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Top Jackin House Artists of 2020

Find out who made it into the Traxsource Top 10 Jackin House Artists of 2020! Jackin House is where the party’s at. No two ways about it. Rooted in the core elements of what moves a dancefloor - big beats, whipping vocal edits, head nodding, shoulder busting tempo - if it’s going off - chances are it’s a Jackin House cut doing the damage. It’s also where we see a real mixture of artists doing their thing. Household names and established labels feeding off the same energy as the newcomers. These are arguably some of the most important artists within House Music, thanks to their intuition and flair for moving people and delivering that feel-good energy time and time again, because - let’s face it, it’s not a party if it’s not moving! So dive on in and find out who broke the bass bins this year!
97. JedX
67. Hiva
57. HRDY
32. Samo
Known for: Oggie B - Keep It Comin' (Original Mix) Sean Biddle, Oggie B - Yaah! (Original Mix) Oggie B - BG Step (Original Mix)
Known for: DJ Fopp, Simon Adams - Groovin' The Groove Simon Adams, Max Millan - Who Is Marilyn Simon Adams, Max Millan - We Gotta Dance (Original Mix)
Known for: Jonk & Spook - The Flow (Original Mix) Jonk & Spook - Think About U (Original Mix) Jonk & Spook - Give Me (Original Mix)
Known for: Christian Vila - From The Mind Christian Vila - Mystery With Me Deftone - Straight Out (Christian Vila Remix)
Known for: Jay Vegas - Body & Soul (2020 Retouch) Jay Vegas - Break Ya Down (Miami 2020 Update) Redsoul - If I Could (Jay Vegas Remix)
Known for: Rick Marshall - Time To Let Go (Original Mix) Rick Marshall - Frequency (Original Mix) Rick Marshall - Pianonova (Original Mix)
Known for: J Paul Getto - The Devil's Hand Eman, Doc Link - Feel It (The Remixes) (J Paul Getto Remix) J Paul Getto - The Players Club (Original Mix)
Known for: HP Vince - Freak In My Pants (Original) HP Vince - Sometimes Baby (Original) HP Vince - My Old Piano (Jackin Mix)
Known for: Lebedev (RU) - Rain (Original Mix) Jo Paciello, Lebedev (RU) - Is It Love Lebedev (RU) - Friends
Known for: Block & Crown, Marc Rousso - Release The Boogie (Clubmix) Block & Crown - Pump Up The Funky Beat (Jackin HipHouse Mix) Block & Crown - The Wildstyle (Jackin Clubmix)
Following a strong year last year, Bonetti maintained trajectory and kept the music coming thick and fast. The driving force behind Groovy Riddim, which also had another killer year with hot cuts from the likes of Laurent Rek, Henry Navarro, Da Funk Junkies, Lebedev (RU) and micFreak to name but a few. Bonetti took ‘Yourself’ to a new level of dancefloor pressure, bringing that classic sound to a new level, not forgetting the Jackin Latin Vibes Mix of ‘Mas Sabor’ with its tight percussion layers. ’Party Time (2Nite)’ saw Bonetti flex his skills on Soul Beach Records throughout its 6 minutes of twists and turns, much like the brilliant ‘Ipanema’ - a cut which stood out on home label, Groovy Riddim. ‘You Turn Down Love’ offered yet another, and excellent new direction for the classic vocal sample, released on Phoenix Soul.
Jackin House veteran Joey Chicago came with beats galore in 2020 following on from a big year last year. The German DJ and producer continues to hold steady within our end of year round ups - and rightly so! The Believe In Disco label boss came through with a number of big releases, two of which found their way into this year’s Top 200 Jackin House tracks. From Peppermint Jam to Cruise and CRMS, Juiced to True House LA - Joey maintained his reputation as a leading figurehead within Jackin House. He was straight out of the gates early on in the year with ‘Hold On’ - setting the tone for what else was to come our way!‘Got My Love’ saw Joey team up with HP Vince for an excellent sampled track pushing an irresistible disco vibe. In the spirit of collaboration, Joey also teamed up with the voice of House Music - Roland Clark - for positive house monster ‘Way of Life’. ‘Crazy Trippin’ stood out as another popular release with its disco edge and trippy vocals, before yet another outing with HP Vince on ‘Got A Guy’ - the combo delivering yet again even more big jackin disco pressure!
Now for a man who holds a number of prominent positions across several sub genres this year and continues to ride high amongst our annual Top Artist round ups - the ever talented Sebb Junior! He’s had yet another storming 365 days in the studio with 6 tracks appearing in our Top 200 Jackin House Tracks of 2020, not forgetting another strong year for his label La Vie D’Artiste Music. Remixes and collaborations kept coming. Different sides of Sebb’s creative flavors kept evolving. A win for us all! ‘Funk Voyeur’ alongside Sammy Deuce on Motive Records rode high in the charts, his collaboration with Mr.V on ‘We Live It’ gave us a life-affirming House Music mantra to live by. Sebb’s Papa release on Papa Trax release ‘Dolla Bill’ had all the trademarks of a classic Sebb Junior heater - jacked up to the max. ‘The Tribute’ was a more gentle affair with warm bass and clean samples dancing in harmony and his remix of Tom Bug and Grooveline’s ‘Satisfy’ feat. IDA fLO, also on Motive Records, served up a well received jackin alternative to Alaia & Gallo’s tougher and more Tech House rework. We’re not sure how he manages to find the time, but we’re sure grateful for the music - thank you Sebb Junior!
Another big year for celebrated Australian DJ and producer, Romy Black! The creative driving force behind Souluxe Record Co and beacon of Sydney’s House Music scene and electronic music culture, Romy continues to achieve international success thanks to an ongoing stream of successful standout releases. Seven of which feature in this year’s Top 200 Top Jackin House Tracks. Highlights included his collaboration with Jus Joe on ‘Your Life’ - a solid slab of disco energy which Romy Black added his trademark Jackin House pressure. ‘The Love Test’ reached and held the #1 position for some time, both in our Traxsource and guest DJ charts and showed us exactly what Romy does best - funk in abundance at breakneck speed! His remix of Makito’s ‘Be With You’ was an ideal combination, taking the Serbian’s cut into solid, classic Jackin House territory. ‘Get On The Floor’, along with Da Funk Junkies released on Souluxe Record Co, provide even more jacked disco energy and his remix of Dr Don Don, Archie Versace feat. JDP’s ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ brought the Tinted Records release a playfully soulful bounce that we all needed.
Ascending the ranks from #31 last year is yet another hot Jackin House talent straight out of Canada - Toronto’s Vincent Caira! It’s a well-earned jump for the DJ and producer who helps run fellow Canadian native Hatiras’ Spacedisco Records imprint. Vincent landed a total of 5 tracks in this year’s overall Top 200 Jackin House. With a fondness for early funk, soul and disco, Caira’s sound continues to inject upbeat, feel-good energy in abundance into his productions. Standout cuts included the driving, big beat of ‘Do For Love’, his melodic key-driven collaboration with Hatiras on ‘In That Groove’. ‘New Jack’ landed with a big jacking thud, cranking up the drums for an irresistibly get-us-to-a-dancefloor-now feel. Vincent’s outing on Sebb Junior’s celebrated La Vie D’Artiste Music gave us the groove, with aptly titled cut - ‘The Groove’ - a home run of his signature sounds and a perfect example of Vincent’s ability to traverse the light and dark shades within a single track. ‘12 Inches’ was a tantalizing ode to extended breakdowns - offering Vincent’s magical ability to still provide space and room within big, chunky and driving beats. That alone warrants his rise of 25 places to #6 this year!
DJ Mes, the renowned Oakland CA-based DJ, producer and driving force behind the iconic Guesthouse Music, came through with yet another standout year. Now well and truly a flagbearer of Jackin House and a level of quality that artists from around the world aspire to, he still finds the time to (seemingly) effortlessly release track after track. Take his monster 20:20 Revision of ‘Love Affair’ which soundtracked the majority of the year by finding its way firmly within the DJ Charts and setlists from across a multitude of sub genres. ‘Vis Ta Vie’ showed us that nobody can quite cut it like DJ Mes when it comes to balancing the feel-good, the light, the dark and the thundering bass. The iconic cuts kept on coming - ‘State Of Affairs (20:20 Revision) put a new spin on its instantly recognizable hook. ‘Keep Dancing’ was a masterclass in how Jackin House should be done - clean, tidy, relentless momentum and a five-out-of-five head nodding rating. Rounding off his set of 20:20 Revisions was ‘Amour Est Libre’ - classic DJ Mes in full effect marking all of the hallmarks we’ve come to expect from both Guesthouse and its creative powerhouse. Thank you for the music DJ Mes, and here’s to the many more years to come!
Up from #9 last year following a breakout moment in 2019, Italy’s Jackin House master, Jo Paciello, had yet another storming year for the books. The Shocking Sounds Label owner managed to end the year with an impressive 5 cuts within the Top 200 Jackin House tracks of the year. ‘Jazz On Bourbon Street’ landed on SJS Records along with its tight drums and stepping groove, speaking of which, ‘Mr. Church’s Groove’ also graced us with its presence with those signature Paciello jackin keys. There were plenty where that came from as ‘Give Me Jazz House’, released on home label Shocking Sounds Records, brought those keys back to the floor in full effect. His rework of The Fabulous Joker’s ‘Feel Like Dancing’ made us feel, well pretty much that - the need to dance during the year we had to stay in our seats. ‘Jack N.4’ saw the coming together of two great minds, as Jo Paciello put out a fittingly piano-heavy, whistling, feel-good cut with flitterings of organ for good measure on Moon Rocket’s namesake label, Moon Rocket Music. Quite the year for the music man from Naples, and we can’t wait to see what he’s been working on for 2021!
Moving up an impressive 12 places from last year is one of the finest music exports to come out of Belgrade, Makito! One of the brightest burning Jackin House talents in recent years, Makito is one of the most consistent artists we’ve seen this year. Inevitably, his output, 12 tracks to be precise, all found their way into the top 200 Jackin House tracks of 2020. When he’s not busy running his two labels, Zero Eleven Record Company and Little Jack, Makito is headed down in the studio putting out tracks like ‘Out The Hood’ which features on Zero Eleven’s ‘Best of 2020’ compilation, the stirring dancefloor cut ‘Purpose of Love’ on Souluxe Record Co not forgetting smasher ‘Magic’ which found its way into countless guest DJ charts right at the start of the year. ‘Boogie Freak’ arrived as one of his tougher-edged cuts alongside Wekingz released on Little Jack, and for a more high-octane Jackin House journey, ‘You Got Me’ released on Juiced Recordings demonstrated his creative abilities as a producer in the studio.
Now it wouldn’t be a Jackin House artist chart without Angelo Ferreri ranking high amongst the top spots! It’s been yet another successful year for the Italian producer (former #1 Jackin Artist of 2017 and 2018) who we’re sure is happy to see collaborator and friend, Hatiras take the top spot this year. He’s managed to not only land an impressive 12 tracks in this year’s Top 200 Jackin House tracks chart but also successfully bag the #1 Jackin House track of the year with his deep vocal remix of Joe T Vannelli vs. Eartha Kitt’s ‘Where Is My Man’ on Dream Beat Rec. Now that’s what you call a strong year! Other standout cuts this year included his double return to Motive Records with ‘Dance With Me (C’mon)’ and his collaboration with Seph Martin on the immaculately crafted ‘Magic’. His remix of ‘Love & Happiness’ by The Nice Guys which featured on Angelo’s ‘JACKIN HOUSE Collection n.2 released on Mood Funk Records at the start of the year, stayed in our charts for an extended period - not forgetting the excellent ‘Higher (Ahh!)’ from the Higher EP released on MONOSIDE. All in all, he’s done it yet again - showing us that there is always another level to aspire to and new ground to cover in the studio. Congratulations Angelo Ferreri!
The legendary Candian artist blasted out of the stratosphere yet again this year riding atop a BIG rocket with ‘Jackin House’ written down the side - launching his mastery of disco records into space! Holding the #1 spot for the second year in a row, Hatiras proved yet again that he’s the boss of big jackin grooves and delivering the holy trinity: running a successful label, releasing high-quality original material and navigating well-selected collaborations. He managed to land 10 tracks in our Top 200 Jackin House chart and teamed up with other like minded, talented space-dwellers such as Sebb Junior, Angelo Ferreri, Sammy Deuce, J Paul Getto on a string of successful and widely popular releases. Spacedisco Records continued to go from strength to strength, firmly securing its status as one of the true buy-on-sight imprints out there. Standout releases from this year included ‘I Love You’ - a classic Hatiras floor shaker on Juiced Music that set the tone back in January for the remainder of the year. ‘Toronto Nights’ alongside Angelo Ferreri saw the duo pair up on Mood Funk Records for a deep and irresistibly funky number that appeared both often and high within our charts. It wouldn’t be a year without Hatiras flinging down a huge jackin edited piano jam, and 2020 was the year of ‘Sex Machine 1 2 3 4’ - another funky, hard-hitting slice of feel good loopage for the soul. Whilst he might be #1 Jackin House artist of the year, Hatiras also dropped ‘Pimp of the Year’ (unable to verify) alongside Sammy Deuce - a stomper of a dancefloor weapon on Spacedisco Records. His collaboration with DJ Dan and J Paul Getto - ‘Number One’, was yet another hypnotically good slice of shoulder shaking, head nodding energy - with a big motivational vocal sample that we think anyone would benefit from heeding to walking into 2021. Congratulations Hatiras, thank you for the music, and here’s to yet another great year next year!

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