Stanny Abram's passion for music evolved in mid 80's listening to, radio Luxemburg. Starting with two tape recorders his enthusiasm was immediately noticed and introduced to a fellow DJ Amado Sallinas. They teamed up and started practicing different techniques of mixing on record players. House and at the time more popular Acid House soon replaced Italo Disco which gained him a lot of air time in some of the hottest clubs in Slovenia.

Mid 90's bring another team up for Stanny Abram, this time with DJ Ozzy Lee Tiger. They found a project called the D-Team and create a handful of pretty successful Slo-Dance tracks amongst which a song called Frendy, took the high spot hitting the fourth place on the (at the time very popular) Dee Jay Time chart. They also appeared on several TV shows and were a part of Slo Dance Scene against drugs project. In the late 90's Stanny Abram's career took a big turn to the underground techno waters. His mix Sintetic Food got some good reviews and feedback on Slovenian scene. After few years in techno he decided it's time to move back to basics. His mixes contain his own production and edits so he surprises with something new on every set.

Nowadays Stanny works on a lot of remixes and mostly his own production. Signed for a various labels such as Punch Underground (Brasil), Apple Jaxx (New York, USA), Kushtee (Spain), Natura Viva (Italy), InterTech (Canada), Stilecht Rocken (Germany), ThreeSoul Records (Spain), Debuger (Serbia), Good Old Records (Serbia), Bos Tech Records (BiH), Nanotech (Cro), Dance Lab (USA), Capital Techno (USA), Discopath (Cro), What Happens (Denmark), Similar Records (Italy), etc....
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Original Mix (7:29)
Stanny Abram
2014-11-18 $2.99
Dub Mix (7:29)
Stanny Abram
2014-11-18 $2.99
City Lights
Groove Salvation (6:15)
Stanny Abram, Stefano Crabuzza
Groove Salvation
2014-11-03 $2.99
Times Square
Patrick Hero & Monococ Remix (6:33)
Stanny Abram
Patrick Hero, Monococ
2014-11-03 $2.99
Mr. Brown
Noone Costelo Remix (6:50)
Stanny Abram, Stoned Entertainment
Noone Costelo
2014-11-03 $2.99
Iceberg Slim
Würfel & Knobel Remix (7:27)
Miroslav Krstic, Stanny Abram
Würfel & Knobel
2014-11-03 $2.99
The Gambler
Robbie Robles Tech-Asylum Remix (6:42)
Stanny Abram
Robbie Robles
2014-11-03 $2.99
Let's Have Some Fun
Original Mix (7:25)
Dany Cohiba, Stanny Abram
Por Larrañaga
Dub Mix (7:22)
Dany Cohiba, Stanny Abram
2014-10-21 $1.99
Pump Up The Ballz
Stanny Abram Abracadabra Remix (7:52)
Nino Bua
Stanny Abram
2014-10-20 $1.99
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