Radix Point EP


Rosedale Records
ROSE009 | 2015-10-26  
ROSE009 brings the second release by Colophon, a talent that Estroe discovered through her Electronic Music Agency (www.estroe-advice.com). Colophon's deep, dubby techno sound is timeless and is made with passion. It is carefully crafted and it is distinct from the rest.

This is what the artist says about his music:

"All of my music is created with old analogue synths and drum machines which are combined with new technologies like AbletonLive, hopefully catching the spirit of the music that originally started in Detroit."

"'Radix Point' was created from a spontaneous modular synth jam. Several layers of bass and bleeps accompanied with TR-707 beats resulted in a more housey approach to techno."
-The track is fundamental in essence, in that Colophon takes on a very "no nonsense" approach to its composition. A brass-like bassline delivers an intimidating structure to the track with machine-like menace whilst biting computer mainframe bleeps announce themselves like a classic sci-fi retro-future.

"The second track is about the atmosphere built around a bass loop. Eerie pads and distant claps provides the complementary palette for 'Grey Skies'."
- Again Colophon gives us a slice of minimalistic brilliance in the form of "Grey Skies". Deep and hypnotic, but profoundly simplistic, the biomechanical bassline and haunting atmosphere, comparable to a lucid dream, seems to want to occupy the space in one's mind that intervenes consciousness and unconsciousness, while distant hand claps, crack and split the darkened ambience like ambiguous incidents of a long lost memory.

"'2.09AM' takes stuff more into the deep with dubby beats and synths, a fat bassline and saturated tape delays."
- In this piece, large rich bass notes seem to throw themselves across vast canyons of sonic vista and like the semblance of a comforting thought, subtlety ebbing and flowing, "2.09AM" is an eiderdown of otherworldly dub-infused synth stabs and swirls - depth filled, warm and placid, but with a wondrous aura.

"I can't believe that the mix tapes I used to listen to and the records that I bought featured artists that now have made remixes of my tracks. I'm honoured that two major influences of the Dutch techno scene, Dimi Angelis and Jeroen Search (A&S), contributed to this EP. It's not your regular remix but a mixture of both 'Radix Point' and '2.09AM'."
- A&S' remixed blend of "Radix Point" and "2.09AM" steals the substance of both tracks and combines them deftly to create the resultant heavier element of a Detroit fusion reaction. Metallic, ionized bleeps pervade the track while a deep and dense bassline rumbles throughout.

"Russ Gabriel (founder of Ferox records and with a huge catalogue going way back) kept the original of "Grey Skies" more or less intact but made such an emotional tearjerker of a break like only he can."
- Russ Gabriel's remix of "Grey Skies" has all the quality of the original but has a different feel. It is squally and tempestuous, full of neurotic stabs and with a new take on the original's hypnotic bassline. The sombre but beautifully evocative break in the middle is like the brief, eerie calm one experiences in a storm eye. Inevitably, the respite passes and again one faces the storm.
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