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Top Jackin House Artists of 2019

Jackin House has consistently sold well through many years of changing club fashions and trends. This is largely down to the fact that Jackin is irresistible party-friendly music, music that DJs love to play and that crowds love to dance to. It’s like house music boiled down to the most essential elements: those skippy beats, the heavily swung hats and funky b-lines are all a dance floor really needs to come alive. It’s a genre happy to wear its influences - jazz-funk, soul, disco - clearly on its sleeve, repurposing old grooves and long-forgotten sounds to make contemporary tracks. Which isn’t to say that the Jackin the sound hasn’t progressed, quite the opposite. Jackin House today features many forward-looking producers who continually push and pull the sound in new directions. For instant, accessible dance floor reaction, Jackin tracks are pretty hard to beat; so here are the producers and artists who’ve made the very best in this scene over the last 12 months. This is the Top 100 Jackin House Artists of 2019.
89. JedX
45. Hiva
4/4 fanatic Rescue is currently living, producing and teaching in Bangkok Thailand having left his native Denver. The location must agree with him as he spent 2019 churning out a series of hot releases on some of the scene’s best labels, including several on Guesthouse. Guesthouse released Rescue and DJ Mes’ collaboration ‘The Number’ and their percussion-heavy ‘Vibration’, along with solo singles ‘Show U Luv’ and ‘House Your Girl’. Other notable releases for Rescue this year were his crisp, funked-up slice of Jackin’ goodness ‘Run This’ on Cultural District Recordings and ‘Dance Naked’ on Bid Muzik.
19. Samo
Dutch talent Samo’s Jackin releases have been proving evermore popular recently and he turned out a series of big Jackin tracks in 2019, including the exuberant ‘What A Feeling’ on Cruise Music which bagged a Traxsource Jackin #1. Samo also dropped a couple of big collaborations over the last twelve months too: ‘Your Kisses’ with MVZZIK (Let There Be House Records) and ‘Dance To Your Song’ with Kornum & Karma on Spacedisco were both big for him, as was his solo ‘Give Me The Moon’ on Juiced Music.
Also known as The Chicago Hustle, Chicago artist and Whitebeard Records boss Milty Evans put in the hours this year and reaped the rewards with some of the strongest Jackin releases of 2019. Whitebeard put out his Bad Boy Bill and Brian Boncher collab ‘Funky Music’, a masterclass in Jackin production, and bought in Alex Peace for the big ‘HOUSE RPRZNT’. Milty released a number of highly successful collaborations with Brian Boncher this year; ‘Everybody’s Looking’ on Moodfunk, ‘Just Keep Walking’ on Spacedisco and ‘Long To Learn’ (Whitebeard), all of them high-energy Jackin slammers. Milty and Brian also got themselves some remix action with their hot rework of Agua Sin Gas and Antoine Clamaran’s ‘Good Vibration’ for Groovy Riddem Records.
The big news for Italian Jackers Jonk and Spook this year was the launch of their SJS label and their big-selling Jackin #1 on CRMS Records, the appropriately titled ‘Party!’ Other notable tracks from the duo in 2019 would have to include their Onako release ‘It’s Alright’ and their CRMS track ‘Keep On Dancin’, both of which are good examples of their soul-influenced take on the Jackin sound. The pair also put out the superb and much-supported ‘Disko Freaks’ on Bliss Unique Recordings.
Cruise Music co-owner Danny Cruz is well known in the Jackin world and has been steadily making his mark in House too. This year he got a #1 with the soulful Jackin track ‘Waiting (For You)' and together with co-label-owner Mark Funk, also got to the Jackin #1 spot with ‘Americana’. Finally, Danny’s ‘Piano Hustle’ was also a steady presence in many DJs playlists throughout the year.
At #15 we have Serbian producer Makito, a name familiar to anyone who has been into the Jackin sound over the last few years. In 2019 Makito launched his Zero Eleven Record Company and the label has been supplying DJs and dancers with some of the finest in Jackin 4/4 beats ever since. Big for Makito and his label this year was the Mark Funk collaboration ‘For Your Love’ which was a Jackin #1, as was the hard-to-resist organ and drum groove of ‘Yes It Is’. Other strong releases for Makito include his ‘Jailhouse Drums’, ‘Don’t You Know’ and ‘Long Time Coming’, all on his own label. He also produced successful Jackin tracks on CRMS - the instant party starter ‘Lazy Dancer, ‘Something’s Coming Over Me’ on Onako and another Mark Funk team-up, the suitably funky ‘You Are The One’.
Multi-talented DJ and producer Brian Boncher seems to be able to transition between genres effortlessly, and whatever comes out of his studio is always guaranteed to be top quality. In a year in which he released many great tracks, we have to give a mention to his collaboration with the legendary Bad Boy Bill and label owner Milty Evans, the anthemic ‘Funky Music’ (Whitebeard). Milty also teamed up with Brian again, along with Brian’s co-conspirator at their Tru Musica label Alex Peace, for the big ‘HOUSE RPPZNT’. Guesthouse was home to Brian and Alex’s string-laden ‘Round And Round’ and the pair also put out the sophisticated ‘Street Love’ (Tru Musica) which was another big seller for them in 2019.
Co-owner of the much-loved Cruise Music label, Mark Funk has become a well-respected name in the Jackin scene with a funk and soul derived contemporary sound that has proved hugely popular. The Serbian producer got two Traxsource #1s this year, ‘For Your Love’ with Makito and the euphoric ‘Americana’ with Danny Cruz. Mark also released the disco-breaks of ‘All Night Disco’ on CRMS which did really well for him as did his Yakka collab ‘Love Unlimited’.
The slick, soulful sound of 2016’s #1 Jackin artist Demuir was heard far and wide in 2019 as he released plenty of big dance floor releases. His ‘From Paris To Strasbourg’ (Robsoul) was a great example of his trademark skippy beats and soul-tech vibe as was ‘Disco Aint Jack’ on Desolat who also released his Rhodes-laden ‘Yuh Chat Too Much’. Finally, Music For Freaks released Demuir’s fantastic cross-genre 4 track EP ‘From Black To Technicolour Pt 2’.
At #11 it’s UK artists and genre ambassadors Filta Freqs. One of the hardest working duos in the business, they run Seventy Four Recordings who put out their ‘Paper Tiger’ which spent months in the Top 100 and was charted by some of the biggest names in the biz. Seventy Four also released their hard-hitting track with K Stylez ‘Da Playaz’. Filta Freqz kept up the pressure with killer releases on Get Groove, Blacksoul and Whiteread with their bumpin’ ‘On The Move’, ’Respect’ and the paino-led ‘Cruisin’ all showing again that they’ve got their production fingers firmly on the pulse of the dance floor.
Plenty of straight Jackin goodness from Adri Block, a Dutch producer who has many aliases including Block & Crown, Luca Debonaire etc. Adri runs two labels, God Made Me Funky and Dope Demand both of which worked overtime this year churning out quality 4/4 Jackin beats. He’s an extremely prolific producer who keeps the quality high, so it's hard to pick stand out tracks but we have to mention his four 2019 Jackin #1s: ‘Keep The Dancefloor Going’ in collaboration with Scotty Boy, ‘Ride It Baby’ with Martina Budde, Love & Devotion’ with Steven Caretti and ‘Come 2gether Now’ with DJ Blackstone.
Naples, Italy born and bred, Jo Paciello is another artist for whom 2019 was truly a breakout year. The biggest news for Jo this year was his Jackin #1 ‘Jack N.4’, complete with jazzy piano and some truly tight drums. Jo’s ‘Swing It’ (Monoside) and his CRMS release ‘It’s All About House’ both showcased his cutting edge signature style that has won him so many fans over the past twelve months. Jo also runs his Shocking Sounds label who did really well this year including putting out the bompty funk of Jo’s own ‘I Got House’.
2019 was good for Italian producer Enrico BSJ Ferreri who put out plenty of fresh sounding Jackin releases with a Disco flavour. Along with friend Joe Paciello, he ended 2018 with their #1 hit "Watching You" on Juiced Music which carried through and started them off in the pole position for 2019! Biggest for him this year was his Traxsource Jackin #1 ‘Never Be The Same’. Cruise music released his big ‘People Gotta Move’, a superb, driving slice of deep Jackin and his Gospel-esque ‘Singing’ was a really hot release for Enrico in 2019 too. In addition, he continued to successfully run his popular Traktoria label which has now been going strong since 2013.
The #6 position in the Jackin House artists of 2019 goes to Ukrainian recording artist Lebedev who had a massive breakout year. He has developed a huge encompassing sound that combines the best of Deep and Jackin house in a way that is unique and that has gained him many new fans. Labels he’s released on this year include Doin Work, Juiced Music, Robsoul, Moodyhouse, Blacksoul and Nervous. His ‘Sunday EP’ (Juiced) and his sophisticated ‘Infinity’ (Doin Work) both showcased his expansive sound, and ‘Shabby Vinyl’ and ‘Autumn Mood’ (Robsoul) both picked up plenty of DJ traction.
2019 was a real breakout year for the talented Spanish artist Bonetti who was successful across multiple genres. He runs the Groovy Riddim label who had a great year putting out house music from artists like Demarkus Lewis, Jazzman Wax and Bonetti himself. He had a big Jackin release on In It Together with the classy ‘Lost Souls’ and his Spacedisco track ‘Righteous Man’ got a great reception on release too. He also had top Jackin tracks out on CRMS, Moodyhouse, Phoenix Music and more.
Traxsource favourite Joey Chicago can always be relied on to deliver dance floor targeted Jackin grooves of the highest order and 2019 was no exception. The Believe In Disco label boss had a great run of releases this year, with his solo efforts ‘Close Your Eyes’ (Soulfuric Trax) and ‘Day & Night’ (Juiced) picking up some serious DJ play. Funky Floor Records released Joey’s ‘Filter Galore’ and Groovy Riddem Records put out his saxophone-and-filter groove ‘More Of Your Love’, both of which hit hard this year too.
Romy Black is easily the best new artist in the Jackin genre this year, after a brilliant 2019 in which his MFSB sampling The Love Test’ release on his label Souluxe hit #1. ‘The Love Test’ went on to dominate for months, ending the year as the top-selling Jackin track. Souluxe released several high-selling Romy tracks this year, not least of which were ‘Your Life’ with Jus Joe, ‘You In Trouble’ and ‘Step Into My Life’ all of which showcased his party-friendly disco-derived sound. If that wasn’t enough, the Australian artist also dropped his catchy filter-fest ‘Louie Louie’ on Cruise Music, ‘If I See’ on Onako and turned in a serious remix of Atlow’s ‘How Do I Get To Detroit'. We’re expecting big things from him in 2018.
It was a particularly good 2019 for Oakland CA-based DJ, Producer and label boss DJ Mes, who served up the quality Jackin House goods all year. His iconic label Guesthouse continued to represent real house music with a consistent string of Jackin releases. Big Jackin tunes from Mes this year include his solo ‘Make Ready’, ‘No Tomorrow’ and the filtered, chopped and reworked disco samples and sparkling beats of ‘Torn Asunder’. Mes had a couple of big collaborative projects this year, in the shape of the rolling bass and 70s-flavour of ‘The Number’ and peak-time stormer ‘Vibration’, both with Rescue. His ‘Heartbreaker’ with Peter Brown was also big for scene ambassador DJ Mes this year.
Angelo Ferreri, the Italian Jackin House maestro, #1 Jackin artist 2017 and 2018, has been a mainstay in the Jackin and House scenes again this year, with a series of pitch-perfect Jackin #1s. Motive records scored a massive hit with Angelo's collab with Seph Martin ‘Magic’ a rousing piano jacker that immediately picked up plenty of DJ support. Then there was his ‘Soul On Fire’ with #1 Jackin artist Hatiras and his ‘Beginners’ on DVINE Sounds which came complete with hip-house vocals and a brief tempo change halfway through. Angelo also got to the #1 Jackin spot with ‘Toronto Heights’ again in collaboration with Hatiras, which they put out on Angelo’s Moon Funk label. A year of quality releases for Mr Ferreri.
Spacedisco label boss and legendary house music artist Hatiras has bagged himself the #1 spot on this year’s Top 100 Jacking Artist after a year in which he absolutely ruled the Jackin scene. Spacedisco released a constant stream of quality music throughout 2019 including plenty from Hatiras himself. One of his biggest this year was the underground shuffle of ‘New Jack’ with Vincent Caira and a #1 for his Angelo Ferrari collaboration ‘Soul On Fire’. The pair also hit the #1 spot with their Philly-tastic ‘Toronto Nights’ on Mood Funk. Spacedisco also released Hatiras’ massive ‘Never Had This Feeling’ which was a huge dance floor hit at the start of the year and his jazzy ‘Chloe Corona’, which seemed to be charted by pretty much everyone on the scene. And in what was clearly a productive year for the Toronto based artist, Blacksoul put out his slick disco-jack track ‘1000 Years’ and Simma Black also dropped a huge Low Steppa and Hatiras remix of his dance floor destroying anthem ‘Spaced Invader’. In a year in which the quality of releases was extremely high and the competition was fierce, the award-winning Hatiras stands out as a producer with one eye tightly focused on the dance floor and the other on developing, updating and redefining the Jackin sound. Listen to his releases from this year and you hear an artist with serious production skills, making smart sampling choices and who has a genuine feel for what DJs need from a tune. His place as this year’s #1 Jacking artist is well deserved.

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