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HWah Presents 71 Degrees Of Deep
hWah (DJ Eddie-Ed Remix)

CJ181 | 2017-01-15
Dreaming Of Equator
Original Mix (7:46)
Afro House
71 Degrees Of Jazz
Original Mix (7:49)
Afro House
Hot Mars Cold Earth
Original Mix (7:38)
Afro House
Dreaming Of Equator
Dj Eddie-Ed’s Tropical Groove Mix (8:51)
Dj Eddie-Ed
Afro House
71 Degrees Deep is the debut EP of Norwegian producer hWah who is based in Oslo. hWah has previously released an edits EP on Giant Cuts, and got several remixes on Cyberjamz Records and Vier Deep Digital. His latest remixes are of Vanessa L Smith Naked Soul, Harold Brandon She Says and Jay Nemors Everyday. just to name a few.

The one remix in the package is a real club banger! Dj Eddie-Ed has knocked out a killer version which takes it deeper into the afro side of things. It will get the floor marching effortlessly during peaktime for sure.

Great Reviews:

Excellent E.P I totally Love Hot Mars,Cold Earth , Sweet !
Reviewed by Martin Atjazz.

Nice quality stuff! Will be playing some of these for sure.
Reviewed by Opolopo - 7/10

Loving the mixture of sounds and creativity put into this production! It was hard to decide which I loved the best! Great work!
DjHousecat (la gata de fuego) Cyberjamz Radio / Toupee Records - 8/10

Real nice grooves.
Reviewed by Hippie Torrales Cyberjamz Radio 8/10

Dreaming of the Equator (Dj Eddie D Tropical Groove Mix) is the one for me . The original mix is nice as well. Kinda digging the 71 Degrees of jazz too.
Anthony Nicholson - 8/10

Nick Holder - 8/10

Nice pack!
Reviewed by Carlo Francisco - 8/10

Lovely package. Dreamin is my favourite
LUKA - 7/10

very good package! i like specially Dreamin Of Equator and 71 Degrees of Jazz!
Kiko Navarro - 8/10

Great tracks
Robert Owens - 8/10

Great production, all of the tracks are well playable. Full of wonderful music and fresh beats. Beautiful release from the very first note. Quality....Absolutely! LOVE, SOUL & All that Jazz Dr Bob J.
Dr. Bob Jones - 9/10

Harold Brandon (IN BLUEBLACKNESS) - Cyberjamz Records - 10/10

A great EP filled with Jazzy afro beats ! Loving the Hot Mars & Cold Earth afro beat mix with female vocal overlay,great tracks.Also the Dj Eddie-Ed Groove Mix is on point with those jazzy vibes!
Reviewed by Dj Hammy in full support.

The EP Overall is smooth and I give it a 7 out 10. The track Im going to be rocking for sure is 71 Degrees of Jazz.That definitely grabbed my attention stright off the bat !
Reviewed by Brian Nance Cyberjamz/Toupee Records

Deep and earthy instrumentals.Im a fan of the percussive elements!
Dj Buzzard - Cyberjamz/Toupuee Records 10/10

We love your tracks and we will feature them on our Delectabeats Show !
Reviewed by Afro-Disiac Radio 8/10 score

Full Support
Oscar P - 10/10

Very Atomospheric and deep. Diggin it !
Reviewed by Tayo Wink Cyberjamz /Toupee Records 9/10 score

Jazzy,smooth and pleasant to the ears!
Reviewed by Pistol Pete FTB Radio 8/10 score

YES Really grooving with Hot Mars! Very Nice!
Reviewed by Glen Williams MyHouseRadio.FM

Hwah bringing the heat, Solid Ep
Ray Coker - 9/10

I really liked 71 Degrees of Jazz Original Mix. I also liked he Hot Mars and the Cold Earth alot too but the banger here in this package is
Dreaming of Equador (Dj Eddie-Eds Tropical Groove Mix) really hot !
Thank you!
Reviewed by Ronald Overby (Dj RonnieRon) score 9/10

nice package-loving all but 71 degrees of jazz is my fav.
Eaze Coleman - 8/10

Hot EP. I especially love Dreaming of Equator (DJ Eddie-Eds Tropical Grooves Mix. He brought out the great keyboard work of the original mix to the forefront. Hot Mars Cold Earth is a cool Afro Deep journey!!! A Late Night jam!!
Reviewed Hakeem Syrbram - 8/10

71 Degrees Of Jazz - original mix is a master piece ! great music !
Da Vince - 7/10

At the crossroad between Afro, Deep and Jazz/House. Cool bean from Norwegian studio sorcerer hWah... (Indamixworldwide.live)
Frederic MFSB Messent - 8/10

Loving Dreamin of Equator! Quality!
Lay-Far - 7/10

Dreaming Of Equator sounds real nice...congrats Havard Mats
Mad Mats - 8/10

Dreaming is the one for me, both mixes! Nice
Rainer Truby - 9/10

Tropical house and disco vibes set to keep your mind off the cold weather.
Robin Lee / Faze Action - 7/10

Great stuff, really like them all. A complete package for a good night out.
De Fantastiske To / Marius Sommerfeldt - 9/10

Strong release! Really digging Dreamin Of Equator and Hot Mars Cold Earth
De Fantastiske To / Raveenka - 9/10

Superb EP!
Pete Herbert - 10/10

Great pack indeed!! Thanks for this... #OhYea
DJ Thes-Man - 7/10

Well done, congratulations! Beautiful tracks. Hot Mars Cold Earth is the one I enjoy the most.
B.G. Baarregaard - 9/10

Loveley - hWah! Thank you very much. Jarle B - Ytre Rymden
Jarle Braathen - 9/10

Nice stuff.
Black Vinyl - 8/10

All really nice classy productions Love all the tracks Martin
Martin White - 9/10

Whole package absolute Fire! Dreaming Of Equator (Original Mix) for me
James Thompson - 10/10

nice and well rounded EP with afro-ish styled house. Especially loving 71 Degrees and Hot mars... Thanks a lot, will play!
Khillaudio - 9/10

Nice release. My personal favourite is track 3 but they all sound nice to me.
Brad P - 8/10

Fantastic EP! I remember other times, good times about House Music. The world needs more than this. Wil play!
DeejayKul - 10/10

Nice one Håvard! Some real Jazzy vibes here. Jazzy Jens
Jazzy Jens - 9/10

71 Degrees and Hot Mars Cold Earth sound good...but why you so scared of the kick drum? :) Let that bad boy thump! Dreamin of Equator...sadly, forgettable. The remix, even more so, I'm afraid. Still, a solid release!
Malcolm Moore - 7/10

71 degrees and hot mars are top notch!
Hamza Rahimtula - 8/10

Thanks to everyone for taking a moment to review this banging release !

produced by hWah
Additional production by Edward Ward
Track 4 Dreaming Of Quator is produced by Dj Eddie-Ed

Mastered by Oakfield Mastering

Cover Art: hWah

licensing,booking and info:
contact sammyrock@mail.com
Havard Kvangarsnes djhwah@gmail.com

Visit http://djhwah.wixsite.com/hwah for upcoming remixes and info
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