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Keep On Movin'
Groove Motion, Angelina
Phunky Rabbit Records

PRR024 | 2013-04-30
Right on the back of Miami WMC Phunky Rabbit Records keeps the vibes coming with a track from Groove Motion featuring Angelina called 'Keep On Movin'. The Groove Motion guys have done a lot of quality remixes for the label but this is their debut single s they team up with Phunky Rabbit favourite vocalist Angelina Royal. The track is a quality solid Soulful House affair with Angelina providing a direct strong melodic vocals with a heat felt passion.
On the remixes first we have a very good friend of mine Marco Le Barone. DJ Le Baron featured strongly on the Miami sampler and here he gives us a funky mix which would fit in a club or poolside alike. He uses the vocals so well in this and the whole track has a happy go lucky vibe about it. Really uplifting stuff with plenty of hooks. Next it is so good to see my friend Doobie J (Jason Alner) coming back on the scene after a good break. It is also very fitting that he comes back on this release because it was Jason who introduced me to Wayne and Jack. J does a deep mix with haunting synth stabs featuring on it. Next up we have another friend of the label who has remixed before for me Jimmy Whoo. His directors cut really shows off his cool style with vocal hooks that are hard to get out of your head. Great job Jimmy brother. Finally we have a debut of +268 who give us a deep house based Afro mix.
Early industry response in alphabetical order:
Corvino Traxx; "Goood Release!!! Full Support!!!"
Delmar Browne; "Pure Dopeness After The Drop of The Track!"
Dj Mannix; "Original for me"
DJ Alan Powell; "Like the 90s influenced Piano of the original. Good sax break in Le baron mix.... Doobie J is the best mix for me, more underground sounding... Will
be supporting the above :)"
DJ Alex Inc; "Love the original mix & le baron !!!! full support!! another bomb from Groove Motion!!!!"
DJ Bigicello; "Great release, awesome vocals, full support!"
DJ Craig Twitty; "Excellent package. Full support!!!"
DJ Greg Anderson; "Yet more upfront great music from the phunky rabbit ...i am really feeling the original mix, reminds me of the good old chicago house feel, just in time
for Miami, let's go kids " Phunky Rabbits don't die , they multiply ""
Eaze; "like it!love the old school vibe on the original-the deep afro mix and dj le baron mix rock!"
George Von Liger; "Love the piano riff on Jimmy Whoo's remix"
Greg Cain; "Yes, yes, yes, taking this to fuerteventura tomorrow, more like this please malc!"
Joey Silvero (Distant People); "great feel to Dj LE Baron Funky mix,"
Joio DJ; "Very nice package, my favorite is the original mix a very good vibe"
Karen Wakefield; "a great npackage,,keeping everything fresh and soulful,great work,loved them"
Karl Lambert (Grooveboy); "Nice track..."
Kev Buchanan; "Really liking this tune, original for me."
Marco Barone; "yesssss, very nice package! love the different mixes!"
Michael Fossati; "Strong package with each version guaranteed to set the floor on fire"
Nick Power; "Liking the Original & Jimmy The Moo mix :-) Will give it a few plays as soon as i get the chance."
Paolo Mixato; "5from5!!!so dope!"
Rob Nutek; "like the doobie mix, good job"
Robert Shorthouse (Cyberjams); "All mixes are worth playing."
Romoaldo; "A fab Groove Motion production with the warm vocals of Angelina, like the sunshine of a new spring day. Now, that's, what's up doc!!"
Sandro Valentino; "Loving this release! Quality vibez from GM! Love all the mixes! Original Mix just nicks it for me tho!"
Simon BB White; "This is a massive track !Full Support!Le Baron Mix spinnin hot!"
Steve Shaw; "More hotness from Phunky Rabbit A really tight package, but for me it's the Doobie J Deep Mix as it really brings out Ange's voice ... but again such a
difficult choice ;)"
Steve Watts; "Some tasty remixes"
Tom Housfroind; "Groove Motion feat Angelina - Keep on movin Original Mix: nice baseline, key fit perfect, Voice of Angelina perfect arranged, Strings nice. 9/10 DJ Le
Baron Funky Mix: NIce keys, perfect beat, nice dancetrack 8/10 Doobie J Deep: nice deep remix package, nice voice effects, voice fits perfect, 9/10
Jimmy Who: good baseline, fresh beat, intro a little bit to much samples, middle part very good 7/10 +268: nice different interpretation of that track.
Tony Mathews; "the original got a classic tune love it and dj le baron got a lot of energy to it also doobie j deep too afro mix is really hot too im playing them all."
Twisthead London; "good"
Credits on the DJ Le Baron Funky Mix;
Produced & Arranged by Marco Barone & Roger Lehner, Mastered by Roger Lehner@FMP Studio
Sax by Bardia Charaf
As always it is all about the music and I hope you all enjoy this quality package.
All enquiries to;
Coverart graphic design by Guylaine Regimbald contact;

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