Keep On Dancin': A Tribute to the Godfather of Disco Mel Cheren (Disc 1)
Various Artists
West End Records (Verse Music)

WES2008-1 | 2010-07-06
Intro: The Soundtrack
West End
Adam Cruz
Accapella $1.99
Mel's Song
Mon Amour, Mon Ami (7:20)
Rod Mckuen
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Sesso Matto
Original Version (3:46)
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Adam Cruz Tribute Version (9:04)
Sounds of Inner City
Adam Cruz
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Tell You
Today (7:02)
Loose Joints
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Is It All Over My Face?
Larry Levan Mix (6:57)
Loose Joints
Larry Levan
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Let's Go Dancin'
Larry Levan Mix (8:09)
Larry Levan
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Girl I Like The Way That You Move
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Do It To The Music
Raw Silk
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
Another Man
Barbara Mason
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
B.T. (Brenda Taylor)
Soul / Funk / Disco $1.99
West End delivers disco classics like no other! Here, we pay tribute to the Godfather of Disco Mel Cheren (Disc 1)West End Records was co-founded by Mel Cheren and Ed Kushins in 1976. The label went on to define the sound of New York City in the heyday of disco. That sound eventually filtered to dance floors and clubs across the country and around the world. West End Records is known as one of the most prominent labels in dance music's history along with Prelude, SalSoul and Casablanca. During the disco era, many labels and artists scrambled to put out records that would ride the wave of disco's popularity but West End was not jumping on any bandwagon. West End created the bandwagon, releasing hits like Taana Gardner's Heartbeat, Karen Young's Hot Shot, Loose Joints' Is It All Over My Face, Barbara Mason's Another Man, and The NYC Peech Boys' Don't Make Me Wait, creating a frenzy on dance floors. These titles, along with many others in the West End Records catalog, went on to become some of the most sampled songs in music history. At the helm of it all was Mel Cheren.

Affectionately known as The Godfather of Disco for his championing of DJ's, dance music and club culture from the early days of the Disco Movement, Mel began his five decade career in the music business at ABC/Paramount, where he eventually became Head of Production. He held the same position when he moved to Scepter Records. During his tenure at Scepter he was responsible for many innovations such as the first 12 inch record for DJ's and the first instrumental mix on the B-side, earning Scepter the Trendsetter of the Year Award from Billboard in 1974. With a former Scepter colleague he formed his own company, West End Records in 1976, which has been associated for over 30 years with enduring dance classics like Hot Shot and Heartbeat. In recent years, West End released popular compilation CD's of remixes and live performances by legendary Paradise Garage DJ Larry Levan and others on the illustrious label. Mel was also the financial backer of the landmark club created by his former life-partner Michael Brody. This history is well documented in Mel's autobiography, MY LIFE AND THE PARADISE GARAGE: KEEP ON DANCIN' published in 2000 and in a recent documentary, "G.O.D. THE GODFATHER OF DISCO".

In 2005, Mel was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame with their Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor which meant a great deal to him. For all of his accomplishments in the music industry, Mel was most proud of his work in support of various causes and charities and in particular his efforts in support of the LGBT Community and the fight against AIDS. He was part of the vanguard of gay men who first responded to the AIDS crisis in New York in the early Eighties and gave GMHC their first home in his Chelsea brownstone which he later operated for over 20 years as a successful bed-and-breakfast, the Colonial House Inn. He was the founder of 24 Hours For Life, an AIDS charity that was the fiscal sponsor for LIFEbeat, on whose Board he served as a Charter Director. Mel was also quietly a friend to many friends and strangers in need as well as an accomplished painter. A large number of Mel's works of art memorialize friends lost to AIDS.

It is a sad irony that he is a fatality of the same health crisis that he fought so long to eradicate. Even in his last days he took a stand for AIDS prevention in a cautionary interview aired on the LOGO channel throughout the week of World AIDS Day. Mel Cheren is will be greatly missed by many family members as well as a large extended family of close friends and colleagues in the global music community.

West End Records is honored and proud to present "Keep On Dancin': A Tribute to the Godfather of Disco Mel Cheren", a 2 disc collection of some of Mel's favorite West End classics. Each song was brilliantly hand picked, recalling specific songs from the catalog, both popular and obscure, that Mel loved and often mentioned. This tribute also includes exclusive bonus material, such as the rare original demo of the only song Mel ever co-wrote, entitled "Save a Place on the Dance Floor for Me." Mel especially chose dance and gospel music star Dawn Tallman to give life to his emotional song about dear friends that have passed away too soon.

Other incredible BONUS TRACKS include:
- Marty Thomas "Thank You (Power of Love)" (Ian Friday's Tea Party Tribute Mix)
- Dawn Tallman "Save a Place on the Dance Floor for Me" (Glenn Thornton's Slaag Tribute Mix)
- Sounds of Inner City "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" (Adam Cruz Tribute Version)

Compilation produced by Adam Cruz.
Cover and package design by Adam Cruz.
Executive Producers: Adam Cruz and Illya Dekhtyar.
Mastered by Tom and Jim Brick at Absolute Audio: http://absoluteaudio.com.

Special thanks to Dawn Tallman, Glenn Thornton, Ian Friday and YOU!

©2010 West End Records, a Division of Payback Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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