to buy his first records of Soul music and R'n'B (Initially his main inspirations were artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, so much Disco music and Music from Motown, as well as hip-hop, especially records where scratching is involved).

Later he found his true path in music when he discovered Victor Simonelli and Masters At Work. From that point on he knew exactly what he wanted to do in his life, That kind of music !

When he was just a teenager he showed very high skills in Selecting the right music to make people dance and dream.
He was just 18 years old, when he become dj resident
in club METROPOLIS (which was the best Club in Naples during that time. It was every DJ's dream in Naples to play there).
His popularity grew so much that he started playing at all the best clubs, all over south Italy.

In the 2000's together with his girlfriend PIA they founded "Neapolitan Soul" , playing a mix of soulful deep and afro house music, with up to 4 decks.
So many clubs, parties, and talent have come out of the heart of this city over the years, and Neapolitan Soul is Top talent from Naples, not to be missed.

In Recent years Neapolitan Soul have been DJ touring the world,
and are collaborating with Victor Simonelli , Soundmen On Wax, Bassline Records, Sweatin' Records, Expatriate Records , Block Soul Records. Big Big Trax, Unkwn Rec, Stellar Rec, West Side Rec, Brooklyn Trax, as well as collaborating with many Italian, American, and (London) U.K. radio stations. Neapolitan Soul are also currently hard working in studio for an upcoming 2016 ep.

Neapolitan Soul present Vinyl Session Vol 2

All individual tracks also available here

Tracklist and credits:

Title: Up Above (Ambient Interlude)
Artist: Buddee Boys
Produced & Mixed by: DJ Jay j & Julius Papp
Initially released in 1996 On Big Big Trax (catalog number BBT013)
Additional versions available from Big Big Trax

Title: Our Groove (Original Mix) Remastered by Neapolitan Soul
Artist: 21st Century Body Rockers
Produced and mixed by Aldo (Haldo) Carpanzano and Victor Simonelli for VJS productions
percussion by V. Simonelli and A. Carpanzano
Background vocals Georgia Cee
Lead vocal Tin Tin
Mix engineer Mauro Laficara
special thanks to Rodney Franklyn for his groove
Recorded and Mixed at Rooftop Studio and Genesee Studio Rome Italy
Remastered in 2016 by Neapolitan Soul Studio, Naples Italy
Initially released in 2000 on Stellar Records (Catalog number ST001)

Title: Intro For All
Artist: Keith Thompson
Writers: K. Thompson (BMI), J. Jude (ASCAP), V. Simonelli (ASCAP)
Publishers: Jamlure (BMI), Simonelli Music (ASCAP)
Produced, Mixed, Arranged and Edited by: Victor Simonelli For VJS Productions
Vocals by: Keith Thompson
Recorded and Mixed at Thompsonic Studios and Rooftop Recording, Bronx, NY USA and Rome Italy
Mastered by: Chris Alexander at Heathmans Mastering, London England, UK
Initially released in 2002 as part of "Living On The Frontline" single on West Side Records (Catalog number WSR011)
Entire EP available from West Side Records

Title: Your Love (Percapella Mix) Re-edited/Remastered Neapolitan LONG version
Reedited and Remastered by NEAPOLITAN SOUL
Artist: Insatiable feat Mone
Produced, Written & Mixed by: Jazz-N-Groove, Brian Tappert and Roy Grant for Jazz-N-Groove Productions
Vocals By Mone
Executive Producers: Vincent Dominio , Victor Simonelli And Barry Koven
Remastered and Redited in 2016 by Neapolitan Soul Studio, Naples Italy
Initally released in 1994 on Big Big Trax (Catalog number BBT001)
Additional versions available from Big Big Trax

Title: Satisfaction (Soul Creation Smooth Vocal)
Artist: Solution feat. Khadja Mohammed
Vocals Produced and Written by: G. Tutalo (BMI)
Reconstructed, Mixed and Arranged by: Soul Creation
(Jose Burgos, Duron Tarik, Duce Martinez)
Keyboards by: George Mena, Live Bass by: Linard Jackson
Drum Programming by: Sandy Rivera of K.O.T.
Vocals by: Khadija Mohammed
Publishers: Simonelli Music (ASCAP) and Tutolo Music (BMI)
Executive Producer: Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod
Initially released in 1997 on West Side Records (Catalog number WSR002). Additional versions available from West Side Records

Title: Another Seven (House Mix)
Artist: Brooklyn's Own
Produced, mixed, arranged and edited by: Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod
Publisher: Simonelli Music (Ascap)
Computer programming/Guitar: Marcello Cotroneo
Bass: Alex Legato
Rhodes: Pat Legato
Recorded and mixed at Rooftop Recordings (Rome, Italy)
Special Thanks to The Clash
Initially released in 1998 on West Side Records (Catalog number WSR003). Additional versions available from West Side Records

Title: Hold On (To Your Good Thang) (B.O.S. Friday Dub Mix)
Artist: Laura Alford
Writer: G. Tutolo (BMI)
Publisher: Simonelli Music (ASCAP)
Vocals Recorded by: Gary Tutolo For Federal Hill Productions
Remixed by Massimo Berardi and Roberto M. (Bass on Space)
Initially Released 1998 on West Side Records (Catalog number WSR006)
Additional versions available from West Side Records

Title: Over Like A Fat Rat 95 (Victor Simonelli Club Mix Neapolitan Soul edited version)Reedited and Remastered by NEAPOLITAN SOUL
Artist: Fonda Rae
Writers: L. Jackson, J.Calloway, A. Davenport
Produced by Jim Bonzai Caruso and Eric Beall
Vocals by Fonda Rae
Bckgrnd Vocals by Fonda Rae and Fonzi Thorton
Additional Production and Remix by Victor Simonelli
Keys by Mac Quayle and James Preston
Initially Released in 1995

Title: Only You Will Do (TMVS Club Mix)
Artist: Henry
Produced by Andrew Doc Livingstone
Vocals by Henry
Writers: Henry and Andrew Doc Livingstone
Addtional Production and Remix by Victor Simonelli and Tommy Musto (TMVS)
Remix Programmer: James T. Alfano
Remix Engineer: Jim Bonzai Caruso
Initially released in 1994

Title: Watz Tha Damage
Artist: Groove Lifters
Produced by Junia Ovadose and Tom Noise
Recorded and Mixed by Junia Ovadose and Tom Noise at Soundfine studio (Leeds England UK)
Writers: J. Ovadose and Tom Noise
Publisher: Simonelli Music (Ascap) and Ovadose and Noise Music (Copyright Control)
Initially released in 2004 on Stellar Records (Catalog number ST011)
Entire EP available from Stellar Rec

Title: If You Want It Come And Get It (Original 95 North Vocal 12' Club Mix)
Artist: Groove Committee Feat Laura Alford
Produced by Victor Simonelli and Gary Tutalo
Vocals by Laura Alford
Additional Prod and Remix by 95 North(Doug Smith and Richard Payton)
Initially Released in 1997
Additional versions available from UNKWN Rec

Title: Lovers Theme
Artist: Groove Liftets
Produced and Mixed by Vince Sortino for VS project productions
writers V. Sortino (Copyright Control)
publishers V. Sortino (Copyright Control) / Simonelli music (ASCAP)
Dedicated to Arturo Mamo
Remastered in 2016: Neapolitan Soul Studio, Naples (Italy)
Initially released in 2001 on Stellar Records (Catalog number ST06)
Entire EP available from Stellar Rec

Title: I Don't Want You (I Don't Need You) Drums
Artist: Wiwanyag Wachipi Feat Wendy
Produced by: D.J Marco Morregia and Stefano Guerra
Mixed by Victor Simonelli, Marco Morregia and Stefano Guerra
Mix Engineer Mac Quayle
Lead Vocals: Wendy Lewis
Background Vocals: Wendy Lewis and Baruch Kosto
Initially Released in 1994 on Bassline Records (Catalog number BLR 009)
Additional Versions available from Bassline Rec

Title: I Wanna Get Close To You (Groove Club Mix)
Artist: Laura Alford
Produced By Gary Tutalo for Federal Hill
Writer: G. Tutalo
Executive Producers: Vincent Domino , Victor Simonelli, Barry Koven
Published By VBV Music ASCAP/Tutalo
Edited by Victor Simonelli
Initially Released in 1997 on Bassline Rec (Catalog number BLR024)
Additional Versions available from Bassline Rec

Title: Having You (The Simonelli Mack Mix)
Artist: Byron Stingily
Produced, Mixed, Arranged, and Edited by
Victor Simonelli, Kelly Mack, Sam Mack
for VJS Prod & Kelgi Prod
(A Simonelli - Mack Production)
Writer: S. Mack (BMI)
Pubslishers: Kelgi Music and Simonelli Music
Lead Vocals by Byron Stingily
Background Vocals by EL Thorten, Sam Mack, Byron Stingily
Guitar by Kenneth Pierce
Sax by Eric Allen
Keys and additional Guitar by Albert Aviles
Percussion by Ron Aviles
Bass by Sam Mack and Kelly Mack
Live Drums by Donald Dean
Live Musicians recorded at If Walls Could Talk Studio - Passaic N.J. USA
Vocals recorded at Island recording Studio - Chicago Illinois USA Recording Engineer Elliot Ransel
Mixed at Kelgi Music studio Tampa Florida USA and Vibe Studio Ft Myers Florida USA
Mix Engineers Kelly Mack and Frank Gillis
Additional EQs by Jonny Miller at J Miller Studio London UK
Mastered by Scott Lees at the Penthouse Suite Leeds UK
Executive Producers: VJS Prod & Kelgi Prod
Initially released in 2015 on Bassline Rec (Catalog number BLR045)
Additional Versions available from Bassline Rec

Title: I Found The Strength (Original Club Mix)
Artist: Carolyn Harding
Produced, Mixed, Arranged by Victor Simonelli for VJS Prod
Mix Engineer and Mastering by: Scott Lees - Groove Technicians
Assistant Engineer: Steven Richardson
Mixed at The Penthouse Suite Leeds UK
Vocals Recorded at Sunbreeze Recording Vodice Croatia
Vocal Recording Engineer: Samir Maslo
All Vocals by Carolyn Harding
Writers: Carolyn Harding (BMI) and Victor Simonelli (ASCAP)
Publishers: Rite Flite (BMI) and Simonelli Music (ASCAP)
Special thanks to:
Nermin Hodzic,Winston Jones, Keith Thompson,Jacob Kelly
Initially released on West Side Records in 2015 (Catalog number WSR025)

Title: Pickin Up Promises (Woody Club Mix) Remastered by Neapolitan Soul)
Artist: Jocelyn Brown
Writers: C.Wray, L.King, D.Booker
Remixed By Woody Bianchi
Vocals by Jocelyn Brown
Exec Producers: Vincent Dimino, Victor Simonelli, Barry Koven
Remastered in 2016: Neapolitan Soul Studio, Naples Italy
Lic courtesy of E.S.
Initially Released in 1997 on Bassline Rec (Catalog number BLR025)
Additional versions available from Bassline Rec

Title: Disco Surprise
Artist: Groove Lifters
Produced and mixed by Tommy B
Engineer and Programming by Stefano Dicarlo
Written by T. Jones
Publishers Tommy B Music / Simonelli music (ASCAP)
Initially released on Stellar Rec in 2004 (Catalog number ST006).
Entire Groove Lifter 2 EP available from Stellar Rec

19 Neapolitan Soul presents Vinyl Session Vol. 2 DJ Mix by Neapolitan Soul (MASTERED)
Mixed and Selected by Neapolitan Soul
Recorded in London
All selections included on this compilation are huge inspirations to Neapolitan Soul, are all personally hand picked by Neapolitan Soul.
DJ Mixed by Neapolitan Soul with VINYL ONLY on new Technics SL-1200 GAE

Special thanks: Victor Simonelli.
Artwork/Cover: Davide Di Pede, Naples Italy

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