Fresh Out The Box
Various Artists
Freestyle Records

FSRCD076 | 2010-04-26
Aroop Roy Remix (6:34)
Afro Elements
Aroop Roy
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Where Is The Love
Mop Mop Mix (6:17)
Valique,Various Artists,Where Is The Love,Mop Mop Mix,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,Fanny Franklin
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Life Is A Trip
Mo' Horizons Mix (5:15)
Gypsy Brown
Mo' Horizons
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
I Can't Dance With You
Lack Of Afro Remix (3:05)
The Fantastics! V Lack Of Afro
Lack of Afro
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Tal M. Klein Remix (3:16)
The Snugs
Tal M. Klein
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Modern Mix (3:45)
Big Pimp Jones
Big Pimp Jones,Various Artists,Nasty,Modern Mix,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Walking Sbace
Dj Graham B
DJ Graham B,Various Artists,Walking Sbace,,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Mr. Hot Pants
The Jezebel Sextet
The Jezebel Sextet,Various Artists,Mr. Hot Pants,,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
No I Can Do
Bennson Remix (6:06)
SK Radicals
Soul / Funk / Disco
I Can't Dance With You
Sleeve Remix (4:36)
The Fantastics!
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Rock Creek Park
In Da Bush Mix (4:02)
Beggar, Co
Beggar & Co,Various Artists,Rock Creek Park,In Da Bush Mix,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Star Ski & Putz
Jazz Juice
Jazz Juice,Various Artists,Star Ski & Putz,,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Play It Back
Original Extended Mix (6:44)
Soul Sugar
Soul Sugar,Various Artists,Play It Back,Original Extended Mix,Fresh Out The Box,Freestyle Records,
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Unreleased remixes and rare tracks from the Freestyle catalogue - <b>Freestyle Records</b> is proud to announce the release of <b>'Fresh Out The Box'</b>: a selection of previously un-issued tracks that did not fit onto albums, or had been remixed but never quite found a home in the Freestyle release schedule. Lovingly compiled by Freestyle main man <b>DJ Adrian Gibson.</b>

Freestyle, being the eclectic and open minded record label that it is means <b>'Fresh Out The Box'</b> contains everything from deep and gritty live funk through to DJ/producer studio based music , but all drawing upon that rich seam of soul, jazz, funk & latin that informs so much of what Freestyle has done since the labels inception in 2003.

First up is the <b>Aroop Roy</b> remix of <b>Afro Elements 'Think'</b>. Aroop Roy is a massive talent who has released one single already on Freestyle, <b>'Too Long'</b>, which will appear on his debut album <b>(Nomadic Soul: FSRCD079)</b>

Adam Gibbons aka <b>Lack of Afro</b> gave <b>The Fantastics</b> cover version of <b>The Small Faces</b> tune <b>'I Can't Dance With You'</b> such a sublime mix that we almost did not recognise it, replaying most of the instrumental parts himself, and taking it back to a gritty 60's vibe. This is remixing of the highest order and he has turned an already big track into a raw dirty funk monster. Compare that to <b>Sleeve's</b> remix of the same tune which takes the track into a totally different direction, utilizing <b>Noel McKoys'</b> stunning vocals and making it easier for the beat friendly DJ to beat-mix.

When we mentioned to Keith Foster from Philadelphia's <b>'Big Pimp Jones'</b> that we were putting together this album he responded in 24 hours with 3 mixes of one song which he wanted to submit. We chose the Modern Mix of <b>'Nasty'</b> for this but maybe we'll see the other mixes on future volumes as they could all have made the cut. A Janet Jackson tune has never sounded so raw!

<b>DJ Graham B</b> had the same get up and go that we got from Keith with submitting two killer tracks for this compilation. The first <b>'Walking Sbace'</b> is a solo effort with the b-boys in mind. Rocking beats and grooves to make the dancers go wild.

<b>Beggar & Co</b> main man <b>Kenny Washington</b> found a version of <b>'Rock Creek Park'</b> in the vaults that was made in the 1980's, so not a new track as such but still <b>'Fresh Out The Box'</b> as it has never seen the light of day until now. This is top notch Jazz Funk from the UK's finest.

The original extended mix of <b>Soul Sugar's</b> cover version of Hammond legend <b>Dr Lonnie Smiths' 'Play It Back'</b> had to find a home somewhere as it is so good. Check their debut album <b>(Nothing But The Truth: FSRCD067)</b> which came out at the tail end of 2009 on Freestyle.

<b>'Fresh Out The Box'</b> all your daily musical vitamins and goodness, in one easy to swallow package!

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