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The Spanyards E.P.
Lexvaz & JJ Mullor
Conkrete Digital Music

CONKRETE016 | 2013-04-01
Lexvaz & JJ Mullor making their debut on Conkrete Digital with this percussive and more underground orientated E.P., entitled the Sanyards E.P.!
The sound is different to our previous releases on Conkrete, but you can't deny a good groovy and funky track when you hear it, and here you got two of them!
First up it's "Within Without" featuring Shelley Taylor on vocals, a firing percussive banger with some funky stabs and an overall darker and techier edge, while "Miss You Up" is a groovy little tech house number with some latin elements and vocal cut-ups in it!
Destined for the darker and more underground floors, this still has all the elements we love at Conkrete Digital HQ, so this gets big thumps up from us...
Not much more to be said, except the usual: LISTEN, DONWLOAD and PLAY IT OUT LOUD in the clubs and your radio shows!

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