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Top Deep House Artists of 2020

Deep House continues to be one of the most exciting sub genres in House Music. Forever evolving, the notion of what it means to be ‘deep’ remains open, and that’s why we see so many artists experimenting with some of their more profound and extended bodies of work. With a scene that’s in undeniably good shape right now, you will recognize a number of these artists who are also simultaneously ranking high amongst other Top 100’s this year. It allows producers to pursue creative impulses that are built on driving, hypnotic and mesmerizing grooves. Whilst these attributes extend across House Music as a whole, it’s here where producers play across the spectrum to find which components drive the dancefloor journey into the late hours. Fusing together soul, funk and at times jazz, this is where producers roll up their sleeves and zone in on the rhythm that’s going to move you - and to make sure it hits you and pulls you in, wherever you may be listening. So here we are, presenting the Traxsource Top 10 Deep House Artists of 2020!
71. SGVO
69. Guri
65. Sek
57. Fouk
Known for: T.Markakis - Marvins Touch (Original Mix) T.Markakis - Don't Look Any Further (Original Mix) T.Markakis - Freak Like Me (Original Mix)
Known for: Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, Kid Enigma - I'm Lovin' It (Original Mix) Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - Best Of Both Worlds (Original Mix) Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa - The Story
Known for: Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, Kid Enigma - I'm Lovin' It (Orignal Mix) Mark Farina, Homero Espinosa, - Best Of Both Worlds (Orignal Mix) Homero Espinosa - Carry On (Orignal Mix)
Known for: Franck Roger, Jovonn - Remember (Rocco Rodamaal Dub) Rocco Rodamaal - Treat Her Like A Lady Atjazz - Everyone & Everything = (Rocco Rodamaal Chaos On Everything Remix)
Known for: Paul Rudder, Segilola - Glue (Jullian Gomes Remix) Zaki Ibrahim, Jullian Gomes - Stay (Fred Everything Vox Dub) Atjazz, Jullian Gomes - It's My Time (Jimpster Remix)
Known for: Black Loops - Blue Pill Black Loops - The Melody Black Loops - Something Special
Known for: Pat Thomas, Kwashibu Area Band - Yamona (Detroit Swindle Remix) Detroit Swindle - Hey Mister (Extended Mix) The Mauskovic Dance Band - Space Drum Machine (Detroit Swindle's Flute Mix)
Known for: David Bailey, Shezar, Jaybay - Get Your Body Down To The Floor (Crackazat Remix) Crackazat - Valentine Crackazat - Waterfalls
Known for: Jimpster, CASAMENA - One (feat. Casamena) Osunlade - Momma's Groove (Jimpster's Hip Replacement Mix) Jimpster - The Way It Is
Known for: James Curd - High Tower (Yoruba Soul Mix) Oisima, Jimetta Rose - Blue Shade (Yoruba Soul Mix) Emmaculate - Isis (Yoruba Soul Mix)
Hailing straight out of Kazan City, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia - Vertigini makes his debut within our top 10 Deep House Artists of 2020. With influences steeped in deep bass, big garage drums and a hint of disco, Vertigini has been capturing the attention of big DJs from all around the world for some time now. And with good reason. He ends the year with 4 tracks in our Top 200 Deep House Tracks of 2020, springboarding him forward into 2021 with some serious momentum. Highlights included the all-encompassing cut ‘The Shrimps’ released on Myriad Black Recordings, a real sign of Vertigini’s flair for not overcomplicating the mix but still managing to have a crispness that lets the track ebb and flow with ease. ‘Magic’ gave us a more playful side to his sound whilst still managing to keep things deep. Large Music snapped up the excellent ‘Saint Tropez’ - a feel-good journey of no-nonsense, feel-good groove with a future-facing twist. It was over at Soul Beach Records where Vertigini dropped a hot remix of Din Jay’s ‘It’s Not Over’ - taking a classic sample to a fresh new level; drum patterns and bass tightly intertwined throughout. If that’s what he’s managed to accomplish just this year, then we sure can’t wait to see what he’s got on the hard drive for 2021!
It was a good year for the Italian veteran Mo’Cream who landed two standout releases within our Top 200 Deep House Tracks of 2020. His ‘In The City EP’ on No Fuss Records showed us that when it comes to stripped back, less-is-more funk, Mo’Cream has it locked. It was the perfect combination and balance of vocal, a 90s throwback feel and only the warmest of bass which carried the track along effortlessly. ‘Soul Deep’ brought a slightly deeper variation - driving bass and crisp drums. His ‘Look Inside EP’ received heavy rotation from DJs across the board offering him a chance to play with a more melodic intermission stapled with that solid trademark groove of his and ‘Drop It’ came with an almost mysterious feel, deep funk filtered throughout for a real journey track. Another standout track from the year was 84Bit’s remix of Mo’Cream’s ‘U Can Do It’ - and boy they did it. A solid year for a solid producer, long live the mighty Mo’Cream!
It was another big year for British DJ and producer, Scott Diaz. Riding high following the impressive momentum built up over the past couple of years, 2020 saw Scott release even more fresh, energetic and innovative slices of deep house. Keeping things exciting on the bumpier side of the genre, Diaz knows what needs to be done in the studio to keep dancefloors moving deep into the early hours. He’s mastered the art! Highlights include his collaboration with Timmy P on ‘Give It Up’ released on Nervous to widespread support from DJs across all corners of the scene. He returned to Sub_Urban alongside LOA for the ‘Somewhere Else’ EP marking his third release on Sebas Ramis’ label. In September he dropped the brilliant ‘When The World Stopped’ on PLAYEDiT Records, swiftly followed by ‘Black Magic’ on Amplified Records.
An impressive move no less than 21 places up on last year, Australian DJ, producer, remixer and songwriter, Nathan G, continues to represent Melbourne on the global stage - a true bastion of Australia’s electronic music! The Luvbug Records owner put out a number of highly-successful releases including a massive remix of Allen Craig and Tobirus Mozelle’s ‘Never Alone’ on Moulton Music where Nathan brought deep soul and funk in abundance. ‘Love What U Got’ featuring new soul artist Bastien was a sun-drenched deep number for the Summer season. His remix of LTS’ ‘Paradise’ crept up the charts in September and we couldn’t do a look back of the past year without giving mention to his brilliant rework of Boogie Rapture’s ‘Always Chicago’ and his re-feel edit of ‘Same Thing’. Nathan’s clearly enjoying his time in the studio and his strengths as a multi-faceted musician shone through in 2020.
A strong year for Demarkus Lewis - the multi-talented producer and remixer made his stamp on 2020 through a string of successful releases that found their way firmly into the Deep House category. Standout cuts included ‘Rawdogin’’ and ‘I Don’t Beg’ on his Grin Music imprint, ‘That Raw Vibe’ - Lewis’ first-ever outing on Large Music, despite being one of the original artists on its sub-label Vista Recordings back in the early 2000s. His rework of Chicago’s Colette alongside Joshua Heath’s ‘Call On Me’ as part of his remixes EP gave us a sense of his playful, deep dancefloor vibe whilst his alias DVL landed with a bang on ‘Love U Give’ - a mesmerizing, deep and mysterious number that shows us yet again that Demarkus Lewis is a bright force within house music and one that burns bright!
The music man, aka Kevin Yost, comes in at #5 this year following another big year for the multi-talented stateside producer. He served up even more original music, reworks and remixes and generally all round big releases that dominated our charts throughout 2020. Kevin’s remix of Saison’s ‘One Day’ on No Fuss Records was a cleancut demonstration of a well-versed remixer in his prime. His remix of ‘Jump’ on TSOY played to his more futuristic-sounding edge whilst ‘Encode’ on i! Records was steeped in an easy jazz-infused Balearic flow. Another standout release was ‘Do You Want Me To’ - another outing for Kevin on TSOY where he flexed yet another classy vocal Deep House number! We couldn’t wrap the year without mentioning Saison’s brilliant remix of ‘Sounds So Good’ - a chart sticker for many weeks, both our Traxsource Hype and Weekend Weapons charts and also heavily featured within our guest DJ charts. The North Londoners also nailed a remix of Kevin’s ‘Messing With My Soul’ and Swedish duo, Dirtytwo, added to the remix pressure with their take on the aptly named ‘Jazz Space Homey’ - making for a floating journey into the universe with deep, laid-back flavors at play paired with delicate keys. Congratulations Kevin Yost on a great year, here’s to the next!
Atjazz proved yet again that his creativity knows no boundaries. It was a great year for one of the scene’s most prolific and highly-respected producers and remixers. A life force across many of our other subgenres including Soulful and Afro House - it was here in the Deep House category where Martin displayed the breadth and extent of his capabilities. Demonstrating year-after-year that the music man from the Midlands is a refreshingly original and organic talent. Standout releases include his remix of Mr. Martin Denev’s ‘Perfectly Enough’ with Sasha Zico, making for a beautifully crafted piece of deep, uplifting and electronic future funk. ‘We’re Still Here’ - released at home on Atjazz Record Company, saw Atjazz push sonics and textures even further along with ‘Lxve’ - Martin’s collaboration with At One and Emilie Chick, a simplistic, stripped-back number with an irresistible groove. It’s cuts like these that set Atjazz apart from the rest and continue to hold the label in such high regard. His recent outing on Parlaphone (France) the gloriously laid back groove of ‘Rose Rouge’ by St Germain felt like the confident marking of a musician comfortable with time, space and new directions. Atjazz, we applaud you and we can’t wait to hear what you’ve been cooking up for next year!
Bounding up this year’s Deep House rankings by an impressive 11 places to #3 is Dallas house music stalwart, JT Donaldson! 2020 was yet another great year from one of the scene’s most talented producers and remixers with cuts finding their way into many of our charts and guest DJ charts. He managed to land a total of 7 tracks in this year’s Top 200 round up, which is no surprise given the quality of his studio output. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at some of the highlights. JT took up remix duties on the title track of PIV Records founder, Prunk’s ‘Through The Wall’ EP for a lesson in effortlessly smooth and deep sounds. His remix of Dirtytwo’s ‘Hopeless’ on Sub-Urban took the Swedish duo’s cut to the next level showing us how great house music can be, before teaming up with North Londoner’s Saison to rework Risk Assessment and DJ Romain’s ‘This Must Be Deep’ - a deep slice of piano riff goodness on the excellent No Fuss Records. ‘Stay Inside’ feat. Liv.e released on Classic Music Company in 2019 continued to see great success throughout the year showing us that good music still has the power to be timeless. ‘Dis Oui!’ - released on New Math Records - was the result of JT’s time spent in Belgium where he connected with Penelope Antena, extended his trip and recorded the track, which went on to be remixed by Jason Hodges, CPen and Ben Hixon. Signing out the year on a high, his most recent remix of ‘High Hopes’ by Sub_Urban’s Sebas Ramis feat. Robert Owens serves up that classic hypnotic, deep JT Donaldson vibe. A vibe that we can’t get enough of, and look forward to hearing more of in 2021!
It was yet another excellent year for Sebb Junior. Just a glance across our end of year categories and you’ll find him ranking high amongst the House, Nu Disco and Soulful charts. It really goes to show what a versatile, talented and well nuanced artist Sebb Junior really is. Right here in Deep House, he holds onto his #2 ranking from last year, fully warranting his nickname as the Deep House King! Releases came thick and fast throughout the year, his brilliant ‘Love Songs’ EP bringing a trio of danceable deep house tracks to Sub_Urban which flew up the Traxsource charts. His remix of Night Tales cut ‘Runaway’ combined the best of soulful and deep flavors for a sultry, groove-laced affair. Other standout releases include Sebb’s remix of South West Seven’s ‘Absolute’ released on Seven Music - an infectiously good funky burner. ‘Summer Breezing’ saw Sebb team up with Sammy Deuce for a well-received return to Deepalma Soul and his remix of Cape Town talent Jude Brown’s ‘To Me’ on Papa Records rounded off a superb release. We can’t get enough of Sebb, which is good - because he clearly can’t get enough of House Music and we’re here for it. Congratulations Sebb Junior!
Following yet another incredibly strong year for the No Fuss Records duo, Saison uphold their #1 Deep House artist spot once again, making for an impressive third year in a row! The North Londoners have been busy. Really busy. 20 of their tracks have made it into our Top 200 Tracks of 2020, of which 5 appear in the top 20 which is no mean feat given the sheer caliber of music that we’ve all witnessed this year. Home label No Fuss Records also had an excellent year, with the bosses making several appearances on remix duties. Roy England’s ‘Benirras Nights’ feat. Dovetracks received a healthy dose of dancefloor groove with N-You-Up’s ‘Vibin’’ also receiving their signature clean-cut energy and pace. Making a fuss elsewhere, the pair dropped a funk-laden mix of Soulmagic’s namesake cut on Soulfuric - ‘Soulmagic’ with a firm nod to their classic house influences. Keeping it deep and rolling, Saison added their magic touches to Kevin Yost’s ‘Sounds So Good’ - a big bassline with plenty of space to move around the track and keep the bassbins in check. Things got floaty over at Z Records as ‘Ride The Storm’ had all the hallmarks of a classic Saison remix with Linda Clifford’s vocal samples intertwined within sweeping pads and heavy kicks, showing us that there’s plenty of beauty to be found in the deep!

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