ROSE007 | 2015-07-27  
Number 7 in the Rosedale Records catalogue is coming up.
This release is produced by Nadia Struiwigh, who is no stranger to the label. She has already provided two remixes on previous releases and now it's time to unleash two top notch tracks that have a slightly more experimental feel than the previous Rosedale Records releases. Estroe likes to release a diverse range of styles on her label and isn't afraid to head into more experimental territories and so it's a logical step to release this quality music.

The original mix of Parallax is an expedition to deep underground cities. The cavernous opening of the track sets the mood of the voyage as it tunnels deeper through sonic strata. Post-apocalyptic percussion, as if made from the remnants of the old world, clatter and chug their way through the depths of this piece while bell like pads chime like the choir of an indigenous, cave dwelling culture.

Nadia's original mix of Misfit is a fusion of deep, pounding bass drums, crackling electro static atmospherics and subtly uplifting, syncopated synth stabs ' for the first half of the track anyway. For it takes on a more tense feel in the second half. Like an ominous cloud slowly blanketing the sky, the track builds with deep, cinematic sounding strings and animated sequences which forever alter in timbre.

On remix duties are Nadja Lind and Estroe herself, which make this edition a female producers only EP.
Producer Nadja Lind from Berlin, famous for her Lucid Flow recordings which she runs with Helmut Ebritsch, was high on both Nadia's and Estroe's wishlist for remix duties and she delivered. Her remix of Misfits is a kinetic swirl of driving beats, polyrhythmic backing and deep, dark synth stabs. Like an irascible machine coming to life, it's a splendid synthesis of both tension and energy.

Estroe's remix of Parallax has a darkly, dystopian vibe about it. Distant, mechanical rhythms give the piece depth and space while the almost subterranean bass which pulses through the track, and the other-worldly pads and atmospheres take you to a hauntingly, mechanised, sci-fi future.

This is what Nadia Struiwigh says about her release:

'Parallax: The effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. This is what I express in my music. I've had enough inspiration this year to dive into a dance and a break variation which both reflect my extremes in emotion, which can be interpreted by others as another subjective kind of emotion. As my currently in-progress album is inspired by this subject, I wanted to take the EP on this same level, but with a completely different kind of music flow. Hope you like it in your own way!'
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