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Soul In My Soul
Dihann Moore
Mjuzieek Digital

MJUZIEEK101 | 2013-03-01
We've been after this track for more then 2 years after we first heard the demo, and finally convinced Dihann to sign it with us!
This is a monster of a vocal, written and performed by Dihann herself, a name that is deeply rooted in the House music biz, though many people won't be aware. She's performed on many House classics, including Alcatraz - Gimme Luv, and tons of others...
This is the first pack of mixes we'll be doing, and we left the Original in good and trusted hands with our label artists, the Souljackerz!
They always deliver and you never know what they come up with, but you know one thing for sure, it will be hot and diverse...
They took some of the best vocal parts of the Original and slapped them over one of their already trademark funky grooves, keeping the soulful vibe of the Original but beefin' it up for the Househeads too... growing and growing...
And then, Stuart Braybrooke, one half of the Souljackerz, got his band members from the Monday Music Club in, and they added lots of live flavour and soulful vibes to their Monday Music Club Remix!
We didn't add the Original Mix to the package yet, as we want all of you to experience yourself what can be done with some great vocals, when getting good remixer in!
Not much more to be said, except the usual: LISTEN, DONWLOAD and PLAY IT OUT LOUD in the clubs and your radio shows!

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