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House Of Ibiza 2013

Various Artists

Street King
KSD 224 | 2013-07-09  
This Old House
DJ Mes Home Improvement Mix (9:34)

-Mr. V

Nice Comp!!
-The Mekanism

Absolutely beautiful and will be in the box for a long long time!
-King Britt

Thank you for the music you sent us!
-Fedde Le Grand

-Jerome Robins

Really nice track! Full support! The Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix)
-Simone Vitullo

Full support
-Adam Stacks

Mat. Joe rocks!
-Jay West

Jerome Robins Remix works for me

Groovy stuff, Black box is our fav!
-DZeta N' Basile

Digging this! Great dancefloor material
-Deep Spelle

Cool, thanks for sending

Love This
-Mark Doyle

Nice package!!

Feeling body work, gonna try next weekend. thanks!
-Art In Motion

Tech and deep .. on it
-Ray Roc

Nice use of Grace Jones Love on Love!!!
-Doc Martin

The Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix). Very beautiful deep remix !!! I will play it in my next radio show. Greetings from France.
-Ian Osborn

-Dainty Doll

Nice work! ''The Life I Choose ''(Jerome Robins Remix)
-Bas (Adapt Recordings)

The Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix) is hot. thanks
-Alessan Main

Solid sampler all around, Benjamin shock & dany cohiba's tracks stand out to me. Real hottness focused on the underground. Nice!
-Milty Evans (Whitebeard / Farris wheel)

London Boutique is the joint for me
-Parrish James

Love the slower srtuff right much groove and personality...nice mix Jerome!
-Mark Grimace (Unit 42)

Future classics.....
-Michael Stukes

Very ready, and sexy too
-Freddy Turner

Nice one!
-Bollo (Soluble Recording)

Quite good, thanks!
-Sergio Marini

"Roxanne" is an uber cool jazz inspired tech-soul track by no means to be missed...
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

Funky Chicken... will give that a test run
-Parrish James

Continuing with the fun and funky hot !!!
-Darryl Awesome Owens

Nice selection
-Nicko Vee

Good compilation
-Joan Ribas (Iibizasoulstice Music / Pacha Hotel Ibiza)

Sexy deepness

The Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix). Bouncy bottom end propa..nice deep rollin groove. All over this. Full support.Thank you
-Dan Genal

Loving The Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix)
-Alex Fioretti (Airplane)

-Ray Castellano

You don't hear enough groovy tech like the Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix). A great blend of deep and soulful tech.
-DJ Kwest

Wicked groove, great track and will definitely support where possible
-Jon Sinclair

Really like this tricky sound. Cool track, will try. Perfect deep house for me, thx.
-DJ Akubowski (Confidance)

Thanks for this... full support!!!---The Life I Choose (Jerome Robins Remix)
-Samir Maslo

Good groove!
-Cricco Castelli

Joeski Say What?...Like It
-Dj Pippi

-Marques Wyatt

Say What? and London Boutique the best for me!

Perfect Tech soul house for my after dark session
-Pierre Ravan

Great release!!!! Benjamin Shock and Alfonso Ares are for me!
-Sergio Marini

I always look forward to these package and this is no exception%u2026
-Umberto Giannini

The Hype

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the dance music world is prepping once again for the summer of dance in Ibiza! In celebration of a "soon to be" incredible summer of music on the world renowned party island, Street King is proud to present just under 34 of the hottest new dance music that will soon be infiltrating the dance charts and dance floors worldwide! Various styles from soulful, to soul-tech, to tech-house, to deep house and disco-tech come shining right through the stacks and raining down onto the crowd. Joeski brings the groove and deepness with "Say What?" Benjamin Shock will literally "shock" the dancefloor with his tech house anthem "Party Starter". The Cotton Club has a great deal of history here in NYC and Dany Cohiba's "Cotton Club" pays a funky tribute! Street King "up and comer" Mr. Terrible keeps the energy high and aggressive with "Booly". Vexus T's "LondonBoutique" and Alfonso Ares's "Lamuye" dig into the deeper side or house and tech house. Nopopstar's "This Is a Tribal"and Oliver Schmitz & Mica Sherman's "Funky Chicken" are guaranteed to move any crowd. Tech house reigns supreme with Squicciarini & Alexbi's "Roxanne" while Adapter's "In Your Face" goes dark and deep for the late night rage. Finally, remix master Jerome Robins puts his deep tech spin on "The Life I Choose". Soro Sori keeps it soulful and cool with "First Encounter". These are but a taste of tunes on the massive comp that also include works by Sunshine Jones, Ananda Project ft. Terrance Downs, and many others. Doing the work for you, NYC up'n'comer, The WIG, rounds off the comp with his pristine two continuous mixes that will keep any event rocking! It's time to get down!

The Credits

1. Mat.Joe / Body Work
Written & Produced by Johannes Schulz & Matthias Neitzke
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

2. Bubba / LA Takedown
Written by Jonathan Smyth
Produced by Bubba
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

3. Adapter / In Your Face
Written & Produced by Antonio Russo aka Adapter
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

4. Dzeta N'Basile / Desinence (DJ Le Roi Remix)
Written by Claudio Basile & Davide Zambetta
Produced by Dzeta N'Basile
Remixed by DJ Le Roi
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

5. Doomwork / Sunshine and Mosquitos (Metodi Hristov Remix)
Written By: Alessandro Lacavalla, Claudio Maura
Produced By: Alessandro Lacavalla, Claudio Maura
Remixed by Metodi Hristov
Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

6. Conga Squad / Blow Up (James Dexter Remix)
Written, Arranged and Produced by Olivier Abbeloos p.k.a. Conga Squad
Remixed by James Dexter
Holographic, Sabam / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

7. James Silk / Inside Of Me (A Lister Remix)
Written, Produced, & Arranged By James Silker
Remixed by A Lister
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

8. Madmotormiquel / Klassensprecher
Written & Produced by Michel Neigenfind
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

9. Eric Powa B / 360 (Dub)
Written by Eric Beysens
Produced & Mixed by Eric "Powa" B.
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

10. Bunte Bummler / Blow
Written & Produced by Fabian Winkels & Manuel Vobis
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

11. Benjamin Shock / Party Starter
Written by Benjamin Vukovic
Produced & Mixed by Benjamin Shock
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

12. Nopopstar / This Is A Tribal
Written and Produced by Vasutin Eugeny Mikhailovich p.k.a. Nopopstar
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

13. Fabian Argomedo / Black Box
Written & Produced by Fabian Argomedo
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 King Street Sounds

14. Joeski / Say What?
Written & Produced by Joe M Flores
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

15. Oliver Schmitz & Micah Sherman vs Aaizu Yazoo / Funky Chicken
Written by Oliver Orbea Schmitz
Barzelona Publishing (SGAE) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

16. Danny Cohiba / Cotton Club
Written & Produced by Daniel Altadill Llort
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

17. Gussy & Delgado / We Do It Old Cool
Written by Darren Broad
Produced by Gussy & Delgado
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

18. Technique / This Old House (DJ Mes Home Improvement Mix)
Written & Produced by Phillip Damien.
Recorded @ Big Screen Studios.
Remixed by DJ Mes
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Dylithium Crystal Music (ASCAP)
P&C 1995&2013 Nite Grooves

19. Mr. Terrible / Booly
Written by Ivan Temnewo
Produced by Mr.Terrible
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

20. Yass feat. Inaya Day/ Bring It Up (Late Night Pass)
Written & Composed by Jerome Dufour, Yass & Alexandre Destrez
Produced by Yass & Alexandre Destrez
Vocals by Inaya Day
Keyboards by Alexandre Destrez
Mixed by Kiki @ Sam - K studio Paris
Atal Music / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 King Street Sounds

21. Vexus T / London Boutique
Written by Pierluigi Tarquinio
Produced by Vexus T
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

22. Namy feat. Stephanie Cooke / I'm Not Ashamed (I Need You) (Groove Assassin Main Mix)
Written by Atsushi Asada & Stephanie Cooke
Produced by Namy
Arranged, Programmed & Mixed by Atsushi Asada
Yuki Kanesaka: Rhodes, Additional Keyboard
Remixed by Groove Assassin
Recorded @ Mo' Den
Keys Bennet Holland
Mixed by Owen DeepCitySoul.
Stedigy Music (ASCAP)
Under Licensed from Bosca / King Grooves (ASCAP) administered by BMG Chrysalis
C 2013 Nite Grooves

23. Ananda Project feat. Terrance Downs / Where Do You Come From (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Journey into Dubland Mix)
Written by Chris Brann & Terrance Downs.
Produced by Chris Brann.
Vocals by Terrance Downs.
Remixed by DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins.
Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / Kaye's Dream (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2012 Nite Grooves

24. Eric Powa B / Rififi In Machupichu (Bollo Remix)
Written, produced & mixed by Eric "Powa"B
Remix by Bollo
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2011 Nite Grooves & 2013 Street King

25. Bah Samba / Lost Without You (Sean McCabe Classic Mix)
Wriiten by Julian Bendall & Anna Cavazos
Produced by Julian Bendall for Bah Samba
Mixed by Julian Bendall & Mark Ralph at Club Ralph, London. UK
Vocals by Anna Cavazos
Keyboards by Julian Bendall
Guitar by Mark Ralph
Drums by Geoff Holroyde
Flugel & Trumpet by Dominic Glover
Cahon by Oli Savill
Remixed by Sean McCabe
Published by Alarcon Music Publishing ltd (ASCAP) / Cavazoo (ASCAP)
C 2013 King Street Sounds

26. Gastek & L.D.F feat. La Pheena / Learn To Be Loved (Souldynamic Remix)
Written by Roberto Formisano, Francesco Cuomo
Produced by Gastek & L.D.F.
Vocal by La Pheena
Remixed by Souldynamic
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 King Street Sounds

27. Alfonso Ares / Lamuye
Written & Produced by Alfonso Ares
Vocals by Celia Carballo
A&R Coordination: joeB Berinato
King Grooves (ASCAP)

28. Richard Malcoh / Faith In The Future
Written & Produced by Richard Giordano
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

29. Squicciarini, Alexbi / Roxanne
Written by Samuele Squicciarini
Produced & Engineered by Squicciarini & Alexbi at %u201CSquicciarini & Alexbi Home Studios, Italy%u201D
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

30. Chocolate Avenue / Bishop Made Me Rich
Written & Produced by Dmitry Boldyrev
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Nite Grooves

31. Oscar Barila / Spin It up
Written and produced by Oscar Barila
King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 King Street Sound

32. Amnesia, Rocho & Lenny vs Nimphidia / The Life I Chose (Jerome Robins Remix)
Written by Dino Anthony Lanni, Rickard Berg, Marianne Eide, Onofrio Tecchia, & Roberto Longiaru'
Produced by Dino Lenny, Amnesia Rocho, & Nimphidia
Remixed by Jerome Robins
Age One Ltd. / Cloud 9 Holland Music P.
C 2013 Street King

33.Sunshine Jones / While You Were Sleeping (Andreas Saag Remix)
Written by Robert W Cameron
Produced and Performed by Sunshine Jones
Recorded at the Treehouse in San Francisco, California 2011
Remixed by Andreas Saag
P&C 2012 & 2013 Nite Grooves
Little BUG Music (BMI)

34.Sore Sori / First Encounter
Written & Produced by Sung-Min Choi p.k.a. sore sori
King Groove (ASCAP)
P&C 2013 Street King

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