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King Street Sounds Reformed Classics 2012

Various Artists

Street King
KSD 206 | 2012-12-27  
Time To Be Free
Sascha Dive's Afroton Dub (9:37)

Oliver $ hits the spot! In the bag
-Aki Bergen

Rolling and deep as Sascha does it!
-Josh Wink

good remix on Technique's classic, i will play it for sure, also i like the deep interpretation of Kerri's anthem
-Kiko Navarro

Massive Package
-Grant Nelson

Super slamming package of mixes!!!!
-Groove Assassin

Wicked new Oliver S mix, thanks guys

Nice release, I like the Oliver $ Main and solid work from my man Will Monotone on President House.
-DJ Deka

Groove Assassin Remix has a lovely vibe and is my fave here.
-Ralf GUM

Nice remixes from Oliver $ & Will Monotone! Will be playing these! thanks.
-David Glass

Hard to pick a favorite. High quality cuts in here! Thanks!
-Dave Mayer

great rmxs!
-Tom De Neef

stone cold classics... love the new interpretations
-Andy Ward

Cool re work good cut to open a set with build

cool tracks.. will test who is the best for me !!!
-Marc Fisher

Will support on radio show :)
-Ridney (Defected/Azuli Worldwide)

Oliver $ Remix and Bar A thym (Dzeta N Basile Remix) will fit on my sets.
-Nicko Vee

nice groove as always!!!
-The Deepshakerz

Nice new mixes! Full support
-Tony Humphries / Jacko

-Phil Hooton

Nice one! Reelsoul remix is my favorite )) Thanks.

Classic Reelsoul Mix. Never disappoints!
-DJ Spinna

Aki Bergen mix is the one. Love the vibe.
-Ashley Beedle

Best combination of classic and new sound and all in quality way with keeping the originality.will drop it this weekend on the beach
-Pierre Ravan

Diggin this package

solid package!
-Parrish James

Also feeling the Groove Assassin Main Remix of Sometimes I Feel.
-Carl Hanaghan [Hed Kandi]

Slamin Sampler!!! All mixes are dope... Great work from Danny on "take the Time". Oozes out "play me". Mr Moss right on the target with his take on "sometimes I feel"
-Happy Mann/Cookie Monsterz

Great sound! Lovin this!
-Ricky Morrison (M&S)

Aki does a nice rework on "I hear the music"
-Charles Spencer

great stuff
-henri kohn

Great mixes. There is no sleeper in this package.
-Hippie Torrales

"Nice pump to it...looking forward to trying this one out this weekend..."
-Eric Kupper

Bringing me back to my roots...nice.
-Dj Dozia

I love all the remixes. So good to have updated versions of the classics. Can\'t wait to bust these out! Thanks

"simply great for dance floor."
-Tomoki Tamura

-Chris Samba/dragon-i

Top notch quality :) Full Support
-Alex Ander

Oliver $ and Will Monotone classic remixes sounds so on time and modern, great job
-Bogdan Taran / Amber Muse Records,

Cool release. Oliver $ and Bar A Thyn Remixes for me. Will try out for sure. Thanks!
-Rick Maia / MOS

Great update on these classics.
-Hippie Torrales

-Mark Milz

Absolute BOMB here!!
-Carlos Vargas/Purple Music

Amazing remix by Oliver $ of this all-time classic...
-Mike Fossati (Spirit of House)

I always look forward to these ep\'s. Every track a winner.
-umberto giannini

all great tracks will def. play them all...
-John Rivera

The Hype

Twenty-three classics and soon-to-be classics on their way to holding the prestigious title, rise up once again from the King Street / Nite Grooves catalogs. All of these great tunes had been released over the years but now have come together in one complete collection. These original songs on this second Reformed Classics comp all get the business by some of House Music's most well-known producers and quality up & comers. You'll hear truly talented producers like Oliver $, Will Monotone, Alex Kenji, Supernova, Crazibiza, Noferini & Marini, Tiger Stripes, Solomun, Solee, Groove Assassin, Sean McCabe, Sascha Dive, Dazzle Drums, Danny Clark, Kiko Navarro, Kruse & Nuernberg, Franky Rizardo, and others, bump up the beat, re-tweek the synths, blow up the bass, perk up the percussion, and do all-around fierce-sounding makeovers to tunes like DJ Pierre's "Sometimes I Feel," Kerri Chandler's massive "Bar A Thym," Urban Soul's "President's House," Johnny Dangerous' "Beat That Bitch," Dennis Ferrer's "Dem People Go," Basil's "City Streets," Cevin Fisher's "Keep It Coming," Sunshine Jones' "If You Wouldnt Mind," Studio Apartment ft. Monique Bingham's "Flight," and many, many more. A nice new trip down memory's fast lane. Includes 2 exclusive continuous Mixes by New York based DJ NoonStar!

The Credits

1. This Old House (Oliver $ Remix) / Technique
Written & Produced by Phillip Damien.
Recorded @ Big Screen Studios.
Remixed by Oliver $
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Dylithium Crystal Music (ASCAP)
P&C 1995 Nite Grooves & 2012 Street King

2. President House (Will Monotone's Beat Driven Mix) / DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul
Written, Produced & Mixed by Roland Clark.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Grey House (ASCAP)
P&C 2003 King Street Sounds & 2012 Street King

3. Beat That Bitch (Supernova Original) / Johnny Dangerous
Written by John Holiday.
Produced by Johnny Dangerous.
Remixed by Supernova
Foremost Poets Publishing (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 1997 Nite Grooves & 2009 Street King

4. Flight (Franky Rizardo Remix) / Studio Apartment feat. Monique Bingham
Written & Lyrics by Studio Apartment (Masanori Morita & Noboru Abe) & Monique Bingham.
Produced by Studio Apartment.
Remixed by Franky Rizardo.
Vocal by Monique Bingham.
Vocal Recording Engineer by Hideki Nishino & Shuichi Morita @ Kampo Studios NYC.
Under License from New World Records Co., Ltd.
New World Sounds International Co.,Ltd. (JASRAC) /
Boonoonoonos Publishing Co (ASCAP)
P 2004 New World Records Co., Ltd.
C 2004 King Street Sounds

5. In Your Eyes (Solee Remix) / Cafe Negro
Produced, Written & Performed by Cafe Negro
(Greg Cohen, Uri Dalal, Jerry Friedman & Jorge Peguero).
Remix & Additional Production by Normen Flaskamp (
Copyright Control / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2004 Nite Grooves & 2011 Street King

6. If You Wouldn%u2019t Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix) / Sunshine Jones
Written & Produced by Sunshine Jones for Treehouse Music.
Recorded @ the Dubtribe House, San Francisco, CA.
Remix & Additional Production by Tiger Stripes.
Tiger Stripes exclusive management by SOUNDZ.
Published by little BUG music (BMI)
P&C 2007&2008 Nite Grooves

7. Keep It Coming (Hideo Kobayashi Remix) / 7 feat. Mona Monet
Written & Produced by Cevin Fisher.
All Vocals Performed by Ramona Keller (
Additional production & Remixed by Hideo Kobayashi for Apt. International (
Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Evol Free Music (ASCAP)
P&C 2009 Street King

8. %u201CFreak E%u201D (Criminal Vibes Club Mix) / Lil' House Gangstaz
Written & Produced by Louie "Balo" Guzman for Battlewax Productions & "Joe T" Turri for Magnet Sounds.
Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn (Track#1).
Louie Balo Music (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Magnet Sound (ASCAP)
P&C 1996 Street King

9. This Luv Is Real (Noferini & Marini Full Vocal Mix) / Jamico feat. Jackie Cohen
Written by Michael Buch & Jackie Cohen.
Produced by Michael Buch.
Additional Remix by Stefano Noferini & Matteo Marini for a Sound4Group Production.
Mastered by Greg Vaughn for The Spot Mastering, Brooklyn.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / New Rhythm Generation (ASCAP)
P&C 2010 Street King

10. Shake (Alex Kenji Main Mix) / David Harness Project
Written by David Harness Jr. and Tonya Melvin.
Produced by David Harness Jr.
Vocals by Tonya Melvin.
Additional Production & Mastering: Alessandro Bacci, Alex Kenji
( ,
DHJ Productions (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
/ Tonya Melvin (Copyright Control)
P&C 2009 Street King

11. %u201COlvidarte (Te Amo)%u201D (Marshall Remix) / Malena
Written by Daniel Broad, Susana Montero & Roger Wickham
Produced by Kid Costa & Danielson for Southpaw Productions
Recorded @ Southpaw Studios & Contour Studios (UK).
Vocals: Susana Montero.
Remixed by Marshall aka Luigi Rocca.
Blueprint Music Publishing / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2010 Street King

12. Ananda Project feat. Gaelle Adisson / Cascades of Colour (Crazibiza Sunset Mix)
Written by Chris Brann / Gaelle Adisson.
Produced & Arranged by Chris Brann for Wamdue Musicproduktion.
Vocals by Gaelle Adisson.
Remixed by Crazibiza
Butterfly Shadow (ASCAP)/ Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
P&C 2012 King Street Sounds

13. I Hear The Music (Aki Bergen Remix) / Ralphi Rosario feat. Linda Clifford
Written by Ralphi Rosario & Linda Clifford.
Produced by Ralphi Rosario.
Remixed by Aki Bergen.
A&R: Hoshiko Oki.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Dash Riprock Music (ASCAP) / Warner Chapel Music
P&C 2011 Street King

14. Bar A Thym (Dzeta N%u2019 Basile) / Kerri Chandler
Produced by Kerri Chandler
Remixed by Dzeta N%u2019 Basile
Champion Music (BMI)
P&C 2005 Nite Grooves & 2012 Street King

15. Voyage (Solomun Dub) / Tiger Stripes
Written & Produced by Mikael Nordgren.
Remixed by Mladen Solomun.
Played by M. Nordgren.
Published by Warner Chappell / Underground Songs.
P&C 2007&2008 Nite Grooves

16. Dem People Go! (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) / Dennis Ferrer feat. Bola Belo
Produced & Written by Dennis Ferrer for Sfere Recordings.
Vocals by Bola Belo.
Background Vocals by D.Ferrer, B.Belo.
Remixed by Florian Kruse & Nils Nuernberg.
Kruse & Nurnberg is managed exclusively by SOUNDZ (
True Vibes (BMI) / Sfere Music (BMI)
P&C 2010 Nite Grooves

17. Time To Be Free (Sascha Dive's Afroton Dub) / Basil
Produced & Mixed by DJ Basil.
Chants by the %u201COne & Only" Roland Clark a/k/a Urban Soul.
Remixed by Sascha Dive.
True Vibes (BMI) / Hard N Soul (BMI)
P&C 2011 King Street Sounds

18. Seasons of Love (Kiko Navarro Vocal Re-Edit) / Blaze
Written, Produced and Mixed by Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan for Blaze Productions.
Re-Edited & Drum Programming by Kiko Navarro.
Conga Solo by Armando Mandy Cuervo.
Music of Nia Songs (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)
P&C 2011 Nite Grooves

19. Take The Time (Danny Clark Solid Ground Vocal Mix) / Blaze presents UDAUFL feat. Arnold Jarvis
Written, Produced and Mixed by Blaze
Additional Remix Produced & Arranged Danny Clark
Keys By Bennett Holland
Additional Keys By Danny Clark
Recorded at Solid Ground Studios
Music of Nia Sonds (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI)
P&C 2004 King Street Sounds & 2012 Street King

20. City Streets (Dazzle Drum Remix) / Basil
Written, Produced by Basil.
Remix, Additional Production & Mixed by Nagi & Kei Sugano for Dazzle Drums.
True Vibes (BMI) / Hard N Soul (BMI)
P&C 1998 King Street Sounds & 2012 Street King

21. It's Like Nothing (Reelsoul Remix) / Stephanie Cooke
Written & Produced by Stephanie Cooke & Kevin Campbell.
Remixed by Reelsoul
Recorded @ K.C. Production Studio, Silver Spring, Maryland.
King Grooves (ASCAP) / Off The Top Music (ASCAP)/ Kevin Campbell (Copyright Control)
P&C 2004 King Street Sounds

22. Sometimes I Feel (Groove Assassin Main Mix)/ Dj Pierre
/ DJ Pierre feat. Champagne
Written by Nathaniel Jones & Ikiesha Wilson.
Produced by DJ Pierre for Chilltown Entertainment.
Vocal by Ikiesha Wilson aka Champagne.
Remixed by Nick Moss for Groove Assassin
Prime One Muzik (ASCAP) / Ikiesha Wilson (Copyright Control)
P&C 2004 King Street Sounds & 2012 Street King

23. I Luv You More (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Remix) / Kimara Lovelace
Written & Produced by DJ Roland Clark for Urban Soul Productions
Vocals by Kimara Lovelace.
Remixed and Remix Produced by Sean McCabe.
Keyboards and Drums by Sean McCabe.
Guitar performed by Scott Dennison.
P&C 2011 King Street Sounds

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