To Be In Love 2014
Paradise 45, Nalaya
Conkrete Digital Music

CONKRETE067 | 2014-07-04
SUMMER ANTHEM ALERT! This was the first ever release on Conkrete Digital and smashed the charts right away, but now, move FAST FORWARD, and what we present you here for the summer of 2014, are two MAHOOOOOSIVE remixes courtesy of FAKE REMEDY and MAFF BOOTHROYD, that are going to demolish the charts for sure again!

FAKE REMEDY's mix is a MOSTER, there's no doubt about it, mixing classic piano vibes with some badass bassline and THAT VOCAL that you just can't resist! The intro speaks for itself, nearly 2 minutes before the bass kicks in and lifts things up, and even if you usually don't like such intro's, you will lov ethat one and play it out full!

BUT! HEy, you thought that was it!? NOPE, SIR! There comes one of the rising stars out there in form of BOBBY TEE & MARC WILLIAMS, beefing things up a bit, adding more punch to the track, with some fab organ and pinao lines, a huge bass and funkier, more driving bassline, making it a perfect summer track too!

If you can't decide of which mix is the better one for you, then welcome to the club, as we can't do it either! So best thing is, buy the whole package!


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