Between The Lines (Bonus Edition)

Nick Curly

NCBTL02D | 2013-02-25  
Defected continue to spark the interest of the underground (and beyond) with the release of a Bonus Edition of Nick Curly’s ‘Between The Lines’ album that comes bundled with remixes from Dennis Ferrer, Mr Fingers, Guti, Osunlade and more. Originally released on Curly’s own Cecille imprint in March 2012, ‘Between the Lines’ was the culmination of a long journey into house that saw the German DJ/Producer go from bright promise to fully fledged international elite in just a few years. Careful stewardship of his 8-Bit and Cecille imprints, impeccable DJ sets and must have productions made Curly the prime exponent of the ‘Mannheim Sound’ but with ‘Between The Lines’, we saw a producer that is so much more than a specific house movement.
Eschewing sterile computerised aesthetics ‘Between The Lines’ uses live instrumentation, live vocals and real emotion to convey it’s message; that of a walk through Curly’s house and techno influences and passions. It’s with Curly’s influences in mind that the Defected crew, who jumped at the chance to re-release ‘Between The Lines’ after admiring the project throughout 2012, began to compile remixes for this Bonus Edition release. Bona fide legends Mr Fingers and Osunlade, second-generation house maestros Guti and Glimpse and contemporary artists Adam Port, Uner and H2 all provide versions that weave into the fabric of the original material.
Nick Curly’s ‘Between The Lines’ (Bonus Edition) is a natural extension from the already impressive original release and makes for a standout snapshot of not only Nick Curly’s best work, but of house music’s brightest and best.
Nick Curly 'Between The Lines' (Bonus Edition)
1. Inside My Head
2. Eastern Curve
3. Piano In The Dark
4. Spinning Plates
5. Glass Ceiling
6. Wrong Hands
7. Hairline
8. Truth To Be Told
9. Between
10. You Don't Have To Hopp
11. Underground
12. Harlot
13. Wake Me Up
14. Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)
15. Wake Me Up (Fingers Club Mix)
16. Piano In The Dark (Yoruba Soul Mix)
17. You Don't Have To Hopp (Guti Remix)
18. Inside My Head (Glimpse Remix)
19. Wrong Hands (Yoruba Soul Dub)
20. Eastern Curve (Uner Remix)
21. Truth To Be Told (H2 Remix)
22. Between (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
23. Spinning Plates (Adam Port Remix)
24. Between The Lines - Bonus Mix
All Tracks Written by Nico Doeringer & Sebastian Flach except: -‘Piano In The Dark’, ‘Truth To Be Told’&‘Underground’ Music Written by Nico Doeringer & Sebastian Flach. Lyrics Written by Nico Doeringer & Worthy Davis‘Wake Me Up’ Music Written by Nico Doeringer & Sebastian Flach. Lyrics Written by Nico Doeringer & Luca Sportiello
Produced by Nick Curly & Sebastian Flach
Vocals on ‘Piano In The Dark’, ‘Truth To Be Told’&‘Underground’ by Worthy Davis
Vocals on 'Between' by Rebecca Maas
Vocals on ‘Wake Me Up’ by Luca Sportiello
Drums on ‘Inside My Head’ by Michael Fischer
Percussion on ‘Eastern Curve’&‘Wake Me Up’ by Michael Fischer
Track 14 Remix by Dennis Ferrer
Track 15 Remix & Additional Production by Larry Heard
Track 16 Remix Produced & Arranged by Osunlade for Yoruba People’s Music. Bass Guitar by Rio. Guitar by Dwayne Carter. All Other Instruments & Programming by Osunlade
Track 17 Remix by Guti
Track 18 Remix by Glimpse
Track 19 Remix Produced & Arranged by Osunlade. All Instruments by Osunlade
Track 20 Remix by Uner
Track 21 Remix by Terry Hurst & Daniel Hevingham (H2)
Track 22 Remix by Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Track 23 Remix & Additional Production by Adam Port
All Tracks Published by Defected Music & Copyright Control
All Tracks P&C 2012 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Cécille Records
Except Tracks 15, 16, 19 & 21 P&C 2013 Defected Records Limited under exclusive license from Cécille Records
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