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Top Nu Disco Artists of 2019

Nu Disco has truly had a resurgence in the last few years, with familiar vocal hooks and guitar riffs rocking sets from DJs of almost every genre and the ubiquity of the sound encouraging producers to dig deeper for more creative sampling. Continuously one of the most popular genres on our site, many of the names in our Nu Disco Top 100 list have contributed to the year’s most well-loved tracks in some form, either via original works or remixing classics. Younger labels like Razor-N-Tape, Toy Tonics and Midnight Riot! continue to thrive and are truly having their moment at the top of the game, and a steady stream of exciting new talent headed for the tops of the charts from Tropical Disco, Sweat It Out and Sakura.

This year’s top 100 represents the sound’s big players this year, featuring familiar faces like Dr Packer, Hot Toddy, Seamus Haji and Michael Gray, still doing their thing, proving they’re worth their weight in the scene time and time again, alongside some up-and-comers like Barry & Gibbs and Sartorial who are making undeniable waves.

Read on for the Traxsource Top Nu Disco Artists of 2019.
88. KORT
31. Coeo
25. Fouk
A staple of the Bay Area scene, Gallo has been plugging away steadily at his craft since the late 80s and he remains a top entry for our Nu Disco Artists chart this year. 2019 was a great release year for the producer, with music out on Large Music, Salted Music, Rambunktious Records, Hot Sunday and Bobbin Head Music. 2019 held a huge 5 tracks in the Nu Disco top 200 for Gallo; his single ‘Bump The Funk’ (via fellow Bay Area local Miguel Mig’s Salted Music) and a whole host of remix work including mixes of Lebedev’s ‘Get Down’ and Mark Brickman’s ‘U Stepped’. We look forward to what he has for 2020.
If you know you know.. Barry & Gibbs are one of those artists who’ve been plugging away at this, dropping their copious infectious edits as free downloads on Soundcloud for a few years now and steadily building their presence and getting their edits out to the DJ masses. It hasn’t gone unnoticed, last year they made our top Nu Disco artists list (coming in at 51) and finally they’re bursting into the real limelight. 2019 saw the release of ‘Let Her Dance’ via B&G member Mark Lower’s Sakura Music, crowned our #2 best-selling Nu Disco track of the year and #26 in the top overall tracks of the year and their timeless work from the past couple of years is still selling well. It’s great to see these guys on the up!
Andy Williams is no stranger to the UK Disco scene, having been rocking dancefloors under both his given name and his Yam Who? Alias for some time now (also one half of Qwestlife). Label boss of 3 pivotal imprints Midnight Riot, Ism Records and Black Riot, alongside heading up the Disco reviews section dance music manual Mixmag, it’s safe to say Williams knows his stuff and can certainly put it into play where it counts. This year was an excellent year across his labels, and his remix work this year on them has been second to none, including his reworks for Psychotropic (“Hypnosis”), Andre Espeut (“Call Me”) and Bernadette Trax (“Setting Sun”), with his remix for Psychotropic even hitting the Nu Disco top 200.
One of the founding members of Nottingham’s finest Electronic / Nu Disco band Crazy P (regularly hailed as having one of the finest live dance music shows in the world) it’s undeniable that Hot Toddy has made an impressive imprint on the scene over the past two decades. Aside from his work under the Crazy P moniker, his solo efforts have always been equally impressive, and it’s usually his remix action where we really get to see him shine. This year is no exception, a lighter output from the Englishman this year proved that he’s about quality not quantity and his stunning reworks of Llorca via Lazy Days confirmed just that. His ‘Disco Dub’ rework of Patawawa’s ‘Wires’ made it into the top 50 Nu Disco tracks of the year and we have no doubt there’s more Hot Toddy magic on the way for 2020.
A new entry into the top 20 this year for Da Lukas. The Italian has been making serious waves recently, and caught our attention with 4 tunes in the Nu Disco 200. He’s had a healthy output of Disco-friendly cuts this year on M2MR, Re-Loved and Cut Rec and we’re looking forward to a fresh influx of music from him over the next few months. Stand out tracks for us this year had to be ‘Back For More’ (#29, Nu Disco 200), ‘Let the Rhythm Ride’ (#75) and ‘Funkyloop (#168)’.
Following on from her breakthrough year in 2018, Natasha Kitty Katt has kept up the momentum just as we’d predicted over the past 12 months. The UK DJ/ Producer’s Midnight Riot hit ‘Wear It’ hit dancefloors and our charts by storm at the beginning of the year and finished #82 in our top performing Nu Disco tracks of the year. Her infectious follow up via Tropical Disco Records - ‘Bumpy Night’ also landed a place in the chart and she squeezed in further solid releases over the course of the year on imprints like Paper Disco and Hot Digits, veritable dancefloor bombs like ‘Twisted Katt’ and ‘Days of my Life’.
Grammy-nominated for his work as one half of production duo Full Intention, the legendary British DJ / Producer Michael Gray needs very little introduction to House music fans, who’ll have heard his production across every major (and every underground) radio station going for the past two decades. Gray certainly wasn’t pulling any punches this year either, lining up solo releases and remixes on Midnight Riot, Sultra Records and Bobbin Head Music, making quite an impact across both Nu Disco and Soulful House (3 entries in the Nu Disco 200). Some of our favourites this year: “24 7 People” and his remix of Alton Edwards’s ‘I Just Wanna Spend Some Time.
A maestro of blissed out Disco grooves, the Mexican producer always delivers and once again it’s been another great year of his signature laid-back chuggers. His Tropical Disco and Poetry in Motion releases fared particularly well, with ‘Kriola’, ‘I Like The Way You Move’ and ‘My Bright Red Juicy Lips’ all appearing in the best-performing tracks of the year for the genre. He also enjoyed stints on Sure Cuts, Villes et Fleurs and De La Groove with ‘Till The Music Stops’, ‘Powerful Music’ and ‘Coffy’, alongside finding the time to drop tunes like ‘Dis-Cocktail’ on his Discoweey label.
A British dance music veteran, Haji has spent the last few decades finely honing his craft to perfection. The Brit has an impressive discography of credits to his name, having worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Moby in his time, alongside working for brands like Defected and Toolroom. He’s recently ramped up the action release-wise and the Big Love boss scored 3 hits in the Nu Disco top 200 this year, with his remixes of ‘Take Me Away’, ‘You Make Me Feel So Good’ and his revision of an old classic ‘Boogie 2nite’ (already a UK club classic and #2 singles chart hit for Haji with his 2007 remix for Booty Luv) via Glitterbox. Smart A&R choices and decades of production experience also meant that his Big Love, Soul Love and Re-Loved labels were also on point once again this year and proved once again that he deserves a place in our end of year run-through.
An established DJ and producer but still a relatively fresh face to the disco scene, it’s safe to say that Birdee has smashed his 2019 and firmly put his name on the map. It’s been a barrage of expertly-crafted Disco-House from Marcelo D’Angelis this year, with huge releases like ‘Start The Weekend’ via Seamus Haji’s Re-Loved and ‘Movin On’ via Hot Sunday sitting high in the best-performing Nu Disco chart. ‘Start The Weekend’ actually finishing in the overall tracks of the year across all genres on the site. 2019 also marks the release of his debut album ‘Then Came The Sun’ via Ism Records, a journey through new material, edits and unreleased boogie bangers for their 100th release. Further heat came on Yuksek’s Partyfine and Midnight Riot and we’re not sure what 2020 holds for D’Angelis, but we’re certain it’s going to be something exciting.
PDM’s OFF and Kittball releases seem like a distant memory now, with the German being so ingrained in the current dance music scene it’s hard to ever remember him just breaking through! The last few years have seen PDM at the very top of his game, working alongside Defected / Glitterbox and usually scoring well in our end of year rundowns (and the site overall). Still a relentless touring machine, this year alone has seen PDM take on every major dance music hub, including NYC, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, Ibiza, Seoul, LA and San Francisco, playing for the likes of Radio 1, Claptone’s Masquerade, Glitterbox, Defected and Toolroom. He’s had a strong 2019 for releases too, with 4 entries in the Nu Disco best-selling tracks, big releases / remixes on Club Sweat, Embassy One, Peppermint Jam and Compost and was aptly described by Mixmag earlier this year as “A hard-hitting one man Disco army”. Global appeal on this level is no easy feat, and a top 10 spot was a no-brainer here for the Dresen artist.
Nu Disco / Jackin House producer Dave Leatherman found a place in this chart last year (#34) with fellow Dutchman HP Vince, who he regularly collaborates with (via the likes of Tropical Disco and Springbok). Both producers have found their way into the top 10 this year, and it couldn’t be more deserved. His output this year has been a varied combination of impressive solo work and collaborations with Bruce Nolan and HP Vince and their Tropical Disco collab ‘Everybody Get Up’ reached #6 in the genre overall. He placed a further 4 tracks in the Nu Disco top 200 before the end of the year via Supaearth, Springbok, Chopshop and Supressed Energy - ‘Back Once Again’, ‘Hidden Love’, ‘Let The Music Take You High’ and ‘R U Looking At Me’.
Firm Traxsource favourite over the years, across House, Deep and Nu Disco, it’s always a pleasure to see Art Of Tones have a fantastic year, and what a year he’s had. The Local Talk affiliates continued to make noise across all of his chosen genres, with best-sellers in each category via the likes of Toy Tonics, Tinted Music, Seven Music and Myriad Black. This year witnessed Llorca storm the Nu Disco charts in particular, placing 5 tunes in the genre top 200. It was his remix work this year that put him above the rest of the crowd however, with his reworks of Ubblahkan and Yose deserving special mention, whilst his remix of Kapote’s ‘Jaas Func Haus’ came in at #28 in the best-selling Nu Disco tracks for the year.
Dutch producer HP Vince has been producing music since the 90s, solo and with Jamez as PIMP and Laidback Luke as Dubbing Double. The past few years have seen him join forces regularly with Dave Leatherman to fire out banger after banger on the likes of Tropical Disco and Springbok, but it has really been the last 12 months that we’ve really started to see him come into his own via Chopshop, Blockhead, Sakura, Plaizir and more. Up from a joint 34 spot with Leatherman in 2018, he easily makes the top ten thanks to a slew of Nu Disco releases doing chart damage over the course of the year, 5 tracks even making it into the final Nu Disco top 200. Tracks to familiarise youself with from the Dutchman would certainly be ‘Get On Down’, ‘Sexy Disco 88’ and ‘Let Me Take You Higher’ and his Tropical Disco collab with Leatherman ‘Everybody Get Up’, which reached #6 in the genre overall.
UK producer Alex Sartori jumps up a place from last year, bagging 9 tracks in Nu-disco top 200 and another well-earned place in the top 10 here. Tropical Disco Records were inescapable in 2019, particularly Sartori’s own work, from the end-of-set hands-in-the-air euphoria of ‘At Midnight’ (#44 top Nu Disco tracks of the year) to the late-night saxophone roller ‘Dancing For Peace’ or his collaboration with fellow label owner Moodena ‘Turn It Up’ (#59), not forgetting the sounds of ‘Walk Away’, ‘Come Get it’, ‘Come Play’ and ‘Sound Of The Disco’ either.. Now sitting strong at 70+ releases (home to friends like HP Vince, Phazed Groove and Alexny) and charting on almost every one, Tropical Disco and its owners are truly a force to be reckoned with and it’s an obvious top 10 spot here for Sartori once again.
Rising up from #14 in this same chart last year, Mark Lower has proven he’s ready to play with the big boys. This year alone has seen Lower chart 7of his own tracks in the Nu Disco top 200 (not including his work as one half of edits duo Barry&Gibbs), earning him a well-deserved spot in the top 5. His Salted release ‘Express Yourself’ was one of the most popular Nu Disco tracks of the year (#3) and ended up #52 in the overall tracks of the year across genres onsite. The Sakura boss also kept a few gems back for his own brand, including the massive ‘Where The Party’s At’ (#13 Nu Disco) and his edit of ‘Whomp’ by Discoslap, alongside heavyweight releases on the likes of Nervous, Vicious and Let There Be House.
The immensely talented Pierre-Alexandre Busson is a man of many hats, a classically trained musician who’s turned his hand to film scores, label management and production to great effect. This year his production game was on flying form, pulling in a whopping 8 tracks in the Nu Disco 200, and hitting the #1 spot in the Nu Disco charts on site over the course of the year with both his Classic Music Company release ‘I Don’t Have A Drum Machine’ and ‘The Rollercoaster’ on Sweat It Out, alongside the fire he released via Glitterbox, Z Records and of course his own Partyfine. It had to be a spot in the top 5 for the Frenchman this year, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2020.
The Italian trio are no strangers to the upper reaches of our charts, having held our #2 Nu Disco spot in 2018. This year we saw them make a similar impact on the charts, raking in a huge 10 productions in the Nu Disco top 200 and one in the overall 200. As usual, their output was wide-ranging and with heavy focus on their own Re-Tide Music, which has become a go-to for fresh revisits of 60/70 & 80s classics, alongside the likes of Cut Rec, Body Heat, Blacksould Music, Soulfuric and many more. Important tracks this year included ‘Let’s Go To The Disco’, ‘Coffee Is The Cola’ and our favourite, their rework of Paradise Garage classic - Jimmy Ross’s ‘First True Love Affair’.
Last year’s #1 Traxsource Nu Disco artist Dr Packer comes straight back in to the top two, having had an unrelenting year of touring and releasing with the Defected / Glitterbox crew. He also found time to shoot out releases via Seamus Haji’s Big Love, Joey Negro’s Z Records and Midnight Riot. The aussie edit king racked up an impressive 9 entries into the Nu Disco top 200, with stand out gems like his M2MR release ‘Just Can’t Take It’ and his remixes of Loleatta Holloway’s ‘Hit and Run’ and Kevin Sylveter’s ‘Everything She wants’ even made it into the overall top tracks of the year.
Tim Burnett AKA Moodena has been absolutely unstoppable over the past 12 months. One of the co-founders of the iconic 90s UK clubnight-turned-agency MN2S alongside the Elkabas brothers, Burnett has been putting his stamp on dance music for over 20 years under his given name, but more recently under his Moodena alias. Now a firm member of the Tropical Disco family, as partner, producer and resident DJ, Burnett has become an integral part of the Nu Disco scene and regularly plays alongside dance music greats, including Joey Negro, Marshall Jefferson, Secretsundaze and Late Nite Tuff Guy to name a few. The success of the label’s vinyl-only edits series ‘Tropical Disco Edits’ and parties at London’s canalside vinyl-lovers hotspot Number 90 has translated into a fully-fledged digital imprint of 70+ releases, now charting on pretty much every release. Moodena’s own prodcution output this year has been undeniably successful, with a steady stream of chart action- 12 hits in the Nu Disco top 200 end of year list and 3 in the overall 200. He’s hit the top spot on the site several times this year with his Tropical Disco Releases, including ‘Boogie Monsta’, ‘What Da Funk’, ‘Jammin’, ‘DC Heights’ and ‘All That Jazz’ and we just know the production powerhouse will be continuing in the same vein over the next 12 months.

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