Chic Money E.P.
Stanny Abram
Conkrete Digital Music

CONKRETE009 | 2013-02-11
With no doubt, slovenian DJ and producer Stanny Abram is one of the hottest bullets on the international Tech House circuit at the moment, with lots of his tracks reaching the Top 10 positions in several sales charts, and also having some hot #1 tracks!
So, after his very succesful Remix for Soul Avengerz track "Heard It All Before" we're very happy to have him back on the label with a great 2 track E.P. consisting of "Le Chic Makeda" and "Cash Money"!
"Le Chic Makeda" is a funky Tech House affair, with some wicked sax loops thrown in to great effect, while "Cash Money" is a percussive driven and funky groove, with some oldskool vocal samples added for your pleasure! Choose yourself, but it will eb a ahrad decision, as both tracks are HOT!
Not much more to be said, except the usual: LISTEN, DONWLOAD and PLAY IT OUT LOUD in the clubs and your radio shows!

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