No. 585 EP

Various Artists

Nite Grooves
KNG 596 | 2015-11-29  

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Nice stuff thx
-Riva Starr

Good stuff!!!
-Gene Farris

Kisch - Hesitate is the one for me. Thanks!

Nice V/A Ep. Will play & SUPPORT!
-Laurent Garnier

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). very nice sound. Thanks
-Inaky Garcia

-Mark Di Meo

Very nice tracks!!
-Fabian Argomedo

Nice and deep! Thanks
-Michele Chiavarini

Nice stuff from Kisch! Full support
-Oliver Knight

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Will try thanks ;)
-Paco Osuna

Nice stuff in here
-Dave Mayer

Cool selection of tracks like Ananda best
-Danny Rampling

I like the human 80s - will try it out
-Markus Enochson

Thx for promo nice sounds
-Angelo Ferreri

Kisch - Hesitate (Original Mix). Sweet
-Bronx Cheer (Timothy Davies)

Alcante!!!! Nice track... support....
-Peppe Citarella

Nice stuff! Thanks
-Sascha Cawa

Y E S!! Will play it thanks
-DJ Simi

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Smooth vibe!
-Marques Wyatt

Im taking Alicante thnks for the music

This would destroy a late night session heavy and melodic twisted vibes
-Distant People (joey silvero)

Full support
-Damond Ramsey

Hesistate will do it for me
-BjazZ (Diephuis)

Cuts from Human 80s and Maxi Vega are good for me!
-Black Mighty Wax

Tony Barbato version 4 me ;)
-Alberto Marzinotto

Great Tracks! Excellent EP! Support!

-Oscar Barila

Alicante original for us! Cheers
-Bara Brost

Thanks am on the download now
-Vince Watson

Nice one!
-Phaze Dee

Cool stuff
-Greg Gauthier

-Steve Prior

Lovely pack. Loving Human 80's Groove on
-Jackson Brainwave

Alicante is dope.. Great release
-Wil Trahan

Nice ep
-Black Legend Project

Stunning compilation, Tony Barbato Remix rocks, Thanks for sending!!
-Marcelo Mendez

Didier Largemain - Level Beat (Original Mix). Downloading for Mikalogic. Thanks!

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Just in time for the Sunday gigs here in Brasil! Nice stuff for the floor. Full support
-Carlos Francisco

Level beat
-Someone Else

Cool vibes on this. I like the techier feel of Maxi Vega on this
-Russell Morgan k klass

-Mind Street

Nice package, love the Tony Barbato mix, thanks
-Steve Shaw (Pure Rhythm Radio)

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Very cool package!
-Brian "Cheets" Cheetham

Great song
-Naeem Johnson

Super compilation thanks for the music. Kisch for me. Will support and include in my radio programs
-Mickey Imperi

Cool package
-Rob Boskamp

Kisch - Hesitate (Original Mix). Brilliant ep
-Denny Dowd

First and last tracks win! Subtle harmonies and vocals, nice built!
-Charlotte Balibar aka DJ Superjaimie

Barbato smasghs it

Really good ep!
-Sergio Marini

-Gigi Camporeale

Nice "groove on" Human 80's Track. Will give it a spin for sure. Thanks for sending!
-Scott Watson

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Awesome!!!!! Working it.....
-DJ Darryl Owens

Tony took care of biz on the Ananda joint
-Parrish James

Tony Barbato Remix is great! will play this for sure
-Inner Rebels

Kisch - Hesitate (Original Mix). Awesome VA! Thanks

Another solid V/A offering
-Russell Deeks

Kishc hesitate works for me!!

Maxi Vega - Alicante (Original Mix). Will test this
-Pierre Ravan

Nice Deep EP!
-Boris Cantero

Beautiful is doin it for me! Nice!
-Tom Gianelli

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Dope
-Phil Hooton

Dope sound, love the Groove On, Alicante and Beautiful Searching (Tony Barbato Remix)

-Dean Cherny

Great Tracks... Support!!!
-Angel Posito

Good ep
-Benji Candelario

Maxi Vega - Alicante (Original Mix) is DEFINITELY my cut here. Nice work!
-Mike Iocco

Like the heat on Maxi Vega, strongest on the package. Thanks for sending
-Rob Mayman (Big Al Manager)

Maxi Vega - Alicante (Original Mix) for me
-Dj fopp

Nice release! thanks!
-Sanya Shelest

Kisch - Hesitate (Original Mix). Kool E.P

Nice one guys
-Strictly House Sessions radio show (Adam Vicious)

Kisch and Ananda are great
-Severino Panzetti

Really hot package, thanks
-DJ DaSouL

Kisch - Hesitate (Original Mix). Hot ones
-Larry Tee

Ananda Project - Beautiful Searching (Tony Barbato Remix). Grabbing this one
-Claes Rosen

Very nice vibe on this ep.. all 5 are fav . full support
-Stephan Grondin

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Utterly mesmerizing slice of tantalizing late night bliss
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Great work! Picking up the Human 80%u2019 and Beautiful searching. Will work fine for my Skilz Session
-Sam Skilz

Human 80s - Groove On (Original Mix). Nice

The Hype

Nite Grooves drops its newest VA comp with the No. 585 EP. Kicking things off, DJ/Production duo Human 80's delivers a deep house monster for the late nite with their original mix Groove On. London based multi-instrumental & DJ Kisch slides in next with his heated and airy bass driven original Hesitate. Maxi Vega keeps the vibe rolling with his tribal infused late night rolling techno bomb Alicante. French DJ/Producer Didier Largemain doesn't disappoint with his original mix Level Beat. Finally, Tony Barbato completes the release with an absolutely incredible remix of Ananda Project's hit single Beautiful Searching.

The Credits

1. Human 80s / Groove On
Written & Produced by Leonardo Martera & Niccolo Detti
Vocals by William Costello
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

2. Kisch / Hesitate
Written & Produced by David Kisch
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

3. Maxi Vega / Alicante
Written & Produced by Maxi Vega
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

4. Didier Largemain / Level Beat
Written & Produced by Didier Largemain
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2015 Nite Grooves

5. Ananda Project / Beautiful Searching (Tony Barbato Remix)
Written by Chris Brann.
Produced & Arranged by Chris Brann.
Vocals: Marta Gazman.
Additional Vocals: Terrance Downs.
Remixed Tony Barbato
Bass by Mad Midget.
Guitar by Carl Bjorsell.
Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

P&C 2010&2015 Nite Grooves
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