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In The Absence Of Love


Personal Belongings
PB062 | 2022-04-18  
Gibbon presents his brand new album 'In The Absence Of Love', and as every album it must tell a story. Please, enjoy this sunkissed sounds while Gibbon immerse us in this beautiful, inspiring, human journey:

It's hard when you are alone in a foreign country, chasing a dream with a support of friends and family without a real physical contact. It will surrerly fade away more and more during the time and every decision will affect the outlook of the future.
Only brave people can hold this kind of pressure with enough strength and will to make their lives into a better version of themselves.
Hot summer nights, something irresistible for partying. That is the case as well in LA on its beaches.
She's living in Riverside, came there to study and enjoy in the life opportunities and he was originally from Brazil.
There is no better place after hard working shift like a beach, to reset your mind and release it from all stressful thoughts, so the rest of the day he spent watching sea guls in their games of acrobatics. The night was close, but tomorrow was a free day.
"I can stay a little longer" , he thought.
While he was enjoying in the moonlight by The Ocean, the salty smell got disturbed with a very familiar one.
You could sense Brazilian Jasmine in the air, the smell of his hometown. He looked over his shoulder and saw her in a small crew, moving her naked feet through the beach sand while she was dancing slowly with a note of grace in the moves.
The time stopped and day and night got mixed in his mind. Yes, the smell is coming from her ("The Smell Of Your Neck"), because another breeze brought the confirmation.
Intrigued and determined to find out more about the girl, getting her attention was the first step ("Catching Your Gaze"). The night was young and the patience is his virtue.
Suddenly, Thievery Corporation's song started on their Bluetooth speaker, so he took the opportunity and started to sing loud on his mother tongue language.
Yap, it was a good idea, she spotted him momentarily.

She : "Hey, why are you sitting there alone, come and join us !"
She : "Do you like Thievery?"
He : "They're one of my favorite band."
She : "Really, mine too!"
He : "May I know your name?"
She : "If You can remember my eyes, names are not important."

In the next few hours after a couple of drinks together with the others, they two decided to take a walk alongside the beach.

She : "Can You keep a secret?"
He : "Try me!" and she kissed him. ("Our Secret Touch")
It was a little bit strange, like he never kissed a girl before, but she found that interesting.
She : "Hey, hey slow down, I'm in charge here!"
He : "Then I'm all yours, lead the way."
More booze led to more kisses and more kisses led to...("My First Time")

He : "Sorry because of everything!"
She : "Do not do that, always keep your dignity! As a matter of fact it was sweet".
And a new romance was born that night.
He : "Can I see You again?"
She : "Well, we'll be in touch..."

She likes to look unshakable, but the sky knew she fell in love after that crazy night. It was different this time. Innocent and much warmer from the inside than she was used to feel ("Thinking Of You").
After a few dates in the city they met again on the same place where the magic started with an idea to enjoy in a long walk ("When You Hold My Hand") during the sunset.
He : "You know, my working visa will expire soon and I was thinking that maybe you can come with me for a couple days the see my homeland. I think you will like it."
She : "Since you have recognized my traveling spirit, I would like to but before everything of that, don't you agree this night has the same magic like our first one?"

Their fire was melting The Ocean while The Moon was projecting their silhouettes in love on the sand.

He : "If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up!"
She : "Slow down with the conclusions silly and enjoy in the moment ("Slow Down Baby")!"

The traveling day has come and after an exhausting flight, they both needed a proper sleep.
He grew up in a poor family, but it doesn't matter because she knows and respects the value of modesty.

She : "They are nice and your younger sister is so cute."
He : "There is one member of this family and it will help us to better look around the city".
It was his old vespa ("Rio Ride").

He : "What if somehow you realize that I'm your knight on the white horse?"
She : "I will probably realize that only if you decide to ride that horse with me through LA ("Game Of Pleasure")!"

After a city ride ,the Copacabana beach was the next station.

He : "Can you catch the breeze?"
She : "Yap, it's different here("Tropical Breeze").Did you really think I won't notice the difference?!"
He just smiled.

The days passed quickly and it was the time for their last afternoon on the Brazilian beach ("Sunset (Farewell)").
He : "I will never forget you, but I belong here."
She : "Thank you for revealing me the secret colors of Brazil."

Sometimes our effort is rewarded with beautiful moments and everyone who can recognize them is a lucky person in many directions. Every life's period will carry it's own temptations and if we can beat them there will be a chance that a summer like this one become a longtime reality ("Summer Love").

Till the next time...

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