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Born in Brooklyn New York from Italian immigrant parents from Reggio Calabria. Growing up listening to Wbls and 92ktu. Going to night clubs at the young age of 15 years old. Night clubs like Jasmins in Brooklyn. Then I remember some people in the neighborhood raving about a club in Manhattan named infinity’s. And I have to say that was my first taste of what a real big night club that was open to all cultures. It didn’t matter what color you were if you were gay or straight. One thing was if you looked like a guido from Brooklyn you would never get in. They weren’t down with DA and the gold rope chain around your neck. So kids from Brooklyn use to disguise their look because they wanted to get in so bad. Also the music was amazing. You felt free there. After Infinity burned down. Soon after came the fun house. But for me just wasn’t as great. Hard to explain. But infinity was just so special.
All the while I would be building my record collection. I only had one turntable. Then in 1983 I bought my first pair of technic 1200s. And I was going back and forth from deck to deck. I eventually got a gig in a restaurant night club called September’s in ft. Lauderdale. That was 1987. Became friendly with some local Dj’s which is how I landed a spot in Joseph’s night club in 1988. I was a back up DJ to Jimmy Campagato and Sammy Samaro. I also worked the lights there. Eventually Jimmy and Sammy had a falling out and I kinda moved up one slot to 1st back up. And all around this time house music was climbing and becoming the number one music of the music culture. For me it was all about Ten City, Ultra Nate, Adeva, Robert Owens, Arnold Jarvis, Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper, Hot Mix5 and many more. Of course I have to mention the god father Frankie knuckles. Also David Morales for to me inventing to intro outro. Extending the intro so you were able to just ride the mix. A lot of the old house was kinda like disco. If you missed the break you were kind of screwed if you were critical of the mix. And I was one of those. Cueing it up 5 times to make sure I had the songs lined up. For me that was the era that changed my life forever. I fell in love with house music. I fell in love with the message it projected. Which was love and also the struggle of inequality. It was my church. Something That I held on to dearly.
Eventually in the 1998 I opened a record store. I had a local following which was the hip hop and breakbeat Dj’s who supported my store. There was a house section. But to be honest these kids were young and they called house music , straight beat. So if your clientele wants hamburgers you can’t sell them hot dogs. That’s how I try to explain it. I had an 8 year run and it was a great experience. Meanwhile around 2004 I got a gig at a restaurant called Sushi Samba. I Dj there on Saturday nights. I’m still djing there now. Lots have changed. But it’s a gig and I get to play underground music. And that’s where I’m most comfortable and happy.
Also one of my life long dreams was to put out a track. I’m not a musician. So with only DJ experience and not technically advanced I found it too difficult to put out my own music. So this is what brings me to my first release.
First let me say my brother from another mother Brian Tappert who I’ve know since around 1991. And watched grow to eventually starting his own label with Mark Pomeroy (Soulfuric Recordings). And they started The underground music source for people who love real house music. One night Brian and Moon Rocket came to one of my gigs. At that time I only knew Moon Rocket as a producer. We had never met. I got his info and eventually we linked up in the studio. And True Freedom was born. I must say I will be forever grateful to Moon Rocket for working with me. He has a lot on his plate, as we all do these days. But he made time to help me create this release. It’s my first and hopefully not my last project.
There are many other people who I would like to thank that helped shape who I am musically. I have to give thanks to Lit
True Freedom
Anthony Crupi Mix (6:52)
True Freedom
Anthony Crupi Instrumental Mix (6:52)

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