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Like It Ruff
Duane Harden, Big Ali, Dragonfly, DaOutsidaz

SOZ064D | 2013-10-21
We all have a wild side that doesn't want to be tamed! Sydney Sampson is magic with this spell-binding production "Like It Ruff" featuring today's hottest artist. Dragonfly (Pitbull & Bob Sinclar) will seduce you with her swooning vocals. Bursting on to the scene are the dynamic DaOutsidaz spitting out bruising lyrics that will make for a very Ruff intoxication. Master lyrical sensei Big ALI (NRJ Radio DJ) goes full throttle with a one-two punch that will hype up dance floors across the globe. If you like your music pounding the floor then we know you "Like It Ruff".

Turn it up to the maximum!


Like It Ruff
Gimme gimme all you got (you know I like it ruff)
Baby don't you ever stop (I like it ruff)
Take me take me to the top (you know I like it ruff)
I love the way your bass drops (I like it ruff)

Verse A
Turn it up to the maximum
We party hard to the break of dawn
Girls just wanna have fun
Call the cops cuz I hit and run
The music's loud with a rowdy crowd
We going crazy we drunk and faded
Drink in my cup and I'm about to spill it
You like it ruff I'm a let you feel it

Swagg up in this chick
I'm a big Mac and she lovin' it
She scratch me so bad I make her wear oven mitts
Sex in the kitchen
Broke table broke dishes
We made a mess come fix it
I can't stop this pimpin'

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
I ain't seen nothing like you before
Girl you fancy like candy
Now I gotta make a lil cameo
When that bass knocks you hit the floor
Turn up to ya zone
Baby get loose let me see what you can do
It's 2 o'clock in da mornin'
I ain't got plans now what about you

You like it ruff
Give you them 808%u2019s and those fist pumps
Uh .. That's hella tuff
We party rockin' ya place up
I'm gone I'm faded
Too intoxicated
Turn my beat up
And let's reup
And after that replay it

Repeat Chorus

I'm in the club
You know we be turnin%u2019 up
She like's it ruff
That's what she said to me
I took her home
And after that she fell in love
She in my zone
Now she my lil freak

Pretty girl looking so hot
Love the way that bass drops
Party don't stop
Ride my elevator straight to the top
Baby if you scared then go call the cops .. stop
Pop bottles get happy
Shawty talkin' a m%uFFFDnage get at me
Poker face I called her bluff
But then she turned around and said I like it ruff

Uh oh uh oh

Repeat Chorus
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