After unknowningly and simultaneously dating the same supermodel for 3 years, Will Maggs & Andre Bruchez met at a private party in the top floor suite of a 53 story building in downtown Philadelphia. After discussing how much more upset they were with the evening's soundtrack than that of their previous shared love, together they decided to put aside their differences and vowed to educate the public on what proper dance music should sound like. With Will's background in improvisational jazz saxophone and Andre's ability to reproduce animal sounds with synthesizers the duo began creating their own dancefloor symphonies and learned to mix music (or DJ) as a means of sharing their passion for euphoric groovy beats. Fast forward a few more years and the duo has refined their sound with a collection of releases on various international dance music labels. They've also launched their own label, emby, which is an outlet for their network of groove-music enthusiast friends.
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