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Classic House Grooves mixed by Andre Collins & Nick Jones

Various Artists

King Street Sounds
KSD171 | 2011-06-28  
From Beneath The Earth's Crust (6:29)

Two of NY & NJ's top DJs bring out all the stops on this debut
Classic House Grooves. Those who know they history of house rhythms know King Street. Those who know one of the best legendary clubs launching the "Jersey" House sound purveyed by such greats as Tony Humphries, Kerri Chandler and more. Nick Jones used to bring beats at Wild Pitch, House Nation, and Lovelite. Those who know Andre Collins know the legendary Warehouse spot up in The Bronx where people from all over, including ages & creed, journeyed up to hear him play the best in vocal soulful House. These 2 legends beat our souls sense-fully with deep, funky & pumpy rhythms but each bringing their own style to their respective mixes, and they do it with supreme club style. You can virtually hear Andre Collins weave his rich musical tapestry, blending such greats as Mood II Swing Feat. Lauren's Magical Life, to Kerri Chandler's On My Way, onto a special blend of Most Precious Love (Copylight Spiritual Club Mix & "So Special" Dub) Brighter Days (Accapella) Rain (Accapella) that is simply a MUST-HEAR. He blends others seamlessly like Kerri's Bar A Thym with the Heal My Heart (Accapella) and on & on. Nick Jones brings a slightly deeper but no less effective flow to the dance floor merging such tunes as Stephanie Cooke's Here with My Best Friend, Ananda Project's massive Kiss Kiss Kiss, Lenny Fontana presents The East Side Movement's Inner City (East Side Classic), Urban Soul's #1 "Show Me" (Def Club Mix) to Harry "Choo Choo" Romero's Mongobonix (From Beneath The Earth's Crust) and way beyond. All in all 25 tunes (plus exclusive blends) make up this massive comp. We dare anyone's hips not to move to this double mix comp!


1.Magical Life (Main Mix) / Mood II Swing feat. Lauren
Written by Lem Springsteen & Lauren Chaplain.
Produced by Lem Springsteen, John Ciafone & Steve Souder for MIIS inc.
Bass by Jonathan Maron from Groove Collective.
Vocals by Lauren Chaplain.
Recorded & Mixed by Steve Souder.
One Boy Music (ASCAP) / Commitment Music (ASCAP), administered by EMI April Music UK
Licensed Courtesy of Mood II Swing Productions

2.On My Way / Kerri Chandler
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kerri Chandler.
Additional Background Vocals by Isis & Kerri.
Champion Music (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI)
Administered by Bug Music.

3.Most Precious Love (Copyright Spiritual Vocal) /
Blaze presents Underground Dance Artists United For Life feat. Barbara Tucker
Written, Produced & Mixed by Blaze.
Original Remix by Dennis Ferrer for Sfere Recordings.
Remix and Additional Production by Sam Holt and Gavin Face Mills for Copyright Productions.
Percussions by Shovell.
Keyboards & Drum Programming by Dennis Ferrer.
Vocals by Barbara Tucker.
Background Vocals by Third Ministry Of Faith.
Music of Nia Songs (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI)

4.Brighter Days (Acappella) / Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien
Written by Moise Laporte & Kenny Bobien.
Vocals by Kenny Bobien.
Shiny Rock (ASCAP) / Off The Top (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

5.Nafara / Mood II Swing
Produced & Mixed by John Ciafone & Lem Springsteen.
A Frank Luz (BMI) / Moody Black Keys (BMI) / Nite beat (BMI)

6.Time To Be Free (Free Words) / Basil
Written, Produced & Mixed by DJ Basil.
Chants by DJ Roland Clark.
Hard N Soul (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI)

7.Brighter Days (Mousse T Fierce Vocal) / Big Moses feat. Kenny Bobien
Written by Moise Laporte & Kenny Bobien.
Vocals by Kenny Bobien.
Additional Production Remix by Mousse T. for Peppermint Jam Productions.
Shiny Rock (ASCAP) / Off The Top (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

8.Come Together (What Is House?) (Original Club Mix) / DJ Pierre feat. Felicia
Written by DJ Pierre & Felicia Graham.
Produced by DJ Pierre for Chilltown Entertainment.
Sung Vocals by Felicia Graham.
Spoken Word by Erica Darden.
Prime One Muzik (ASCAP) / Felicia Graham (copyright control)
/ King Grooves (ASCAP)

9.Funk It / Ralphi Rosario
Written, Produced & Arranged by Ralphi Rosario.
Dash Riprock Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

10.Bar A Thym / Kerri Chandler
Written and Produced by Kerri Chandler.
Champion Music (BMI)

11.Heal My Heart (Acappella) / Kerri Chandler feat. Treasa Diva Fennie
Written by Kerri Chandler & Treasa Fennie.
Produced & Mixed by Kerri Chandler.
Champion Music (BMI) / True Vibes (BMI) / Write 4 U (ASCAP)
/ King Grooves (ASCAP)

12.You've Let The Love Slip Away (BC's Classic Club Mix)
/ Benji Candelario & Arnold Jarvis
Written by Arnold Jarvis & Benji Candelario.
Produced & Mixed by Benji Candelario.
Vocals by Arnold Jarvis.
Background Vocals by Shawnee Taylor.
Ement Music (ASCAP) / Rhythm Mix Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

13.De Ja Vu (Roots Main Mix)/ DJ Romain & Jon Cutler feat. Jeannie Hopper
Produced & Mixed by Dj Romain, Jon Cutler & Jeannie Hopper (Liquid Sound Lounge Prod).
Remix, Produced & Mixed by Mr. V for SOLE Channel Music.
Beats & Keyboards by Mr.V.
Mixed at SOLE Channler Studios 2, Staten Island, NY.
Deep Rhythm Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

14.Amphytrion / Tiger Stripes
Written, Produced & Arranged by Mikael Nordgren.
All Instruments Played by M. Nordgren except:
Strings by Swedish HitMusic Strings, Arranged by M. Nordgren.
Bass by Jocke Otterback.
Warner Chappell / Underground Songs

15.Shake (DHJ Main Mix)/ David Harness Project
Written by David Harness Jr. and Tonya Melvin.
Produced and Arranged by David harness Jr.
Vocals by Tonya Melvin.
DHJ Productions (ASCAP) / Tonya Melvin (Copyright Control)
/ King Grooves (ASCAP)

16.Rain (Let It All Come Down) (Acappella) / Stephanie Cooke
17.Rain (Let It All Come Down) (Bill Lee Original Mix) / Stephanie Cooke
Written & Co-Produced by Stephanie Cooke.
Produced by Bill Lee.
All Backgrounds by Stephanie Cooke.
All Background Arrangements by Stephanie Cooke.
Off The Top Music (ASCAP)/ Third Nature (ASCAP)/ King Grooves (ASCAP)

18.Kiss Kiss Kiss (Alternate Mix Re-Edit) / Ananda Project feat. Heather Johnson
Written by C.Brann, J.Camp & H.Johnson.
Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Chris Brann for Wamdue Musicproduktion.
Vocals by Heather Johnson & Terrance Downs.
Rhodes and Acoustic Piano by Julius Speed.
Guitar by Ede Wright.
Re Edit by Hideki Nishino.
Wamdue Music (ASCAP) / Kissing U (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)
/ Hobgobble Music (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)

19.Here With My Best Friend (Dance Ritual Mix) / Stephanie Cooke
Written & Produced by Stephanie Cooke & Kevin Campbell.
Remixed by Louie Vega for Small Wonder Productions Inc.
Timbles, Congas & Percussion: Luis Quintero
Rhodes: Osunlade
Electric Bass: Gene Perez
Electric Guitar: Mike Ciro
True Vibes (BMI), King Grooves (ASCAP)

20.The More You Want (Joe's Dance Tracks Mix) / Groove Box
Written, Produced & Mixed by Louie Vega for Masters At Work Productions, Inc.
Guitar : Tim Reyes
Bass: Gene Perez
Percussions: Starvin T Cordero
Extra Keys : Joe Claussell
Drum Programming : John Ciafone
Lyra Publishing (BMI)

21.Inner City (East Side Classic) / Lenny Fontana presents The East Side Movement
Written, Produced & Mixed by Lenny Fontana for Down Under Productions.
Sax by Glenn Guidone, Horns by Don Harris.
Congas & Bongos by Thomas Rivera.
Additional Keys by Alberto Sterling Menedez.
True Vibes (BMI) / Down Under (BMI)

22.The Greatest Thing (Matty's Soulflower Mix) / Matthias Heilbronn presents The II Deep Allstars feat. James Preston Jr.
Written by Matthias Heilbronn & James Preston Jr.
Produced, Mixed & Arranged by Matthias Heilbronn for II Deep Production / Soulflower Management.
Vocals by James Preston Jr. & Michael Ciro Cirincione.
Keys by James Preston Jr, Matthias Heilbronn & Albert Menendez.
Bass by Gene Perez.
Guitar by MicahelCiroCirincione.
Percussion by Carlos Gomez.
Federal Reserve notes (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

23.Grass Cutter (6:23 Club Mix) / Kerri Chandler
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kerri Chandler.
True Vibes (BMI) / Champion Music (BMI)

24.Show Me (Def Club Mix) / DJ Roland Clark presents Urban Soul
Written & Produced by DJ Roland Clark for Urban Soul Production.
Remix Produced & Mixed by David Morales for Def Mix Prod.
Engineered by Steve Barkan.
Keyboard by Joey Moskowitz.
Background Vocals by Melonie Daniels & Schon-Jomel.
Grey House (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

25.Mongobonix (From Beneath The Earth's Crust) / Harry Choo-Choo Romero
Written, Produced & Mixed Harry Choo-Choo Romero for Double Platinum Productions.
House Fly Music (ASCAP) / King Grooves (ASCAP)

26.Shine (Shelter Club Mix) / Blaze & Palmer Brown
Written, Produced & Mixed by Kevin Hedge & Josh Milan for Blaze Production.
Vocals by Palmer Brown.
Music Of Nia Songs (BMI) / Nite Beat (BMI)

27.New Hope (Main Pass) / Agora Rhythm
Written by DJ Shingo & Tetsu Shibuya for Agora Rhythm.
Produced by DJ Shingo & Tetsu Shibuya for Agora Rhythm.
All Programming & Keyboards by Tetsu Shibuya.
King Grooves (ASCAP)

28.Be Yourself (Shrine Vocal Mix) /
Blaze presents Underground Dance artists United For Life feat. Joi Cardwell
Written by K.Hedge, J.Milan & J.Cardwell.
Vocals by Joi Cardwell.
Produced & Mixed by Blaze.
True Vibes (BMI) / Music Of Nia Songs (BMI) / Negrita Music (ASCAP)

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