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Past, Pre5ent & Phuture Album Sampler 2
Various Artists
Mjuzieek Digital

MJUZIEEK162 | 2014-01-03
Gotta Get There
Pray for More Mix (6:22)
Pray For More, Dihann Moore
House $1.99
When I Fell In Love
Pray for More Mix (6:02)
Pray For More, Majuri
Deep House
Made For Me
Sami Dee's 67 East 3rd Street Remix (6:29)
Pray For More, Inaya Day
Sami Dee
Soulful House
Here we go with the second of four album samplers taken form the forthcoming Pray for More album, and this time we're housing things up a bit!

3 tracks again here, featuring the vocal talents of Inaya Day, Dihann Moore and Majuri, and 3 smashing tracks to deliver their goods to...

Starting off with Pray for More & Dihann Moore and a track called "Gotta Get There", which is based on an oldskool chicago style bassline, thrown over a funky groove and some hot keys, all topped with Dihann's massive ! You definately Gotta Get There with this!

Then we're over to Pray for More & Majuri with their remake of a real House Classic, "When I Fell In Love". Staying close to the Original track, adding the 2013/2014 flava to it, this already has caused a lot of attention after first posted to Soundcloud, and have been requested by a lot of big names since, with a handful of them already hammering it in their gigs worldwide...

Finally, there is Sami Dee's remix of Pray for More & Inaya Day's track "Made For Me", out originally a few months ago, but now remixed to great effect by Sami and therefore also been included on this sampler and the later album!

Enjoy this trip! REAL HOUSEMUSIC is still alive!

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