Reset [incl. Opolopo, Man Without A Clue, Yves Murasca Remixes]

Namy, Marc Evans

King Street Sounds
KSS 1570 | 2016-01-17  

Cool mix package! Support from me Club/Radio
-Richard Earnshaw

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Opolopo Remix). HEAVY HEAVY!!
-Groove Assassin

Great music!!!
-Gene Farris

Always a fan of Marc Evan's vocals and this one doesn't disappoint. Equally excellent mixes and both are going to work on different floors

Peter's mix is nice!
-Ralf Gum (Go Go Music)

Opolopo all day long here!
-Demarkus Lewis

Great mixes by MWAC!!!
-The Deepshakerz

The Opolopo mix is nice!! thank u bro! cheers Souldynamic

Cool thanks

Very nice package! Thanks
-Michele Chiavarini

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Man Without A Clue Remix). Good
-Angelo Ferreri

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Opolopo Remix). Top
-Inaky Garcia

Nice remixes & stuff here. Will play & SUPPORT!
-Laurent Garnier

Opolopo Mix is working for me :)
-CJ Mackintosh

Nice and soulful! Full support here!
-Scott Wozniak

That's really great release! wonderful Remixes!!!
-Phaze Dee

Diggin this
-Marques Wyatt

Love Man Without A Clue, anything he touches is gold ;-)
-Electrik Cat

Opolopo for me, thanks!

Love the remixes especially Opolopo mixes! Gimme Groove!!
-Dj Gimmegroove Able

Huge package!
-Sebb Aston

Loving the MWAC stripped mix!
-Oliver Knight

Delicious! Total support! Thanks! :))
-Sergio Fernandez

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Yves Murasca Remix). Will try thanks ;)
-Paco Osuna

Cool, thx
-Daniel Bortz

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Man Without A Clue Remix). full support
-Damond Ramsey

Opolopo makes it brilliantly here!!
-Carlos Vargas

Full support
-Franco De Mulero

Man Without a Clue is a bomb thx!!!
-Danny Deep

-Danny Vargas

Absolutely in love with this one.... Thanks for sharing
-DJ DaSouL

I like all rmx
-Da Lukas

Fantastic tracks, thank you for the music
-David Manso

Grabbing this one. Thnx
-Claes Rosen

-Mister Salo

Download for VooDooSon Thx

Nice remix cheers
-Bronx Cheer (Timothy Davies)

Great remixes! Thanks
-Scibi (Pawel)

Very nice ep
-Naeem johnson

Consistent work by Namy, deep, soulful & groovy!
-Charlotte Balibar aka DJ Superjaimie

Clue Drop Rmx do it, for us....
-Mind Street

BomB! Full support
-Dolly Rockers

-Luca Bazzo (Feel Flow!)

On the download now, thanks
-Vince Watson

Downloading for marco carola, thanks
-Marco Carola

Nice vibes! Thanks
-Tom Gianelli

-Mike Stukes

-Boris Cantero

Cool vibe
-Severino Panzetti

-Mario Chrisostomou

-Dean Cherny

Yves Murasca nailed it! Great!

Nice ;-)
-Gaty Lopez

Full support!!
-Louis Benedetti - "mO`
-roMo alDo

-Denny Dowd

Nice one. Tanks for the music A
-Astin Giulio

Gives this a deep edgy vibe changes the mood for main room floors, dirty groove
-Distant People (joey silvero)

Marc Evans Is In My house
-Juanra Garcia_In Da House Session

Two great mixes also very catchy vocal makes this track very groovy
-Scibi (Loui)

Great package,lovin the Yves mix
-John Khan

Yves does it

-Gigi Camporeale

Full support! Top release!
-Sanya Shelest

Yves Turned Out A Top Remix

Two sure-fire dance floor weapons...
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Will play out yves mix
-Markus Enochson

Sick remixes both fabulous MWAC been doing amazing things lately this is no different
-Richie Roberts

Opolopo instrumental the best for me!!

Great release, man without a clue instrumental remix for me, thanks!
-Samuel Dan

Good stuff
-Henri Kohn

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Opolopo Remix). shit hot
-Phil Hooton

Man Without A Clue for me here
-Russell Deeks

Man Without A Clue Stripped and Instrumental for me
-Oscar Barila

Great package, all mixes doing it for me, thanks
-Steve Shaw (Pure Rhythm Radio)

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Man Without A Clue Remix). funky tune
-Benji Candelario

Nice pack! MWAC Stripped Mix for me!
-Ash Paine

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Yves Murasca Remix). great song. love this vocal . full support
-Stephan Grondin

"Opolopo Remix" Ingenius and futuristic... Very Good!!!
-Angel Posito

Opolopo Remix
-Dj fopp

Downloading for Mikalogic. Thanks

Great ep, great vocals my mr evans
-Hugo Jones

Love Opolopo stuff - no exception here... quirky, cool & soulful in 1 go!
-Russell Pollitt

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Man Without A Clue Remix). FOR ME
-Holly & Poul

Great remix package
-Umberto Giannini

Oh yeah, Chili Sauce hot!
-DJ Darryl Owens

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Yves Murasca Remix). loving this one! supporting! will play this in my sets
-Alex Roque

Namy feat. Marc Evans - Reset (Man Without A Clue Remix). beautiful package. dutchman without a clue does the trick!
-Rob Boskamp

MWOC stripped mix for me
-Deron Delgado

Quite disappointed by Opolopo remixes.... i was expecting much more from this talented guy

All about Opolopo Instrumental
-Lars Behrenroth

Great vocal house! I will go for the Yves Murasca remix
-Theo Souldeep

MWAC mixes doin it for me thanks
-Matt Prehn

Some great stuff, lovin Opolopo's take
-Strictly House Sessions radio show (Adam Vicious)

Opolopo mix is hot, cheers
-Craig Stewart

Cool, many thanks!
-Sammy W

Loving this package - brilliant!
-Scott Littlehales

Loving all mixes but what this package is missing is a proper underground house dub mix

All mixes are dope! Big up to Namy and the legend, Marc Evans.
-Jackson Brainwave

Opolopo's remix is amazing but i also like Yves Murasca remix

Very very nice remixes!!!
-Dave Mayer

My Favorite (Man Without A Clue Rmx) ... in my dj7
-Peppe Citarella

Living the Yves and Man Without mixes!!!
-Brian "Cheets" Cheetham

Pow fling it down
-Silver Sweet (Radio Cardiff)

Yes Opolopo!!!
-DJ Pippi

Man Without A Clue Remix is sick!! Thanks!
-Inner Rebels

Huge pack!! thank you!!
-Dimi Stuff

WOW!!!! Love both Man Without A Clu and Yves Murasca remixes!!
-Russell Morgan k klass

Marc Evans back again. Great production by namy!
-Funk LeBlanc

Loving the opolopo vibe thanks

Hot Hot Hot Reworks!! Full support
-Black Mighty Wax

All remixes are nice but Opolopo's amazing

-Christian Vlad

Yves murasca remis for
-Peter Brown

Love the song and Opolopo remix work it all out
-Freddy Turner


Yves Murasca Opolopo Remix!!!!
-Neo Mind

Solid package
-Parrish James

Great EP, Love All Tracks! Thanks
-Felix Da Funk

The Hype

Namy and vocalist Marc Evan's smash single Reset get's remixed & reworked by three of the best international DJ/Producers in the dance music game! Kicking things off, Swedish DJ/Producer OPOLOPO add just the right amount of soul and funk to both his original and instrumental remixes of the original! New standout UK talent Man Without A Clue delivers three bass infused dance floor destroyers including original Remix, Stripped Remix, and Instrumental Remix. Finally, Yves Murasca completes the release with his chunky indie dance remix of Reset.

The Credits

Written by Marc Evans & Atsushi Asada
Produced by Namy
Vocals produced by Dj Spen & Thommy Davis For Quantize Recordings inc.
Vocal recording Engineer Bill Pratt for Bratt Studio
Additional vocals by Sheila Ford

#1&5 Remixed by Opolopo
#2,3,4 Remixed by Man Without A Clue
#6 Remixed by Yves Murasca

a Von Evans Tune (ASCAP)
Under Licensed from Bosca
C 2013&2015 King Street Sounds
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