So Good
Pray For More, Inaya Day
Mjuzieek Digital

MJUZIEEK140 | 2013-06-07
So Good
Pray For More's In Love With Mjuzieek Remix (6:57)
Pray For More, Inaya Day
Soulful House $1.99
So Good
Coqui Selection Remix (6:20)
Pray For More, Inaya Day
Coqui Selection
House $1.99
There are not many singers out there, that can truly use the quote DIVA for themself these days, but the legend that is Inaya Day, definately is one of them!
So it's no big surprise what you can expect from a track that has her name included as part of the artists! BIG DIVA STYLE VOCAL BUSINESS!
Take that and the talent of Pray for More's smooth, funky and soulful musical style, and you got a damn monster of a track...
As you'd expect, Pray for More goes all funky, disco and soulful on their own mix, with some classic piano, disco strings, live bass, guitars and lots of other funky elements to make this mix an outstanding one, perfectly working Inaya's hooky vocals!
Then, the always delivering Coqui Selection has decided to house up the Original, giving it a slightly commercial feel, making it more dancefloor friendly for the bigger floors with his Remix.
No matter which version you choose, this is pure class, showing what Housemusic is about!
Not much more to be said, except the usual: LISTEN, DONWLOAD and PLAY IT OUT LOUD in the clubs and your radio shows!

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