Beneath The Clouds E.P.
DJ Thes-Man & Patrick Bo
SoulDeep Inc. Records

SDIR027 | 2013-02-19
Thes-Man (a.k.a Thesele Moshoeshoe) is one of the young gifted talents to join the industry of House Music. His journey started at the ripe age of 14, taking the first step collecting work from local influencers like DJ Fresh, Ganyani, Oskido, Vinny Da Vinci and internationally Manoo, Lars Berenroth, Boddhi Satva and Rocco.

He then took the next step, understanding the art of house music and entered into the sphere of DJ'ing at 15. Despite his age and his growing intrigue for music he then at 18 stepped into the realm of Production analysing deeper sounds he starting showing his interpretation working with Immortal Grooves, Da3kayz 'Ora', DJ Mu-Life, Tobetsa Lamola, Patrick Bo, Leey Keps and GrooveGardener to name but a few.

His first solo EP 'Masimong - At the Fields', which is out under Kansak Recordings.
He has EP's under DNH Records 'The First Touch' , 'The Second Touch' and 'Fulsoul feat. Layla Jayne' all working alongside his dear friend and fellow producer Tobetsa Lamola.

In terms of remixes, Thes-Man remixed Tobetsa's EP 'Sounds of Jazz ' and unified their talents in remixes for Brazo Wa Afrika, Groove Addix, Cee Funk, Rune, DJ Smooth and Mr Zee Morez.

His constant love and passion focusing on his eclectic palate for production which is only the beginning of his youthful journey in the industry.

Here Thes-Man teams up with Patrick Bo - DJ/ Producer Patrick Bo has released several tracks and remixes on Keith Thompson's label Waking Monster, Soul45, Soulshiftmusic, and SoulDeep Inc. Records - Most notably, "Grown Folk Music" featuring Keith Thompson, which included Marlon D and Nightrhymes remixes. He has gained a underground following from his deep house releases especially in South Africa where his E.P. El Chico gained strong support. He has been featured at gigs at clubs in Austria, the US, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, and Italy.

Ever since Patrick made his first steps, he was crazy about music. At 16 years old he into music production playing guitar and deejaying at school events and private parties. In no time, he held residences in several local clubs including the legendary Cuba Club, which was one of the most famous clubs in Austria.

With passion and love for his music, Patrick DJs to bring people of all generations to move their body & soul.

SoulDeep Inc. Records wishes to thank you for your continuing support for the label and the support for both the new & the established artists who feature on the label.

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1.) Beneath The Clouds
Produced, Arranged and mixed by DJ Thes-Man & Patrick Bo

2.) One Way Home
Mixed, Produced and arranged by DJ Thes-Man & Patrick Bo

3.) African Delight
Produced, mixed and Arranged by Patrick Bo

4.) Precious Moments
Produced, mixed and arranged by DJ Thes-Man

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