UNQTZ011 | 2014-01-20  
Ancient Youth-Altus Ep

Written, produced and arranged by Ancient Youth

Tracks 1,3,& 4 Mixed by Dj Spen
Track 2 Mixed by Toni Economides
Sean Spencer & Thommy Davis Executive Producers

Published by Quantize Music Publishing

01. Sublimis
02. Tactus
03. Rumba
04. Pulso

Unquantize is House!

Unquantize is deep!

Unquantize is pure heat, and adds Ancient Youth it's roster.
Ancient Youth are Gavin Embury and Rickie Desouza from Surrey in the United Kingdom. The duo is a combined
collaboration of cutting edge creativity and innovation. One half is classically trained on piano and drums, while the
other half comes from an electronic, soul, Ska and jungle background. Together they have delivered the Altus E.P. that
shows their singularity in house, individuality in a duo, and house brilliance in compositions. These guys understand
house and you can hear it in their compelling work.
“Sublimis” pulsates in rhythms with vocals that energize it with flair reminiscent of Detroit. “Tactus” and “Rumba “ rock
with more of a Chicago classic house influence to them, giving you thumping drums and bass lines that bounce with
driving energy. Add in the deepness of “Pulso” with its underground movements and arrangements and you got a killer

This is Unquantize!

This is Ancient Youth.

Candice McKenzie "I love the old skool style "garage-y" sound on "Tactus" and "Rumba" is just naughty! Pulling all sorts of "tune faces" over here! Full Support!!"
Craig Stewart "Feelin' Tactus, will give it a try"
DJ Biskit "Like Tactus @ Rumba."
DJ Booker T "big Tune love it"
Dj Chocolate Brown from RiskSoundSystem "Deep & dope HOUSE! Yeah baby!"
DJ Groove "tactus is a track to get the dj to that point where hes about to take off for the night........"
Dj Minx "Deep and sweet! PULSO is a killa!"
Gianni Junior "I like the entire pack but Sublimis & Tactus are killing me!"
Groove Assassin "Nice deepness!"
Hippie Torrales "Grooving instrumentals. Tactus nasty."
Jerome Hicks "ROCKS!!!!"
Just Mo "Totally feeling the funk on this E.P, its groovy & bumpy. Nice!!!"
Kiko Navarro "tactus track for me, thanks!"
Mannix "Tactus is very up my street"
Master Kev "Sublimis and Rumba are bad ass! On both of these tracks big time, thanks!"
Sean McCabe "Rumba is pretty slammin, very quirky and different. Sublimis is wicked too."
Souldynamic "helllo bros!! thank u for the promo! Solid package! Tactus and Rumba are our fav tracks! full support as always! thanks again! bless Souldynamic"
Tedd Patterson "Hot Stuff!Full support."
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